7 Easy Ways To Take Care Of Parrot At Home

Parrot is one of all birds that usually we met at pet animal in home. People choose this bird because their ability to talk or in another word, copying our talks. Parrot also the kind of bird that can be trained, so if you want to have parrots which smartly talk that’s not instantly happen. You should train them before.

Beside their smartly can talks, the reason why people usually pet parrot is because of their beautiful feathers colour. Their colourful body perfectly attack some people to loves them. Basically, parrot isn’t only had one colour of their body. They have at least three combination beautiful colours. It is like green, orange, red, blue, or yellow.

They have small size body. It tends to short but it doesn’t mean that they can’t be big. Their beak is sharply down which is mean that this bird is the kind of grain eater. Different with other bird, this bird doesn’t have long feet so after their tummy, it looks like there is no space between their feet and tummy so it is like straight down and merges with the body. That’s why parrot always jump to moving when they don’t use their wings.

Basically, treat this bird at home is really simple. Parrot has natural instinct where is they able communicate well with human and they are really friendly. They do can bite but they won’t bite you dangerously, except there is something makes them like that like stress. You also can unused the cage to pet this bird and it is safely to place inside the home.

Here are easy ways to take care of parrot at home.

  • Know the sex

First of all, all you need to do before treats your parrot is knowing their sex. Basically, the treatment for female parrot is pretty different with male parrots. This rule also used when you put a couple of parrots. You have to know which one is female and which one is male. Some treatments that really relatable with their sex is like feed, diseases, and the ways you treat them like how you interact them or the methods you need to train them to be talk. Beside that thing, you are must checking is it the parrot that you pet is protected kind or not. Keeping protected animal is break the regulation and you could punishment.

  • Give them medium cage

Actually, this point is optional. As mentioned before parrot able to living free inside your home even without using the cage. But to makes them be able to adaptation with the new environment, give them cage isn’t bad idea moreover if you have child in your home. Cage can help you to keep it safe. Why you have to choose medium cage for parrots? That’s because the parrot can be more aggressive if they are living in big small. Also, in the end the don’t need cage anymore because they are can living without it then why you have to spend your money to buy large cage, right?

  • Clean the food and drink box

Same like other ways you pet animal, the cleanliness is the first thing. Make sure that their food and drinks box is clean of any bacteria. The dirty box can transmit some disease that cause by dirt. You have to more careful with drinking box because it is more transmit the bacteria a lot than food box.

  • Feed and drink well

Same like other life creature that need food and drink, parrot does same. Base on wild natural living, parrot is grain eater which usually eat nut or fruit. You can give them as their natural food but for alternative you can give them bird food which easy to buy in pet shop. Also, don’t forget to always give them clean drink water to consumed. All quality food and drink can make them healthier.

  • Additional vitamin

To balance their vitamin and minerals, you need to give them additional vitamin. This vitamin is really easy to buy, especially in pet shop and available in more applications and shape. If you want to more trusted vitamin that effect your bird, vet it really recommended. But pet shop isn’t bad choice too.

  • Bathing

Bathing moment isn’t only to keep their clean but also it is the quality time both of you and the parrot. Parrot usually relaxer than other time when you bath them moreover if it is still morning. The sunlight which is still warm would drying them well after all water makes them wet so both sunlight and water doesn’t too annoy them.

  • Playing and talks training

As a pet owner, we absolutely need to interact to our pet. That’s will prove that we pet them to treat them well, not to let them or just moving it in our home. As we know that parrot able to talk like human. If you want to interact with them, takes them to playing to entertain them and combined it with talking training. It is easier and effects the parrot to talks faster. Also, you need to talk with them as common as you can so the parrot can getting used with your voice.

There is no hard to keep parrot living well inside our home. If there is some problem that makes them do unproperly, you do need some evaluate your treatment method because once again as naturally, this bird is really friendly. Pet them should be effortless.