Do the Rabbits Feel Neck and Back Pain?

You might have already familiar with rabbits this cute little ball of fur is one of the cutest small animal, and also one of the most popular kind of pets all over the world. Not only as a pet, there are also many rabbits that are keep as house pet and even livestock. Rabbits are […]

The Types of Bacterical Infection on Rabbit

Rabbit is one of the popular pet to have. They are generally small animal, smaller than cats and dogs of course and that is why many people think that rabbit is generally easier to take care of. It is true that unlike cats or dogs, you don’t need to train your rabbit too much. Rabbit […]

4 Ways to Indicate Typical Cancer of Your Pet Rabbit

Keeping rabbit as pet is a wonderful experience. They are one of the most friendly pet and it’s not surprise many parents allowed their children have them inside the house. Many rabbit’s species was available to choose, such as Pygmy rabbit, Holland Lop, American rabbit, Flemish Giant rabbit, and more. Besides all those domesticated species, […]

2 Deadly Illnesses That Can Kill Rabbits In A Day

Dear fellow animal lovers! How’s life lately? We hope you can get all the rest you deserve from work and school but still, we will never have a day off for caring our favorite cuties, rabbits, right?  Happy and healthy rabbits is a blessing for every rabbit’s owner. However, such blessing won’t show out of […]

5 Dangerous Diseases of Rabbit That Will Affect Humans

Dear fellow animal lovers! Who doesn’t want a happy and healthy animal? Remember, a happy animal makes a happy owner and vice versa. Other reasons why you should taking care of your animal friends well-being is because your health will also likely be affected by them.  Have you heard of zoonosis? It is a term […]