4 Ways to Indicate Typical Cancer of Your Pet Rabbit

Keeping rabbit as pet is a wonderful experience. They are one of the most friendly pet and it’s not surprise many parents allowed their children have them inside the house. Many rabbit’s species was available to choose, such as Pygmy rabbit, Holland Lop, American rabbit, Flemish Giant rabbit, and more. Besides all those domesticated species, people also prefer to catch wild rabbit and keep it as pet. But, remember to check your local law about wild rabbits, because at some states, wild rabbits are disallowed to keep as pets.

The perfect age to buy the baby bunny is about eight weeks or more, but never less. For your information, selling baby rabbits under eight weeks are illegal action, be careful my friends. Furthermore, pay close attention, did you have allergic on rabbit or not before you bring them home. Some allergies lead to more serious health problems than you ever thought. Talk about the health problem, you might need to be more careful on your pet condition.

Some diseases and illness are the silence killers. It didn’t show up until everything was too late. One of the most terrify disease that no matter what we wish not to ever hear it is cancer. Not only strike human, cancer also could get into animals. As we know, cancer is untreated disease; until now – these modern days, there’s still no cure for this particular disease. All we can do to escape from cancer grab is to keep a healthy lifestyle.

Therefore, today article we would learn 4 ways to indicate typical cancer of your pet rabbit. There are several symptoms to remember; watch careful and observe your rabbit’s physical state every day. Make your rabbit used to with a healthy daily routine of exercise and diet to prevent this fatal disease strike to your beloved one. Furthermore, earlier diagnose would help the professional to decide the best option to safe your rabbit (in case your rabbits already infected – but, positively, I hope they are not).

Cancer in Rabbit

First, we have to learn what cancer is; cancer is a disease name caused by abnormal cells divide uncontrollably with the ability to infect tissues inside the host. You might already knew that cancer would spread to other body’s parts trough the blood and lymph system. The cancer cells would destroy all the remains part inside the body. This is why cancer is one of the most progressive active killers now these.

Most of the time, type of cancer was named based of the organs that infected by the cells, Such as intestine cancer, lungs cancer, liver cancer, and etc. Furthermore, some cancers are more common than others, and every cancer has its own symptoms. The first and common thing that come up caused by the uncontrollably damaged cells was tumors. But, tumors are not always dangerous.

There are tumors which the symptom of a cancer, but some are not. However, it is still a must look after the abnormal growth on your rabbit although it’s not always a dangerous issue.

Types of Cancers

Several cancers that recognized would help you to understand the distribution of the cancer cells within the body host.

  • Carcinoma: is cancer that begins in the skin, line tissues, and another form is covered internal organs of the host.
  • Central Nervous Systems Cancer: is the only cancer that strike the brain; it begins in the spinal cord and brain’s tissues.
  • Adenoma: in adenoma cancer, the problem often arise from the glandular tissues.
  • Lymphoma and Myeloma: these cancers was strike white blood cells which is the immune system cells.
  • Leukaemia: often time you would hear this particular cancer which is quite famous among other cancers. First, the cancer cells would start in bone marrow and other blood-forming tissues. Then, it causes massive numbers of abnormal blood cells which next would enter the bloodstream.
  • Sarcoma: begins in support or connective tissues such as blood vessels, bone, fat, muscle, and cartilage.

Indicate Several Cancers of Rabbit

There are several cancers and ways to indicate the rabbit that infected by it. Without further do, here are 4 ways to indicate typical cancer of your pet.

1. Uterine Adenocarcinoma

Approximate about 80% of unspayed female rabbits within five years old effect this tumour. This fact, reviled that uterine adenocarcinoma is the most common tumour of others. It was spread massively among inter-domination of breeds such as Polish rabbit, Tan, Havana, Netherlands Dwarf, French silver, Dwarf Lop, Dutch rabbit, and of course other breeds I couldn’t name.

The symptoms of uterine adenocarcinoma is the failure of reproduction system such as still-born young and abortion. In the progress of the cancer cells, the doe would indicate this such of symptoms: depressed, anorexic, lethargic and begin to lose weight rapidly.

2. Testicular Neoplasia

Although the testicular neoplasia was included as a rare case in rabbit, we should keep aware of the fact that it could affect any individual. The most common symptoms of this particular cancer is the enlargement of both testicles – and yes, it was affect male rabbits. But, however, the swollen testicles ordinarily are not painful ones; but in case of unbearable pain, you should immediately seek for help.

If the symptoms happen without any help and medication, it would lead to reproductive failure in breeding bucks. Furthermore, testicular neoplasia potentially would spread to rabbit’s organs – especially the lungs. In this state, you should expect all kind of breathing problems that would start happen.

3. Mammary Carcinomas and Adenocarcinomas

Next cancer that could infect rabbit is mammary carcinomas and adenocarcinomas – one of the most common tumour among adult female rabbits. The symptoms are similar with malignant and benign mammary tumour. One of the symptoms you must aware of is the irregular growth of nipples sizes.

Unlike the testicular neoplasia, this tumour cause massive painful to the rabbit. You must seek help if you noticed there’s change developed in your rabbit’s nipples sizes.

4. Bone Cancer

The last cancer of our list today is the bone cancer. Bone cancer on rabbit often strike the hind legs of rabbits. This particular cancer need certain biopsy to confirm.

Therefore, pay attention of these symptoms to seek help in the right time: pain, fever, pathological fracture, lameness, bleeding, subcutaneous nodules or other non-painful mass, dysorexia, swelling, and then gait difficulties.