Google Street View Out Of Sheep! Only In Faroe Islands

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Okay, so today what we are going to talk about unique events that happen in the world. This event is actually pretty unique as it involve sheep in pretty big event. For many sheep lovers, they are going to definitely loves this. You might already familiar with Google street views right? Google street view is project from Google to maps the entire world through camera street view car so any people could see view from the street directly in their computer or smartphone. It is pretty cool project and applications that will let you seeing things from all around the world that normally you can’t see all the time. With Google street view, you can see London times square easily from anywhere around the world, you can see famous wolf street, seeing Eiffel tower, and anywhere around the world.

However there is catch though. Google street view have limited range, as Google will need to deploy their Google street car. Google street car is a car ran by Google with camera strapped on its top. This car then will go around the world, mapping every corner and street from all around the world, so the view could be seen in Google street view apps. However, not every country and places could be visited by this Google car. Sometimes there are place so remote that it took lot of time for Google street view car to arrive, and sometimes there are even places that Google street view couldn’t reach. This is the case of Faroe island, as this island is quite remote, and don’t have good access to outer world, so there is no easy way for Google street view car to reach this place. However, this couldn’t stop the citizens of Faroe island to get their island mapped and shown for people around the world using Google street view though. They got some pretty excellent ideas, in which they use sheep instead of Google street view car. How they do it? Why and what’s so special about Faroe island? Well, we are going to talk about it in this Google Street View Out Of Sheep! Only In Faroe Islands discussion.

Instead of Google street view car, Faroe island have Google street view sheep

Faroe Island belongs to Danish archipelago, located directly between Norway and Iceland. Faroe island is one of the most remote island in Scandinavian archipelago as it is about 320 km from mainland Scotland to reach this little island. Faroe island can be reached via air travel from Copenhagen and Edinburgh Scotland, or through sea travels from Northern Denmark and Eastern Iceland. Since Faroe island is remote, there aren’t much human population in this island. This island was once a flourishing trade post for Vikings. However, with the rise of other Viking trade post such as York, Birka, Hedeby, and kaupang, Faroe Island becoming quite remote. As for today, there is only estimated of 50.000 people per 1.400 square kilometers, on this Island, people live happily in their small little island, surrounded by beautiful cold northern Atlantic seas, magnificent cliff, and wide grassland. In this Island, there are also lots of sheep populations. In Faroe island, sheep is quite important livestock as they provides warm wool for their people, and their meat is quite delicacies for them. There population sheep are twice compared to population of human in Faroe Island, meaning that Sheep population actually overwhelm human population in this Island.

What so interesting about it is, that in early 2018, citizens of Faroe Island got tired of waiting for Google street view car to arrive and mapping their entire Island, after all Faroe Island is remote place, and there is no easy way for Google street view car to reach this place. Then people of Faroe Island got pretty brilliant ideas. By strapping 360 degrees camera on sheep back, then release sheep to roam around free, they actually create Google street view out of sheep, or we could say Google Street View Sheep. These sheep then provides lot of amazing photos of Faroe Island. The citizens then upload their amazing photos to internet in order to promote their island to increase tourist visit in their island.

Google then proves of this ideas, and therefore they send in camera supplies, complete with their equipment, strap on, and stabilizer to capture more amazing photos of Faroe Island on sheep back. This is pretty brilliant ideas that involving animals, and it also make it quite popular around the internet. Now, thanks to it sheep, Faroe Island now becoming much more popular than ever, and enjoy constant increase in tourist to admire their remote hidden beauty of Faroe island. Google Street View Out Of Sheep! Only In Faroe Islands it is pretty brilliant ideas out of nowhere.