Does Songbirds have their Specific Songs to Sing?

Birds was become one the most beauty creatures on earth. They were so magnificent and wonderful – plus, they have things that often make us – human jealous for them. Can you guess what it is? The wings. If you look closer, there are so many varieties of birds species on this earth; both the domestics one and the wild one. Let’s name several popular names of wild birds: wetland bird, crane birds, eagles, doves, stork-billed Kingfisher, peafowl, painted bunting, keel-billed toucans, rainbow lorikeet, northern oriel, and the love pink bird the flamingo.

Then, let’s name several most popular pet birds that you know: canaries, lovebirds, caiques,  bird parrot, finches, cockatiel birds, conures, and many others. It is safe to say that birds has got the attention from many people; it proved with many people that decided to keep them as pet. Well, who could blame those people? There so many reasons why people love to keep birds as pet. First one, is the wonderful features of birds such as colorful feathers, and the second one is their chirping ability!

Pay attention, all the birds owners often caught invited their pet to sings – this something you cannot do to other pets (imagine you invite you cat to sing a long with you. Well, I could picture your cat annoyed lazy face). Actually, this fact was become the main reason why most of the people chose bird species that able to sing and talk. As you know people, there are several bird species that famous for the ability to talk and sing, such as parrots, cockatiels, canaries, and songbirds.

Those birds above are naturally gifted with a sing vocal skill just like some of us. But, however, today we would talk about one of those singer birds called the songbirds. The songbird was famous for their singing skill, but don’t you curious how this bird choose their song to sing? If people have their own favorite genre of music, does this bird also have their own favorite music? Does songbirds have their specific songs to sing?

Species-specific Songs of the Songbirds

Does songbirds have their specific songs to sing? There’s a fact that you people need to understand about the song’ option made by songbirds. A study that published by Kazuhiro Wada and his colleagues from Hokkaido University of Japan in journal PLOS Biology in November 12  the gene activity of each species-specific created the pattern inside the brain region which called as song nuclei. Apparently, these scientists believed this fact was opened the opportunity to a better understanding the evolution of behavior that influenced by contributions of multiple genes.

Scientists had been a long time learned how complex motor skills of human speech and songbirds. The trial is constrained in manner that was differently exhibited in manner forms of each species’ characteristic. But, into these days the study about behaviors’ mechanism underlying species-specific is still in the poor state. In the reality, songbird was learned from the song of specific species which as I mentioned previously it depends on gene activity’ species-specific pattern inside the brain.

Due to examine inter-species relationship to get insight of the production of song pattern of species-specific and gene expression, Kazuhiro Wada decided to used two related species of songbirds’ species called the owl finch and the zebra finch, plus the third party of the hybrid offspring of those two related species as the examined individuals. From these three different species Wada compared the birds that apparently only heard the song of another species with the ones that taught the song of the same species.

The reviled result was that the song that had been learned most of the time was regulated by the differences of species-specific genetic. Inside the song nuclei the active gene was regulated in the fashion of species-specific which is impacted from the changes that occurred in protein of gene’ activity (trans-regulation) or it was resulted from the changes of regulatory regions of the gene (cis-regulation). Apparently, the trans-regulation is reviled tend to affect gene’ activity in the nerve connections’ transmission and connections in particular song nucleus information between neurons.

Based on this study, that’s mean the changes that occurred in form of trans-regulation was more prevalent than the cis-regulation.