How To Train Your Dog To Use Bathroom Outside

Hi there, how is your dog today? Have you any problem with your dog? It seems you have a problem how to train your dog to use the bathroom outside. Well, it is easy it is the same as how to do litter training for your rabbit?. Okay, let’s check it out below here are some proper ways how to train your dog to use the bathroom outside.

1. Make a schedule

First as well on how to train your dog to use the bathroom outside. Make a schedule first when you can start to train your dog. Pick a day that free. Make sure the dog in a happy condition or in good emotion. So, please capture first what is his mood today? If your dog mood is okay, take him to go to outside, at your back yard. In here, introduce him that this bathroom is use to bladder, to take pee or poop. Teach him or her everyday at least 3 to 5 times in several days. Your dog will surely understand. Say good boy or good girl while your dog understand this.

2. The several commands

Train your dog with several commands, like the example; come on buddy, let’s go or come here, sweety. You can say some commands like, sit in here, please listen, or else. Make sure you give the command with your heart, do not ever force him. However, how to make a dog listen to your command, just see it here. Sometimes your dog doesn’t hear some of your commands. This problem can resolve with some information on this some reasons why your dog refuses your command. All your problem will be clear now. Keep practicing.

3. Capturing his behavior

Every dog has its behavior while he wants to pee or poop. In here, you have to care to watch out. What he or she will do before they want to blader. How to capture his behavior? It is easy, you can see on his eyes or face when your dog looks nervous or walking around maybe he wants to blader. When he shows this sign, please give a command for your dog. Bringing him goes to the bathroom. Make sure the bathroom that used to train your dog at outside.

4. The feeding schedule

You can feed your dog at the same time, make feeding schedule routine for your lovely dog. Example; at 7 mornings, 1 noon and 7 in the night. After you feed your dog, wait for him for a while 20 to 30 minutes, you will see how is the behavior of your dog as the previous points.  Why we should make the feeding schedule? It is to help you to potty train your dog. With properly feeding schedule, you will be easier to catch his behavior, when your dog wants to bladder, take a pee or poop. Does it helpful, right?

5. Let him go for a while

After 20 to 30 minutes, sniffing the floor is the most sign dog wants to go to the bathroom. If you see your dog like this, let him go to the outside. Take him to the outside to go to the bathroom. You can say, go outside buddy or come on go outside. In here, teach him to understand your command. Looks at the previous point how to teach your dog to understand your command. Remember, do not force him. If your dog does not want to go outside you can put a litter box with its sand. First, you can train your puppy or your small dog in here. Maybe your little dog afraid with somethings at the outside. Keep try and make other choice and plan fit with your own dog.

6. The right bathroom spot

Okay, in here you are a success to make him go outside, take him to the bathroom, and you can potty train your dog here. You can say to your dog, it is a place for you to the bladder, pee, and poo. You can say sit on here, or else. This is needed time and lots of practices. It needs several weeks to make your dog understand and clearly learn how about potty train at the bathroom outside. So, in here do not ever to give up to potty train your dog, okay. It needs patience and persistence to train your dog or puppy can bladder at the bathroom outside.

7. Rewards and punishment

Well, your dog can understand your command and he clearly understands what he should do. So, please give him a reward like treats him with his favorite snacks or give him his favorite toy. He will like it. Otherwise, give your dog punishment too, if he does something that is not right, the bladders in everywhere on the floor or at the place that is not right; on your sofa. It is really disgusting. You can give him a punishment like this. Example: you can do not give him any treat or let your dog sleep outside. With this punishment, he will understand.

8. Constant supervision

Several weeks, you potty train him well. Now, he can bladder at the bathroom and he also can flush it right. However, he can do it right you should stay to watch him. Constant supervision, you should take a look sometimes. Does your dog bladder on the right spot or not? Still, give the rewards or punishment while he does right and while he does not. However, do not ever punish your dog with hitting him with something like broomstick or else. He or she will afraid and will run away from you.

9. Important notes

This is an important note that every dog cannot hold the bladder within 2 hours. So, if you want to go outside and it takes a long time you can take your dog into his cage. Set a litter box for him too. With this, he can bladder without hold it or if there is someone in your house, tell him or she do not close the door near back yard. So, your dog can bladder as usual. Tell your sister or brother too how is your dog behavior and also the feeding schedule too.

Hopefully, the above on how to train your dog to use the bathroom outside may useful for you, the dog’s lover. The several above ways are really helpful. It is no more litter box again. Your house is cleaner than before. Besides, there are some dogs information you should know too, such as what you need to prepare for your dog’s first camping triphow to properly clean your dog’s teethsome ways to do when your dog won’t poo, and also tips for taking your dog to the beach.