9 Cute Facts About Bird Parrot

Parrot. Who people that didn’t know this bird. They are cute about they small body, and beautiful by their colourful feather. Basically, there is kind of parrot that protected by regulation and some of them is free to pet even in home. Before you decide to pet this bird, make sure that you pet is the free kind and not protected one.

Not only by their beautiful feathers, the reason why people pet this bird is side of their intelligence. As we know that parrot can talking like literally human. We know that it is just copying but they can copy it as same as what their hear.

People who pet parrot surely so happy because this bird can entertain their owner by talking like human. Also, their natural habit which is really friendly can make them live with human well.

To increase your information about parrot, here are some cute facts of them that you must know.

  • Talk active

As mentioned before that parrot can copy what’s we talk before. With keep asking them to or keep talking in front of him even they can’t answer you directly, they can understand you and during the time they can following you. Also, when the parrot already able to talking as fluently like human, they can be really talk active with their noisy voice. Even there is still space in each word, for bird class parrot is really talk active. By they can following human’s word, it doesn’t mean that parrot can’t be singing well or don’t have their original singing. They do have the voice and singing some time but people may know that this bird can talk without consider what’s their originally voice singing.

  • Using their leg to grab their food

The beak of parrot is straight down which is sign that this bird is grain eater or omnivore. But if we see about the shape of the beak, that would be hard for the parrot to take their foot. Parrot may can grab their food by using their sharp thing in the end of their beak but it may still hard. Moreover, if the food is bigger, beak usually can’t grab them all. Therefore, parrot using their foot when takes the food. This is so unique because if you look straight in their foot, as you can see that their foot isn’t as tall like other bird. Their foot is like sticky and straight connected with their body which is it’s really cute.

  • Long live span

Parrot can be live for long time. Basically, unlike another bird which able to live for at least 10 years which is the longest live span, parrot can live longer that time.

  • Long lasting relationship

A couple of parrots is really loyal. During their time living, parrot never change their bride until one of them is died. Also, the survive one would die following their couple after the side one is dead. What a sweet and everlasting love.

  • Dominica’s national flag has parrot

Who are people who don’t know Dominica? This country has the parrot in the middle of their national flag. The flag is like has rounded symbol and there is parrot picture inside it.

  • Don’t need the nest

In their natural wild-life, parrot is living so free and flexible. By their limiting access because their beak and foot which is really small and short, they can’t make a nest for their home or base of their eggs. But God is fair. He may give parrot small body that makes them had limited access but He gives parrot with smartness. The parrot is smartly using their head to find a small cave that used to their ‘home’ to replace the nest. They will looking for warm and closed small cave inside the tree which is they think that it is really suitable to be their home.

  • Music lovers

Even they look like don’t have any ears, in the fact parrot has still enjoying the music. They usually put their head upside down during the beat of the music. Believe it or not?

  • The biggest parrot can’t fly

Well, this is new information that may make you wonder. But yes, the biggest parrot found can’t fly and we don’t know what’s make them can’t be fly. Is it because of their weight that makes them heavy?

  • Hard to find the differences

Did you know that between male and female parrot is so similar even you don’t know where is their sex? Technically, it is yes! To found their gender specifically, you need to bring them in to the lab and do some test to make sure their sex. You will never find their sex just by bare eye, unfortunately.

Are you enjoying the fact above? Well, that’s all about the cute facts. Basically, all animal especially birds has their own special ability that makes you feel wonder. But that’s the fact. The God’s creature is unique, right?