How to Know the Enchepalitis Symptoms on Rabbits

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Now, today’s we are going to discuss about rabbits. Rabbits are small animal that belongs to the family of Leporidae from the order of Lagomorpha. Domestic rabbit or Oryctolagus cuniculus is a small animals that are one of the most favourite pets for many people. Unlike cats or dogs, rabbits are small animals that doesn’t need too much space for them. They can fit in quite tight place, and you don’t need to provide them with big cage so this is why many people are fond of rabbit because it is considered easier to take care of and therefore cheaper pets. If you loves furry animals to take care of, and loves to pet your animals every day, then you might need to consider taking care of rabbits instead of cats or dogs. However, even it is considered easier to take care of rabbit rather than cats or dogs, it still need many care and you need to know how to take care of its properly. If you are amateur in taking care of rabbit, then no worry, we are here to show you how to take care of rabbit properly and safely.

If you want to become a rabbit owner, and you don’t know a thing about how to take care of rabbit, you might need to know more about rabbit here from our website. One thing you should know about rabbit is that rabbit one of the most sensitive animal to take care of. Rabbit is sensitive so you should always handle it with care. If you take care of rabbit carelessly, then your rabbit might get sick. Rabbit can afflicted with many diseases such as fleas infestation, mites infestation and one of the deadly disease for rabbit is Enchepalitis. What is Enchepalitis? It is a disease that afflict rabbits brain cell. It damage rabbit brain cell severely that it cause them to have lot of complication. It is one of the severe disease for rabbits and you might need to be caution for it. Want to know more about this disease, here are How to Know the Enchepalitis Symptoms on Rabbits and all you need to know about Enchepalitis for rabbits.

What you need to know about Enchepalitis and it symptoms

Encephalitis is a condition for a rabbit, Encephalitis is a disease that characterized by the inflammation of rabbit’s brain. This disease is sometimes followed by the spinal cord disorientation, meningeal involvement and sign of infections can be found in many other organs from their ear, respiratory and dental infection. When meningeal membrane have been affected by this disease, it can be lead to meningitis for rabbit, an inflammation for the membrane that should protect the brain. This is quite serious condition for rabbits that can lead to many fatal disease and have a high chance of mortality.

What causing this disease? Encephalitis is an inflammation on brain, so the cause for inflammation is mostly bacterial, virus or other infectious agent. Some rare case, it can be caused by rabbit’s own immune system however it is kind of rare for it to happen. Most common case of Encephalitis is caused by virus or bacterial infection. Bacteria or virus can spread from ear, respiratory system or digestive system, then spread to nervous system all the way to spinal cord and then brain. Encephalitis is a serious condition that you should always be aware of its and never take it lightly.

So, what should we do to know about this disease early? How to prevent it and what symptoms that we can see to distinguish this diseases from other? Here are symptoms of Encephalitis you should be aware of.

  • Infection in many organ from respiratory to dental

Before spreading to brain, many case of encephalitis is started with other infection or inflammation. From dental to respiratory infection, digestive system infection and even ear inflammation could lead to brain infection or worse encephalitis. If you didn’t treat your rabbit properly and safely from infection, then it can lead to more serious disease so take care of your rabbit before it is too late. To take care of infection before spreading to brain tissue, you can use anti inflammation medication such as anti bacterial and anti infection.

  • Bulging ear drum

Sometimes, when your rabbit is afflicted by Encephalitis, it can sometimes have a bulging ear drum visible in their ear canal. Bulging ear drum is caused by the thick layer of white liquid caused by brain inflammation. Sometime it is visible sometime it is not visible at all.

  • Seizure and sometime followed by changing personality

When encephalitis getting worse, sometimes it can affect your rabbit personality. Like your rabbit usually calm and quiet but it change into aggressive in short amount of time without any reason. It is also sometime followed by seizure for your rabbit.

  • Thick white cream can be found oozing from rabbit’s ear

Thick white cream sometime can be found oozing from your rabbit’s ear. This thick white cream is a clear sign that there is something wrong with your rabbit. This is one a sign that you should bring your rabbit to vet immediately.

So, what do you think of our article on How to Know the Enchepalitis Symptoms on Rabbits and what you should know more about encephalitis. Hope our article help you understand more about this deadly disease to further prevent your rabbit suffering from it.