How to Prevent Your Farm from being Infected with Avian-Influenza

Hello there, fellow poultry-farmer! How’s business? We hope your business will be always in the best shape and profitable always, every day, and more. Fellow farmer, speaking about profitable we must overlook how we manage our farm, and today we are going to overlook one aspect that act as a great factor of your profit which is health. Farm Health Condition is indeed have a lot of branches to be overlook to, however today animallova would like to remind you, especially for fellow poultry-farmer, that your farm health condition which probably last week still in a good shape all poultry breeding, the eggs were hatching, the harvesting found no problem, but suddenly all of that wipe out because of one disease; Avian-Influenza, the most formidable foe for poultry-farmer, a disease who suddenly kills your poultry and even worse, it could infect human too. So, today you must put your attention to this article as animallova would help you on the subject of How to Prevent Your Farm from being Infected with Avian-Influenza; check it out!

What is Avian-Influenza?

Even though Avian-Influenza has been well known across the world, especially an expert poultry-farmer would indeed already know enough about this disease, however there is no harm for us to tell more about this disease, especially if you are new in this poultry-farm business.

Avian-Influenza is a virus who infects poultry, mostly chickens.   Avian-Influenza or simply Avian Flu is a devastating flue who will indeed remove all of your farm profits and even burn it into the ground; it has a devastating after-effect. With this simple explanation, we all know that this virus is indeed not good news for every poultry-farmer.

The Symptoms of Avian-Influenza

There are symptoms that could be a sign that your poultry has been infected with Avian-Flu or not; mostly if you found one of the symptom you could try to separate it and isolate it, however if later on you found out that the isolated poultry is indeed has positive result on the flu; you will have no choice but to exterminate it and exterminate all of your current poultries as there are high risk of the rest of the poultries have been infected with the flu; you can’t risk selling an infected poultries or you can live the rest of your life in jail.

  • Swelling around poultry’s head

The first thing you can easily spot in order to clarify whether your poultries have been infected with Avian Flue or not, is you can simply check your poultries’ head; if you found a poultry who has swelling around its head then, you must be vigilant as it could be a sign that the poultry is infected with Avian Flu. We suggest you to wear a mask and protective glove, thus grab the probably infected poultry and separate it from another poultries; if it shows another symptom you will have no choice but to exterminate it and your entire farm.

  • Lost Appetite

If you see that your poultry’s breeding bowls have not been emptied since the last time you fill it; then we must act as lost appetite is a sign of Avian Flu. You can try to overlook another symptom; as lost appetite could mean not only Avian Flue but probably another disease. Just do not sell your poultries until you can get rid of the symptom; we recommend you to give some vitamin and medicine to them.

  • Diarrhea

This diarrhea will indeed happening if your poultries have been infected with Avian Flu. The diarrhea will be worse as with diarrhea carries another symptom such as respirational problem; an infected poultry would have a great trouble of breathing.

  • Freckles

There would be a lot of red freckels around poultry chest and leg.

  • Mass-Sudden Death

A Mass-Sudden Death would be inevitable if your entire farm has been infected with Avian Flu. Indeed, it would be a great loss for your business as there would be nothing then you can do except burning your poultries’ body and execute a mass sterilization in your farm.

The Cause of Avian Influenza

In order to prevent your farm to be infected with such formidable virus, you must understand what caused them so you can prevent it and prevent a great economic loss for your farm. So, read carefully.

  • Unsecure Location

The unsecure location could expose your poultries with the virus. As most common reason why your poultries got infected by it was exposure from another infected avian; it could be a simple bird flying by or another avian.

  • Lack of Hygiene

If your farm is lacked of sterilization routine, then it could affect your farm hygiene and it could attract Avian Flu virus to infect your farm and even another complicating disease.

How to Prevent Your Backyard Poultry from Avian-Influenza

In this circumstance, a cure would be difficult as most of the cure would offer nothing but a mass extermination; So, if you are new to the business you better read carefully as animallova always said that “Prevention is better than treatment.”

  • You must sterilize your hands with a sanitizer, wear mask and protective glove, before working in your farm. Don’t forget to wash your hands again after work.
  • You must install a footbath before your farm entrance in order to sterilize your feet and shoes from any possible threats.
  • Wear a uniform if you want to enter the farm. This uniform shall not be used outside the farm are in order to keep it sterile. If you bring the uniform outside the farm area, the uniform might be exposed with the virus thus infecting your farm or the uniform could infect another avian even human outside the farm.
  • Secure your farm location. Remember, there would be any other avian or animal that have a contact with your farm. If there are a small pond which will attract another avian, you must remove the pond as soon as possible.
  • If you want to add another flock in your farm, remember to isolate them first for a month before releasing them with the rest of the flock.
  • Restrict visitor access, no person with no proper purpose shall enter your farm.

This preventive act indeed will prevent your farm for being infected with the virus. However, disaster could come anytime and it is inevitable. So, we suggest you to always save a few of your profits in order to overcome such inevitable event; you can subscribe to an insurance package. We always hope you can always prevent Your Farm from being Infected with Avian-Influenza, Good luck!