5 Effective Tips for Beginners on Raising Broiler Chickens


If you have succeeded on raising your broiler chicks before in a simple experiment. Then you passed your test and prove your worth on being a broilers farmer as you have the passion, patient, and even luck for it. Thus it is the time for you to be put in a real test. This is the time for you to finally open a farm house. So pack that cash and spend it into a farm house as your first step in this business.

However, don’t get cocky yet. There are significant differences between the experiment and the reality. In the experimenet you just handled around 4 broilers in a small spacial cage. But now?. You will handle a flock of broilers that might be around 50 broilers in a farmhouse or even more!. So surely this will become a very tricky task to do but would be worthy later on. Just remember to brace yourself as this is going to be a difficult task.

But don’t worry, as always animallova would provide you with the best effective tips avalaible especially for a beginners like you. The tips would demand a hard work to do but overall it would be easy as cake after you mastered all of it. We provide 5 Effective Tips for Beginners on Raising Broler Chickens.

1. Providing a Proper Incubation

Remember you must buy or provide a fertilized egg so they will hatch. Don’t buy eggs from nearby grocery store as the eggs would be bare and no matter you put such effort to it, it would never hatch. Buy the eggs from nearby poultry store or another supplier around you. We don’t recommend you to buy a broiler chicks as it would cost more than buying a dozen of fertilized eggs. So try to hatch your own broilers by following this simple step.

After you have found where to get eggs supplies then it is the time for you to build a proper incubation for the eggs to hatch perfectly.

You could build your own incubator by crafting woods into a wooden incubator or simply put a used shelf as incubator. You could warm up the incubator by providing a 5 watt lamp inside it. Just remember to put the incubator in a warm place and make sure the temperatur of the shelf would be around recommended temperature 37.2 celcius degree up to 38.9 celcius degree.  You could test the incubator temperature using termometer.

Or you could simply buy an incubator machine and let the machine do the work with a little bit of adjustment. However the machine would cost greatly especially for you a beginner, the machine would cost you around 300 dollars for a small incubator machine (around 1 level of shelf from the picture above). But if you have the cash then it is recommended to buy your own incubator machine.

However, be careful of power outage though. If power outage occurs then quickly grab a thermometer and measure the incubator’s temperature quickly. If the temperature is below the recommendation then you must provide an emergency lamp to warm up your incubator or you could just simply provide an emergency power generator to keep your incubator running.

2. Provide Room to Grow and Wandering Around

After 21 days of incubation, your eggs would hatch and a new born cute broiler chicks would emerge from the egg then this is the time for you to take care of them.  However not all of the egg would be hatched thus you can sell the unhatched eggs towards nearby grocery store or simply sell it by yourself. Also remember even though they are not an egg anymore, they still need a warm place so make sure they still warm you could make them warm using a lamp or simply just let the sun light approach your farm house, in other words you must provide a better ventilation system. A cold chicks would be piep piep piep as they expressed their coldness and pain thus making them easily die.

However, not only you must provide a warm room for them but also you must provide them a room that is spacious which could make them easily grow and able to wander around as chicks love to wandering around to show their activeness. Try to give them spacious space. Don’t make the room become too crowded as it would stressed out the chicken and affecting their growth even they could die because of stress.

3. Provide a Proper Bedding

Litter or bedding is used to absord droppings from your broilers and help them to stay warm. If you don’t provide a proper bedding your chicken might eat their own droppings as they still a “kid” and could not differentiate between dropping and a food so it is better to have bedding to absorb their droppings.

Also don’t use a paper or news paper as their bedding as it would not absord their droppings but also could make them suffered a leg disorder such as lameness. This would happens as the chick would not able to get a right footing spot in a slick surface.

4. Adjust Brooder Temperature

Well if your chicks started to grow they would require a different set of temperature to keep them stay warm. As they grow, the temperature needed for them would be decreased . Here is the recommendation of temperature based on age :

  • Week 1: 35 degrees C
  • Week 2: 32.2 degrees C
  • Week 3: 29.4 degrees C
  • Week 4: 26.6 degrees C
  • Week 5: 23.9 degrees C
  • Week 6 and so on : 21.1 degrees C

5. Provide Water, Foods, Vitamin, and Monitoring

You must provide a long and many food bowls and water bowls for your broilers. Don’t provide a few bowls as they would fight each other over a food so it is better for you to provide many water and food bowls for them.

After you set out the food and water bowls, don’t forget to give them vitamins as you need it to protect your broilers from any disease. As disease is the number one factors why farmers got bankrupted. Just simply buy vitamins from nearby poultry store and mix them with the foods and water.


Not only that, you must monitored your farm everyday. You want to be a successful farmer right?. So monitored your farm everyday. So you will know if your broilers needs a refill, a change of beddings, or even if they got sick. Well all of them requires a hard work, patient, passion, and luck. So don’t give up and good luck on your new business!.