2 Things that Must be Considered when You Buy The Rabbit Cage

Small pets are the best option for you who interesting to keep animal as pet in limited space. The animals such chinchilla, hamster, guinea pig, and rabbit are the best option for you. But, however, there are people – since the beginning – are attracted to small pets, because (commonly) small pets are gifted with adorable and cute out-look. They would look alike furry ball creatures, and for sure, no one is not melt for it. Therefore, it might be the reason why rabbit become of the most popular animal to be pet.

Moreover, rabbits are type of playful animal that would enjoy playing with you. That is why toys are a must if you pet rabbit; but, there’s specific criteria of toys you need to obey for the safety reason. I recommend you to read this article to pick the perfect toys for your rabbit: how to choose the friendly rabbit toys. Furthermore, there are many popular rabbit species for pet option, for the examples fluffy rabbit and Angora rabbit, Mix Rex rabbit, Flemish Giant Rabbit, and Holland Lop.

My dear friends, in case you really interesting to pet rabbit inside you house, there are several things you need to learn before bringing that little creature inside your house. We are not going to discuss all of it now, but we would learn together about one of the most basic equipment you need to prepare for the rabbit: the cage. A comfy cage is a must ladies and gentlemen. Weather you make it by yourself or you choose the easiest way which purchase it on stores, there are certain things you need to consider.

What kind of things? So, without further do, here are 2 things that must be considered when you buy the rabbit cage.

The Perfect Cage for Rabbit

These 2 things that must be considered when you buy the rabbit cage it’s all associate with the life quality of your beloved pet rabbit. The perfect cage would ensure you animal live comfortable and happily inside their new habitat. Therefore, it’s a very important task to obey, and make sure you fulfill all the requirement.

1. Indoor Cage

There are two type of cage that available, the first one is indoor cage for you who tend to keep rabbit inside the house and the second one is outdoor cage for you who prefer to keep rabbit outside your house. The option must be adjusted with the condition of the house itself. So, the first one we would discuss is indoor cage; all the requirements of the perfect indoor cage.

  • Cage Size: the first thing you need to look up to is the size of the cage. The cage size should adapted with the rabbit size, the certain thing is make sure there’s space left for rabbit to move. The height must be able to give rabbit a room for sit upright without banging his head. For normal-sized rabbit (medium sized) you need about five feet space inside the cage, if your rabbit is smaller the size could be less than that. Then, make sure that the cage able to accommodate rabbit equipment such as toys, litter box, food and water containers.
  • Condos: build condos inside the cage would provide rabbit’s hobby of running and jumping. Ordinarily, people would use woods, old furniture and metal to build condos. Considering that you build it by yourself, it’s so much better if you looking for unused materials around your house to save amount of money. If you want to give another touch, purchase wire storage cubes (available on retailer), but avoid the use of chicken wire, it could harm your rabbit. Then, make sure you set up the metal slats close to prevent rabbit for stuck of escape.
  • Free Range Rabbit: you might need to consider having a free range rabbit in rabbit-proofed room inside your house. Rabbit-proofed or also called as bunny-proofed is the way for you to protect your pet while he roam freely inside the house. All you need to do is conceal all the electric cables, rugs, and drapes that could hurt him. No need to bunny-proofed all sides of the house if you’re habituate you pet roam only one certain room.

2. Outdoor Cage

  • The Perfect Outdoor Cage: the outdoor cage is often called as hutch; a cage that used to raise rabbit off the ground. The perfect hutch is the one that provide a lot of space for rabbit to do their things but also provide the protection of any predators and climates. All you need to make sure is that the hutch was strong, stable – high off the ground. Provide flat service for rabbit to walk under the wire cage to make sure their feet not trap or stuck in the wire. Do not ever put directly rabbit to the wire floor it would cause health condition on your rabbit.
  • Protect Rabbit from Predators: the disadvantage of keeping rabbit outdoor is that the easy access for other animals to lurking your pet – especially rabbit’s predators. The common animal that known as rabbit predators are dog, cat, bird, and raccoon; if you decided to keep them outside, you should protect your pet at any cost. You could try to place the hutch high above the ground (not too tall either), to keep distance between your rabbit to potential predators. The next thing you could do is provide shelter as a hiding place. Your rabbit would be terrify if any predator come close to him, so it would be calm him down if he could hide on something. The last is keep the cage enclosed.
  • Keep Cage Temperature Warm: as mammal species, rabbit need to regulate body temperature. Provide all the equipment that would help them facing the weather such as warm rug or blanket to cover them during the cold temperature. Give them shelter would conceal them from elements and could be a rest room for rabbit to hide from extreme temperature. Keep this in mind, if you’re living in the cold environmental area, do not ever keep your rabbit outdoor!