Does Rabbit Meat Good for The Pregnant Women?

As a domesticated animal, rabbit would be a prefect pet for you and your family – especially when your house was limited in space. Moreover, rabbits are safety; you don’t have to worry of your children playing around with rabbits. Most of the time people would choose baby bunny (baby and young rabbit) as the first choice. Why, because it more effective for you to bond with baby (eight weeks or more) than the adult one.

But – however, baby rabbits need much attention than the adult ones, and you need to watch over them frequently. As we know, baby is the most fragile period of all living things, included human. Furthermore, a good nursery would need to keep the rabbit in the prime health. From healthy foods to exercise, make the daily routine for your rabbit to maintain their conditions. As we know, although we already keep maintaining our body, an extreme illness could still catch an individual, as the example is cancer.

Yes, rabbit could also strike by this fatal illness. Learn more about rabbit cancer in this article: ways to indicate typical cancer of your pet rabbit. Unfortunately, not everyone could pet rabbit; some people – unfortunately, have allergic on rabbits. However, not only as pet, do you know that rabbits are also profitable field of livestock – and yes, some people raise rabbits for meat. Surprisingly, a lot of people become a radical fan of rabbit meat.

I, myself, never taste rabbit’s meat, but from people’s experiences that already ate, it tastes ridiculously good. Bur, well, I don’t know about it. Furthermore, for normal people, perhaps it is safe to eat rabbit meat – but, how about the pregnant women? It is safe to consume? Today, we would discuss: does rabbit meat good for the pregnant women?

The Benefit of Rabbit Meat

So, the answer to does rabbit meat good for the pregnant women is yes – it is an excellent choice. As we know, pregnant women need food that rich of nutrient and easy to digest, and rabbit meat is a complex sources of beneficial substances such as proteins, fibers, vitamins, and minerals. The easiness of rabbit meat to chew and digest add an extra point as the perfect meat to consume for pregnant women. Not, only good for the mom, it also good for the baby.

Not only the best sources of beneficial substances, rabbit meat had a very unique texture: it has a very satisfying flavors and crisp skin, not to mention the soft texture of its meat. People often said that chickens are the best one, but once you taste rabbit meat, you would change your mind. Another fact you need to know, the proteins numbers contained inside rabbit’s meat is higher than chicken – even beef.

It also contained several primarily minerals that crave by our body: it contained approximate about 292 mg of potassium and 204 mg of phosphorus. What makes this meat the best option for the mom is that the lower percentage of fats within it. Not only for mom, this fact was proved that meat rabbit would be perfect meat for people who attend to build up their muscles – also, for diet program.

One rabbit meat contained about 147 calories, and if you consume it in the right balance with another side dish every day, you would get the maximum meat calories for a day and able to reach your optimal health. However, do not forget to choose a perfect sides food such as vegetables and healthy grains. Furthermore, a research have been made and reviled that rabbit meat almost have free-calories, and it good news for people who unfortunately have heart problems.

Moreover, surprisingly, rabbit meat also contained with amount of substance called selenium which has a big role to combat arteries hardening and several cancers such as skin, lung, stomach, and prostate. Inside one serve rabbit, contained approximately about 22.4 percent of phosphorus; this was the perfect number that needed for a day.

If you have children that still in there growth periods, you need to serve rabbit meat as one of regular meat for them. Why? Reviled that rabbit meet was a rich source of iron, which is the essential mineral to growth. Women should consumed rabbit meat more often, because it would help to supply the iron needs for the bodies that have been loss caused by monthly cycle (menstruation).

However, here are several benefits you could get from consuming rabbit meat:

  • Maximize The Diet Program: with extremely healthy ration contained inside rabbit meat, a low level of fat and a high proportion of proteins, help to eliminate the obesity and slimming your body. For you my friends, who already schedule the diet and work out, I recommend you to change your meat supply with rabbit meat
  • Hypertension Person: it is not a secret anymore that people with hypertension have struggled to pick the perfect foods for them. With so many prohibitions that should be obeyed, make hypertension people would choose the safe way which is avoided the meat. But, cheer up my dear friends, rabbit meat would be your wonderful source of meat to eat!
  • People with Heart Problem: yes, I already mentioned it previously that rabbit meat is safe for people who had heart problems. A Lower cholesterol level compare to other meat would make the meat safe for cardiovascular health.
  • Good for Anemia: rabbit meat is contained with a high number of iron, and iron is one of the most important material of hemoglobin in the blood. So, it would bring so much benefit for anemia people due to re-supplies the iron need caused by loss. For, this reason also, it would be better for women to consume rabbit meat due to monthly menstruation.
  • Maintaining Nervous Systems: there are two important substances inside rabbit meat, first is potassium and second is magnesium; both of them are the main substances that help maintain nervous system condition, strengthen immune systems inside your body, and help your body develop immunity to stroke.