How does the Research Tell about the Using of Drones to Weigh Whale?

This earth was created into a sacred circle relationship between nature and animal – and other mysterious creatures included us: human. We, human should had content and stable relation to all the list of animals among the wildlife due our survival. No matter what we think, we – human cannot live on this earth without those wild animals that become the conqueror of their own regions. Therefore, we as the most intelligent creature on earth, It was our duty to support other creatures that their lives was depended on us.

Deep study of animals behavior was held to get more insight of what we have to do to maintain animal existence in this world. Now, we’re live in the middle of technology influences; this human’ discovery was proved build a strong path for us to help the wildlife for a better future. The technology was capable to support our research on the smallest creature to the largest fat animal on earth. In short, there’s nothing to light and there’s nothing to heavy. Furthermore, you must aware that these days technology had been used to improve animals’ welfare.

Plus, the benefit of technology – unconsciously had been fell to us. For the example is the technology on cattle farm to make the production more effective than before. With varied of cameras we able to monitor our wildlife and help them to solve all kinds of problems that occurred among them. Cameras was created an easy way for us to monitor those animals without even being presence in the particular places. If, we talk about the technology and the correlation with animals’ welfare, there are many examples for that.

However, now we would share one of the example of tech that had been used to help us fulfill our duty to protect the wildlife. What kind of technology? The drones. I strongly believed that you, my friends already know what drones are; but, what’s the correlation of drones and the animals? Reviled – these days, drones had been used to weigh the biggest mammal on earth: the whales. How does the research tell about the using of drones to weigh whale?

The Use of Drones on Weighing the Whales

How does the research tell about the using of drones to weigh whale? The answer is the drones apparently was used to help the researchers measure the width, length, and weight of the free-living of southern whales. So, the drones was taken the photographs of those whales which used as the model that help those experts to calculate the mass and volume of the whales accurately. Due the massive body size and their habitat (aquatic life), caused troubles for all the researchers to get complete data of whales.

In old days, the only way for these people to get whale’ data was by measuring the dead or stranded whales. But now, thank to the drones, these days we able to learn ecology and psychology of the whales. Fredrik Christiansen an assistant professor and the lead author from Aarhus Institute of Advanced Studies in Denmark explained: the opportunity to know whale’ body mass open the gate for new research.

Now, we would able to look closer the life of whales: the energy requirement for whale’ daily life which lead to the prediction of how much prey need to consume, we also able to monitor the growth of the whale each particular age and calculate the increment of mass and volume that occurred each past phase. Why is calculating whale’ weight is very important? Apparently, weight of the whale was able to inform us about variety whale’ condition.

For the examples: animals’ entangled accurate measurement of sedative doze associated with fishing gear and survival and fecundity that impacted from chronic stress factors. This thought was explained by a co-author and Senior Scientist at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution named Dr. Michael Moore. Apparently, the drones’ used had been resulted on the successful investigation to estimate whales’ condition and weight – plus, these scientists was able to track calves’ growth process individually beside their mothers.

The investigation itself was held by Dr. Marcela Uhart and Dr. Mariano Sironi as co-authors of the Southern Right Whale Health Monitoring Program. So, yes the drones models was successfully launched to assess the health and survival of the whales’ calves of southern right; keep them save from gull harassment.