Scratching on Rabbits; Is It Normal?

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So, how about we talk about rabbits today? Rabbits, are small animals that considered as one of the most interesting and cutest pet to have. Domesticated rabbit or Oryctolagus cuniculus is known more commonly by pet rabbit or a bunny. Rabbits come from many shape, size and species, however the most common domestic rabbit descent from European rabbits. Some pet rabbit also comes from many species from Angora rabbit, dwarf rabbit, giant rabbit and still many more. According to American Rabbit Breeders Association, there are currently more than 40 rabbit breeds that have been recognized and recorded worldwide. Some people thinks that rabbit can only be a outdoor pets, however there are many rabbits that used as livestock and house rabbits. Livestock rabbit for example is Angora rabbit, and they are prized for their fur coat. If you are looking for a cute house pet, then rabbit might be your choice as rabbit is not as big as cats or dog, but they are big enough to cuddle, pet and play with. However, taking care of rabbit is not as easy as you might think. So, you will need more knowledge and guidance on how to take care of rabbits.

There are many things you should know about taking care of rabbit. The first thing you should know about rabbit is that they are many kinds of rabbits species. Each with their own characteristics and traits, for example Angora rabbits are prized livestock for their fur, European rabbit is the most common pet rabbit and sometimes can be a good house pet too, dwarf rabbits make excellent house pet since they are small and won’t grow too big. Choose the right species for you, after choosing, you need to know how to take care of your rabbits, take care of your rabbit cage, feed, hygiene and take care in case your rabbit is sick. Taking care of rabbit sometimes are hassle and quite annoying but it will pay off with their cuteness.

Sometimes, rabbit can scratch their body with their tiny legs. Is it normal for rabbit to scratch? Why rabbit is itching and sometimes scratch wildly? Is it normal or not? For many people who doesn’t know about rabbit scratching, it seems that scratching is quite a hassle. So for now, we will explain about Scratching on Rabbits; Is It Normal? Or should we call a vet?

Scratching on rabbit? What should we do about it?

To answer on the question whether it is normal or not for a rabbit to scratch itself, the answer is yes, it is normal. So, it is normal and healthy for a rabbit to scratch itself, since every fury animals like rabbits, cats, dogs or even human sometimes scratch themselves because of itch caused by bacteria and insect bite. For a rabbit, sometimes they itch because of lack of hygiene, microorganism and bacteria. It is normal for your rabbit to scratch itself, however, if you notice your pet rabbit is scratching and biting itself violently, then it might be not as healthy as you think. When your rabbit is constantly biting and scratching itself, then it might be caused by some complications, diseases and hygiene problems. What causing rabbit to scratch itself violently?

  • Fur mites or Cheyletiella

As a furry animal, mites infestation is common. So, not only cats or dogs that can get mites, but rabbits could also be infested by mites especially fur mites or Cheyletiella. This type of mites infest on the small furry animals, and they can be transmitted to each other furry animals via contact and jumping from body to other body. When in small number, fur mites won’t harm your rabbit, however if you don’t clean up your rabbit properly and regularly. So, the key on taking care of your rabbits and make sure they don’t have any mites infestation for it will be quite troublesome once your rabbit have severe mites infestation.

  • Lice infestation

Similar with mites, lice is also one of the most annoying and will be one of the hardest pest to get rid of. If mites feast on the dead skin cell of mammals and dead hair cells, lice is actually worse. Lice feasts on the blood of mammals and can cause not only itch, but it can also cause several other skin diseases. Lice infestation can cause irresistible itch for your rabbits. If your rabbit have lice infestation, make sure to contact your vet for a lice infestation treatment and shampoo to get rid of its properly.

  • Fungus fur infestation

When your rabbit lack of hygiene, sometimes its fur will be dirty and when they are too dirty, they can have a fungus infestation on their fur. It can be quite itchy and becoming really annoying for your rabbits. Fungus infestation can sometime get really hard to get rid of it. Fungus is different from lice or mites, so you will need a different solutions to get rid of it from your rabbit fur.

  • Lack of hygiene

One cause of itch of rabbit is the lack of hygiene. The lack of hygiene cause your rabbit fur to be filled with filth, dirt, their excrement, bacteria, virus, fungus and many more things that can cause your rabbit to have irresistible itch. Always keep your rabbit fur clean and always keep it from filth and excrement. This rule also apply to every fur pets animals like cats, dogs and sheep too.

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