9 Ways on How to Prevent Your Cat to Escape from Your Home


Cats are one of the unique and funny animals. Besides having a funny behaviour, cats are also one of the animals that have a loving and spoiled nature. So many cases we find that cats are adopted as a pet.

Apparently, cats that are kept have a tendency to escape home. Of course there are some things that make cats feel bored at home. Sometimes they try to run away and get out of the house.

I wonder why? Of course there are many factors that cause it to happen. It is possible for a cat to not get affection properly by its owner. If stressed or bored, the cat will intend to get out of the house. Here are 7 Signs Depressed Cats Should be Known for the Owner.

Well, to prevent possible causes of cats escaping the house, here are some ways you can do to minimize cats that will run away from home. Let’s check it out.

1. Don’t narrow the space for cats

Of course, boredom and stress in cats must be avoided. The owner must create a comfortable place for cats. It is best not to make the cat feel cooped up so that it is not free to move and do anything. Cats will be stressed by the very limited environment to act.

You can let it free, inside the house, without having to lock it in a cage. You should give the cat freedom to play around the house. That will prevent it from experiencing stress.

2. Provide a place to climb

In addition to providing a large area and space for cats, you should provide play equipment for cats. Cats are one animal that likes to play. One of the toys that can be given to cats is the jumping and climbing stuffs for example.

You can provide shelves in the house as a place to climb for cats. You can also provide soft pillows around.

3. Meet the instincts of cats

To prevent cats from getting bored and stressed, you can try to feel your cat’s instincts. Cats have an instinct to play and hunt. Well, to minimize cats running away from home. You can supply and fulfill all cat instincts. Here are Sign of Cats That Wants to Play.

You should provide games that cats like such as balls, hangers and toys like rats in the house. Cat’s hunting instincts are channeled even though the mice which are looked after by them are toys.

4. The location of the playground

Cats have an interest in moving objects. Well, to make cats pleasant at home, the best way to do is make a cat-covered room facing the outside view. That way, the cat does not feel closed and locked up. So, your beloved cat will happy and funny at home.

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5. Catnip plants

Do you know the catnip plant? Well, this plant is a plant that has a distinctive aroma that is very popular in cats. Cats are very fond of this plant’s aroma. That is good if you put cutnip plants in the cat play area.

6. Varied food

Feed is very important in caring for pets, including cats. You need to feed your cat regularly with the right portion. It is better to consult a veterinarian.

Well, not only that, varied foods greatly also affect the mood and feelings of cats. To avoid boredom cats, you can provide varied food for your beloved cat. Let you know Do The Cat Can be Feeding by Vegan Diet.

7. The place to defecate is clean

Well, cats also like clean places. So, you should try to keep the cat playground clean. In fact, in addition to a playground that must be clean, a cat’s toilet must also be provided with a clean.

You can provide a special place for cats to urinate and defecate. So, the cat will not escape home to defecate. You can provide sand for the cleanliness of its poop.

8. Place and space to hide

This is one thing that is also quite unique. Aside from running around, cats also like to hide. Now you can make some objects around the cat play area to hide. So, it will reduce boredom and stress in cats.

9. Provide Opposite Sex

Cats also have an instinct to have sex with the opposite sex. Well, one of the things that make cats run away is to find the opposite sex to mate. Well, you can provide cats of the opposite sex to mate with cats when your cat feels like mating.

Now, those are some things you can do to prevent your beloved cat from escaping the house. Almost everything relates to comfort cat activity. In general, you should keep the cat play area comfortably and not confine them in a cage.

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