The Easy Guide to Start Layer Poultry Farming for Beginners

Hello there, fellow poultry farmers! And yes, a newcomer is also indeed be welcomed in this lovely section of animallova. Truth to be told, this article will be dedicated to all of you who wanted to start some poultry business or at least for those who seeks business opportunity who offers a great profit interest; yeah poultry business is the right answer for your question. You can try to start a Layer Poultry Farm. However, before you started the business there are a few things that you should understand comprehensively and then it would be good options to follow our advice in starting this business and running it into a load of profit. This is The Easy Guide to Start Layer Poultry Farming for Beginners, check it out!


What is Layer Poultry Farming?

Layer Poultry Farming is focused on harvesting chicken eggs. The main purpose of this farm is to be sure that you can gain profit by fulfilling people’s demand of chicken eggs. This indeed might be quite difficult as it would requires a large budget and a reliable connection; so, you can distribute your eggs easily.


For Beginners

Well, you are indeed new to the business and if you are reluctant to start the business with such a large budget (probably it’s going to cost around $5.000 or even more) then you can start a small business experiment by simply having a small layer which the capacities of 5 breeding hens. This would give you a great but easy start eventually thus determining your success possibility in the future.


In terms of building the rest of the farm we recommend you to build a business relationship or even a joint venture with an already-established layer farm; this will get you the advantage to finding a customer thus one day you could run the business independently. Remember, the location of your farm should not be close to an already-established layer poultry farm within the range of 3 to 5 kilometre as it would create a bad business vibe for you (no way that farm would want to build a business relationship with you unless you have an offer that he can’t refuse such as profit share or anything that he can’t refuse)


After you have successfully built your experimental layer poultry farm, it is the time for you to begin looking for customers. You can start by offering it with ‘promotional’ price to nearby restaurant or food merchant. Indeed, especially for beginners who is having a layer poultry experiment, we recommend you to sell your first harvested eggs with ‘promotional’ price; you can set a profit margin no higher than 10 percent or even if you think it will help you to grow a relationship with your new customer, you can sell them with no profit margin at all for a certain couple of times.


What Should You Know?

Well, we have explained the blue prints of starting a layer poultry farm, however there are a few things that a newcomer should know about layer hens. As it would have a significant difference than broiler chicken. Well, this would be difficult at the beginning but in the end, you will be the master of it; remember practices and experiences make all of effort perfect.


Layer Breeds

Well, in this business you can’t just simply randomly choose which layer hens that are going to be your foundation of the business; you must choose carefully especially if you are new to the business. Wrong selection of the breeds could cost you a great economical lost as probably the harvested egg will have an awful quality thus your customers will start lose their trust to you. There are two types of breeds that you can choose which are:


White Egg Laying Hens, this small chicken who eat less food and laying white eggs it could be a good choice if the demands of your customer demanded white chicken eggs.

Brown Egg Laying Hens, this one is larger compared to the white hens and even it could eat more food than white hens thus indeed it would be a good choice if your customers have a high demand of brown eggs.


Just simply remember, to have a quick observation to what eggs that customers demanded the most? The white one or the brown one?


Always Keep Hens in a Good Shape

Remember, this business put the hens as the foundation, so if you fail to keep their condition to be healthy, then the entire business will be burned to the ground leaving you nothing but suffering and economical loss. To keep them healthy we could do a simple hygiene routine; thus, we can keep them healthy and no disease would dare to attack our farm, which are:

Give a proper vitamin to your hens. Flock of hens indeed would require a proper vitamin so their body could resist any disease who will try to infect them; vitamin would strengthen your flock’s health resilience.

Routine sterilization

Routine sterilization is indeed mandatory for the farm, if you ignore this aspect then your farm will bring not only a plague to the hens but to you as well; there are few contagious avian diseases that could infect human being such as Avian-Influenza. We recommend you to clean the feses of your hens every day, and clean the feeding and drinking bowl for at least once a week. Don’t forget to spray some sterilization for once a month.


Continuing Business

If you think you are good enough in the business, you can consider yourself to start a bigger business. However, we recommend you to try to breed the hens with roosters before expanding your business. You could check our other articles that discussed the topic of growing a chicken properly. After you managed to breed and grow them properly it is indeed the time for you to try to expand your business. Well that is all about The Easy Guide to Start Layer Poultry Farming for Beginners, good luck!