7 Easy Tips to Keep Multiple Cockatiels at Home

The more the merrier. This saying apparently applies well to some pet owners. They decide to keep more than one pet to liven up their houses. Cockatiel as one of the most common adopted bird is no exception. Some bird owners choose to have more than one cockatiel at house to have the advantages of cockatiel.

However, cockatiel is a sociable creature and it will be overwhelming to keep multiple cockatiels at the same time. If you plan to adopt more than one cockatiel, follow these easy tips to keep multiple cockatiels at home.

Tips to Keep Multiple Cockatiels at Home

These tips will help you to manage better the cockatiels in your house.

  • Keep Cockatiels in Separate Cage

The first thing you need to do in order to avoid friction and conflict between your cockatiels it to keep them in separate cage. Bird loves its own space and will see anyone in the area as intruder. The defensive nature of having space invaded will lead to fight and conflict. You may see your cockatiels hurled at each other instead of friendly interacting.

However, if you want to make them close without keeping them in the same cage, you can put their cages in close distance so they will be able to communicate with each other. Beware of the noise they make if you are not so fond of hearing noisy chat between your cockatiel.

  • Treat The Cockatiels Based on Their Needs

While treating the cockatiels equally sounds to be a good idea to avoid jealousy between each other, not all treatments work for every single cockatiel in your house. Each of your cockatiel has their own needs and preferences. Moreover, by understanding each of their needs, you will be able to form bonds among you and your multiple cockatiels.

For example, a cockatiel loves to play toys during the day while the other chooses to listen to music quietly. These habits are particular for each bird in which you cannot assume they will all be the same. By doing so, you also ensure their well-being and their health.

  • Get Two Young Cockatiels to Form Bond

Young cockatiels who have known each other since they were babies are likely to get along better than when they are paired during adulthood. It is also easier to create bond between each other as they will spend much time together. Moreover, barely hatched cockatiel may think another cockatiel as sibling or companion to play instead of intruder.

As young cockatiels are not as independent and wary compared to the older ones, adopting two young cockatiels from the beginning until they grow is one of the best ways to create bond between them. They will also feel closer to you as their regard to you as their caretaker grows stronger.

  • Choose Different Sex to Match Better

Another easy tip for you who have not decided what kind of cockatiel you want to add to your collection of pet is by choosing different sex to match better. If you wonder if you should keep cockatiel in pairs, you can try this tips. Generally male cockatiel gets along well with the opposite sex. Thus, if you have male cockatiel, you can buy female cockatiel.

Furthermore, if you keep cockatiels with different sex, you can create potential mating between them. What is more interesting is when male and female cockatiels are in the same room, you will see the male cockatiel demonstrates its vocal ability in order to attract the female one.

  • Only Keep Same Sex Cockatiel in The Same Cage

If you want to keep multiple cockatiels in the same cage, you will have to be careful if fight arises between them. However, chance is better if you keep only same sex in one cage. For example, choose only male cockatiels to be put in single cage while the female ones are in another cage.

This is to avoid fight and competition during mating season. If there is female cockatiel among male ones, the male cockatiels will fight with each other to win the affection of the female. Thus, always make sure you don’t place different sex in one cage.

  • Notice Signs of Cockatiels That Do Not Get Along Well

There are some signs that you can notice to check whether birds in the same cage are getting along well or not to know more about cockatiel. If you see plucked feathers, scattered feces everywhere and hear angry calls from them, chances are your cockatiels do not get along well.

They may have fought with each other that result in plucked feathers. Moreover, if they let out cries of annoyance, the interaction between them is not really fit to each other. What to do if they do not get along with each other? The first thing is by separating them. If you do not separate them, the situation can get worse in which one of them suffer in health.

  • Provide Bigger Cage for Your Cockatiels

To provide space for each of your cockatiel, provide large cage that has spacious room for each bird to do their own things. Since keeping multiple cockatiels in the same cage means each of them will do different things, avoid small cage that will make the cage too crowded. Also provide several feeding boxes in some corners. If you only provide one feeding box, the cockatiels will fight to get the food and they will not get along out of competition.

Thus, you can order cage that is designed specifically to keep more than one bird. Especially if it has its own feeding boxes without you having to manually attaching it by yourself. Determine the cage based on how many cockatiels you want to keep.

These are all easy tips to keep multiple cockatiels at home. Not only you will need to adjust the relationship between your cockatiels, you will also need to prepare budget for their expense to avoid disadvantages of keeping cockatiel. When you have more than one cockatiel, you will see your house becomes livelier, especially if you live alone and want to have companion to ease loneliness inside your house. If you are able to manage them well, you can find amusement in nurturing them.