3 Side Effects of Riding Elephant for Itself

Wild animals are gifted from The Creator and mother nature to fill the this beautiful and magnificent earth. Could you even picture nature without the wildlife among it? It’s totally nonsense. Relationship between nature and animal is inseparable. It’s like a heart and other organs inside a body: you can’t live without one another. Therefore, many times we heard wild animals – they extinct due the habitat extinction. So, the wildlife isn’t as powerful as we used to think compare to human’ greediness.

From gorilla, tiger, lion, whale, panda, polar bear – no animals on this earth was escaped from extinction clutches. Even one of most the smartest, heartwarming characteristic animals called elephants are in danger now. Yes, the elephants that you can see in every zoo are in the threat of extinction. Therefore, it is time for us to treat this creature better when you see it – to protect them. They deserve to live a life like us, peoples. Talk about how to treat elephant, do you familiar with an attraction called elephant ride?

I myself, always question this: is there side effects for the elephants that do the attraction? Aren’t you curious about that, my dear friends? That attraction might seems cool and fun, but it is truly fun for the elephants? The, I’m glad you visit us today, folks, because we would share to you 3 side effects of riding elephants for itself!

Elephant’ Riding Effect for the Elephants

Elephant’ ride was one of the attractions that always attracted people in the zoos and other amusement parks. We often watched how fascinating it is to sit on top of this giant creature – and yes, no one denied that this is an extraordinary experience. But, do you ever consider elephant’ feeling and condition might cost for the elephants? No, I guess no. That’s very “human”, by the way. Not think what might cost in the future was perhaps one of the human’ characteristic we should not turn it into a habit.

Why, because these 3 side effects of riding elephants for itself should change your mind about this “fascinating” attraction point of view – not human point of view, but elephant’ point of view. Prepare yourself, folks, because we would learn the truth.

1. The Training

First thing first, there are no elephants that naturally “allowed” people to climb up their backs. It was a training process, and let me tell you, the training is not as simple as we thought. First thing to do to “conquer” the wildness into submissive animal to human is by crush the young elephant’ spirit by starve them so they would deprive of sleep.

The next step, these heartless people would torture these young elephants with bamboo stick which spike with nails and bullhooks until they do whatever the trainer say to them. Most of these methods used in Thailand (I really hope is not happened to other places too). Do you still want to ride an elephant?

2. Elephant’ Living Conditions

Living conditions of trained elephants are improperly (most of them). They forced to treks with their mother by chained them into their mothers – which hurt them – and there’s no rest time for these poor baby. This hellish tortures aren’t end up, my friends; due to keep the pace, these people aren’t doubt to use bullhooks again.

Let’s imagine this my friends: if we ever being tortured with a belt, the memories of the torture would float into our mind again whenever we see a belt; this is what precisely happened to those poor elephants. The fear or torture would force them to willingly trek without rest.

3. Elephant’ Health

The last thing to consider is elephant’ health. The truth is elephants cannot well-adapted with weight on top of their back. If we force this creature to bear the weight of people on their back, it would leads to permanent spinal injuries which is fatal for the elephants. Besides that, there’s other health problems occurred due the chair that attached on their back: clunky rubs on elephant’ back which is lead to blisters and the worst case is end up with infection.

Do you still dream to ride the elephants back, my dear friends? I hope this information would change your mind. At least by refusing this attraction, you are not being part of this torture that happened.