What Are The Causes Of A Cockatiel Bird Loss Of Voice?

It should be so happy when you have a birdsong which can sing beautifully, isn’t it? It feels like it can be coloring your day by using their voice. As we know that voice is main weapon of birdsong to catch somebody’s attention. Well how is come that the birdsong lost their voice?

Basically there is so much kind of birdsong which popularly keep at home. The name such like finch and lovebird should be not strange on your ears. But there are one popular birdsong which usually keep at home called cockatiel. Cockatiel bird is come from Australia. It has yellow feathers which combine with green and red. It also has long neck and the stairs is really beautiful.cockatile-voice

Well back to main topics, what will happen if a birdsong lost his own voice? What are the causes that make it happen? As we know that singing beautifully is the symptom that your bird is health. Not only health their body but also their psychic. So when they lost their voice it is mean that they are not in good condition? Well the answer is definitely yes! And now let’s jump to what are the causes of a cockatiel bird loss of voice.

  • Heartburn surely caused cockatiel loss of voice. That’s because inside their body, there is no cooling down time to make it neutral and safe the energy. Heartburn is the situation where is the temperature inside of body bird getting low. On heartburn case, it usually started with sore voices. So what the heat came from? Well it can come of hot season like summer or may some disease which has fever symptom.
  • People may assume that dehydrated is lack of water but in the fact not only water, it also lack of minerals. Water only is not enough to fill the daily necessary to activity, minerals also needed. The acute dehydrated surely cause cockatiel loss their voice and moreover their life.
  • Well there is unique. This cause is made us realize that stressed not only make birdsong singing badly but also silently. Stressed symptom also appeared with something over. It may too noisy or too quite. Both of them are as same as quite.

The Tips

To avoid your cockatiel to not loss his voice, here are some tips for you.

  • Freshening solution. Mostly the birdsong that lost their voice is caused by heartburn. To face something hot, we can’t use something hot too right? It surely must to using the opposite thing to calming each other. You can use coconut water if you want to more effective.
  • Don’t dry it too long. Bird is so related with sun bathing, so does cockatiel. To produce vitamin D and reduce some bacteria in their feathers. But if you already realize that summer is coming or the sun is getting higher, you better place the cage inside your home as soon as possible. It helps to reduce both of internal and external temperature over cockatiel.
  • Niger seed. To repair their immune to get ready when face the disease, you need to give additional vitamin source for your cockatiel. Cockatiel can eat seeds so Niger seed can be your choice to give it. Niger seed contained some minerals and vitamin that needed by them.
  • Place at home. When the summer is coming but you need to dry your cockatiel, don’t place it under the sunlight directly. You better place it inside your home or terrace. But if the cockatiel is really lost the voice, you better place it inside your home until the heat temperature is reduced.
  • Don’t bathing and just keep the cage clean. The cockatiel which loss the voice better avoid from water. It is just make it worse and weaker. You better wait it until the voice is restore and don’t let the cage dirt.
  • Cage circulation. As we know that cockatiel which loss of voice means that they are over heat. To reduce the temperature, manage the cage circulation also needed by them. The hot season will make them not comfy.

That’s all the causes of a cockatiel bird loss of voice. Actually loss voice is also known as first symptom of a disease or maybe the disease itself. So you better be careful if this is happened to your cockatiel. Called the vet if the voice isn’t restored for too long.