Have You Feed Your Sugar Gliders Correctly? 3 Common Mistakes Done by Owner

There are many reasons why sugar glider could make a good pet, one of the example is they are playful animal. Yes, sugar glider is known as an active species of animal. Not to mention those tiny but adorably features of them; who could deny that this animal is such a beautiful one? I bet no one. But, however, there is a lot jobs to do when you bring this cutie one into your house. Start the preparation of all the equipment they needed for new habitat: nest and cages.

Furthermore, there’s also type of behaviors you should understand and know, such as noises made by sugar glider which could be very intense and shocking to hear for the first time; plus, the sugar glider taming. Yes, taming should be your number one list to do. It is such a waste of time if you have sugar glider pet but you couldn’t build a strong connection with them. Taming process would involve bonding relationship. As you train your sugar glider, both of you would also build deeper bond each time past.

This period is one of the most beautiful moment during the care; once you get closer, your sugar glider would love and trust you! Furthermore, another thing that you should keep in mind is provide them toys as their amusement; not to mention that your sugar glider need to exercise! Yes, to maintain a good, health condition, you have to make sure that your sugar glider do exercise. Most important thing, provide them a good delicious diet menus!

This particular field – the feeding – is the most field that common mistakes was happened, especially for the beginner. Lack of knowledge of sugar glider’s proper diet would lead to unbalance diet, which is very dangerous. So, have you feed your sugar gliders correctly? 3 common mistakes done by owner that you must know!

Sugar Gliders Diet

You must understand, there are some requirements substances for the overall health of sugar glider. You can’t just give them whatever foods you “think” is best for sugar glider; you should know the rules. Like, one of the most controversial food that become the topic of debate: is it safe to feed sugar gliders with raisins. As long as I know, there are no issues reported for feeding sugar glider with raisins – keep in mind, as long as you give them proper amount of it, because raisins contained high amount of sugar.

Furthermore, improper amount of calcium and phosphor could trigger metabolic bone disease. While in the wild nature, common diet that sugar glider choose is eucalyptus gum, honeydew, insects, nectar, sap, and even bird’s egg. It really hard to replicate such of diet while in captivity, but there’s recommendation diet menus made by veterinarian you should take a note. These foods would contain proper amount of food materials need by one sugar glider.

  • One tablespoon of insectivore diet: which is contained with insects, such as wax worm, cricket, spider, meal worm, moth, and etc.
  • One tablespoon of leadbeater’s mix.
  • And various small amount of treats.

Moreover, there might be common mistake on determine of foods; and these foods was thought as healthy food for your sugar glider, but the truth is not. These foods could be very dangerous for the health of your beloved little creature. Let check this out, the 3 common mistakes foods that people keep given to their sugar gliders.

3 Common Foods Mistakes that are Not Good for Sugar Glider

1. Corn

As an omnivorous animal, yes, sugar glider is able to eat almost everything. But, doesn’t mean “everything” is good for them; this is something you must understand as an owner. So, our number one list today is corn. However, sugar glider need calcium and phosphor to be supply in his body; but you must know that phosphorous binds to calcium which resulted to elimination of the calcium out of the body. On this case, it would lead to problem of calcium deficiency disorder.

The correlation between corn and this theory is that corn contained with a higher number of phosphor than the calcium. Yes, your sugar glider might love corn, but this unbalance amount of substances would cause problem in the future. It’s highly recommended avoiding feeding your sugar glider with corn.

2. Chocolate

Sugar glider’s fondness of sweet in undeniable. Actually, that is how they got their “sugar” name; and of course they would delightful to be feed with all kind of sweet foods. But, keep in mind, never and ever try to feed your beloved one with chocolate. Chocolate might be very good for people; it could stimulate our body to be relax and calm, unfortunately not for animal.

Moreover, it’s already known that chocolate is one of the most dangerous human food to feed to animal at large. Chocolate contained with high number of alkaloid chemicals which is caffeine in one of it. People’s digestion system was able to process this type of chemical, but not in animals. If you let these substances enter sugar glider’s body, it could be bring much loss than benefit, such as vomiting, diarrhea, even more heart failure and seizure.

However, do you still consider feeding your sugar glider with chocolate? I don’t think so pals!

3. Nuts

The last food of our article today: have you feed your sugar gliders correctly? 3 common mistakes done by owner is nuts. Nuts contained with a high number of fat, and also you must know that there’s a high risk of choke when your little sugar glider eat it! Sugar glider might be similar to squirrel, but both are different! Furthermore, sugar glider digest the food by mash it inside his mouth, and then swallow the juices; and ordinarily they would spit out the leftover.

Furthermore, sugar gliders has unwell ability to digest fat content inside their body. When sugar glider was fed too much amount of fat, you would notice cloudiness appear in his eyes; because the fatty has deposited in his eyes. That is why, it would be very recommended for you to avoid high fat foods such as cheese, avocado, pork, and ground beef.