How to Easily Raise Broiler Chicks


Are you looking to open a business? A farm business maybe?. Then we recommend you to open a broilers house. Why?. Because everybody love chicken meat!. You could easily prove this, as you can see there are hundreds of fried chicken merchants and any other chicken culinaries merchants scattered all over my town. From east to west, from south to north, almost every hundreds meter we could find many chicken’s meat merchants everywhere. Even in my campus we got around 20 chicken’s meat merchant scattered just around it and you know what?. Most of them closed their booth at 8 pm which means there are many people who buys it thus making it out of stock quickly just in a day hence making them to refreshen their stocks tomorrow morning. Incredible right?. Not only that there are 300 of broilers who are being slaughtered right now!. So that means it is a certain profit to have a broilers house right?. We could sell it easily, everybody love it, and it’s so saleable. Magnificent!.

However, don’t get too cocky yet. Having a broilers house is surely interesting enough as it so profitable, but is not an easy job. It requires calculated investment, patient, and passion to be successful in farm business. Remember every business is a cut throat business so if you let slightest mistake in your farm then be ready to see your farm fall into the abyss of failure. So how about starting your business by learning?. Learning on how to easily raise broiler chicks?.

Well, rasing a broiler chicks could be easy as cake but could be difficult as steel. It is depends on your patient, passion, and luck of course.  However, let’s start on how to choose a healthy broiler chicks as your first experiment. A healthy chicks would have a greater chance of providing the best meat avalaible. I recommend you to pick 4 chicks as a starter. So ready carefully.


Choosing a Healthy Broiler Chicks

  • Active and Alert

Chickens love to sleep a lot but when they are awake, they would love to wandering around feeding theirself. If you found a couple of chickens huddling and cuddling around that means they suffered a cold which could affect their happiness. Chickens need a warm place to make them happy and happiness is the key to make them have a grade-A meat quality. So don’t pick a chick who is huddling around with others.

  • Eyes

A healthy chick would always has a clear pair of eyes who show brightness that indicate the chick is healthy. If you found a chick who has sleepy eyes most of the times then don’t pick it. Pick the one who has a bright clear eyes in order to have the best outcome later on.

  • Posture and Leg

A healthy chicken has a confident and stand tall posture. Also their legs would work completely with complete strong bone. If you find a chicken who can’t even walk or walk reluctantly don’t pick it out.

Rasing the Chicks

You have chosen your chicks then it is the time to raise them. This experiment surely will teach you how to raise a broiler chicks properly. Thus making you become prepared to open a broilers house business. So what shall we do to easily raise them?.

  • Prepare a Warm Incubational Space

A chicks need a warm place that could warm them up. A recommended temperature to make sure they are warmed up is 37.8 celcius degree and 38.1 celcius degree. They will feel warm if they become active. Chicks who suffered from cold would oftenly piep piep piep around to express their pain of coldness thus huddling theirself. If you let them cold, then prepare for them to stressed out then die in agony.

You could set their incubation place with a large old box then place some 5 watt lamp above it. It does not needs to be lovely but it needs to be spacy and warm. Also don’t forget to give it a food and water box. Not only that you need to give them a tin foil paper as their carpet so you could clear the incubation easily.

  • Choosing Foods and Vitamins

Choosing a chick’s food would be easy as cake. However, the higher the price of the food you bought, the higher quality it’s provided. So if you want to give your chicks a better food then try to buy the expensive one.

Also remember what we said about luck?. Yes luck is needed, you never know that probably one day your chicks would die because of Avian Influenza. So to make that luck come true, you must fortify it with vitamins. Giving your chick vitamins is an easy job. You just need to mix it with their water supply thus they will drink it automatically.

You could buy either vitamins or foods from nearby poultry shop.

  • Creating a Food Rations

You need to rations out your chick’s foods. As if you don’t, you will simply waste away the food you have given them. Rationing foods would require a simple mathematic. A chick requires around 60 to 90 grams a food a day. So if you buy a kilo of food then it should last for ten day. Also remember don’t over feed your chicks because it would cause them a leg disorders such as lameness. Just give them fill out their food box 2 times a day.

  • Patient and Passion

Remember to frequently feed your chicks and clean out their incubation. Don’t skip them even for a day. As it would significantly affect their emotions thus affecting their meat quality later on. If you seriously want to be a successful farmer then once again don’t ever skip your broiler’s daily routing because that is what it takes to be a successful farmer. Also it would take around 2 months a week for them to fully grown hence ready to be slaughtered. So be patient and be passionate in raising your broiler chicks.  Good Luck!.