3 Popular Reasons Why Sugar Glider could Make A Good Pet

Hello good people, welcome back to AnimalLova. Sugar glider as a pet? Who wouldn’t want it? This adorable little marsupial creature could be the perfect pet to keep inside your house. But, however, we can’t deny that a lot of controversy surround the legality and code ethic for keeping sugar glider as pet. It’s been happened for years, and there are two opposite parties as always: pro and contra. We would discuss it just a little in this article, but mainly, we would learn about 3 popular reasons why sugar glider could make a good pet.

Furthermore, preparation should be done if you decided to be one of sugar glider’s owner; I mean a lot. First of all, you need to learn about sugar glider’s habitual: not only for their physical treatment, also the mental treatment. Do you know, there are noises made by sugar glider that is confirmed some causes you need to understand; and yes, this is part of psychology subject. Not to mention all the proper type of foods you need to master to ensure the health of your pet.

On this case, there is a controversy around feeding your sugar glider with raisins, so you better check this one out: is it safe to feed sugar glider with raisins? Do sugar glider need to exercise? What kind of safe and fun accessories I need to provide for my beloved sugar glider? These kinds of questions should be the main consideration before you bring that little animal into your house. But, however, you could learn it on the process of nursery.

So, let just check it out, 3 popular reasons why sugar glider could make a good pet!

The Controversy

I already mentioned it a bit above in our introduction that taken sugar glider as pet triggered a lot of issues and opinions from many parties from all domination, mostly associated researchers, naturalist, and ordinary people at large. There is problem with legality and code ethic, do we really need to take sugar gliders out from their natural habitat just to fill our ambition and desire to keep them as our property.

Not only for that reason, the fact that some irresponsible people who taken this species and sold it illegally on black market, reduce the number of populations on the wildlife. Every party could not take this issue lightly. Based in these cases, we should understand the discomposure of people who truly care of this animal. All I would tell you people, if you commit to keep sugar glider, you should take care of this animal they way they should be treated – as good as possible.

Do Sugar Glider could make A Good Pet?

With all the subject considered, yes, sugar glider could be a perfect and good pet for you my friends; but, remember, sugar glider would cost you money a bit higher than hamsters and gerbils. If we should compare, perhaps, sugar gliders would need as much as cats outlay per month, not to mention that they also need a lot of supportive equipment to stay stable mentally and physically. How so?

That because when you keep sugar glider, you should create a new habitat with all the things inside it as the replacement of the things that provided by mother nature on the wild. Furthermore, let me give an advice: it’s better if you just keep the same sex hommies for your sugar glider. It might be sounds sexist (well, it’s animal by the way), but males are known for their aggressive behaviors towards females whenever females was part of the group. So, yeah, for the sake of the female, you better not them together at the same cage.

Popular Reasons to Keep Sugar Glider as Pet

1. Very Playful Pet Animal

Yes, some people really hate to keep a lazy animal inside your house; it might sound rude, but that is fact. But, that reason is subject to complaint; because the fact, sugar gliders are very playful little creature. I bet, even those people above (dislike lazy pets) would love them. Not only with fellow member of their species, apparently sugar glider also love play with human! Excellent, isn’t it?

Very high curiosity, active, and smart are the best characteristic you would found on your little ones. They could easy engage to something new, especially every single activity that involve adventures and fun. Not only indoor, you could take your sugar glider out of the room and enjoy some different scenery and activities. To support this kind of activity (traveling), you don’t need to worry, because there are many variants of travel pouches sold on the pet stores and online stores. Very easy to find, easy to wear, and most important thing is very comfortable for sugar glider.

2. The Small Size

This is one of the main reason why people love to keep sugar glider as pet; they are tiny and adorable creature. With this small size, you could keep them everywhere; no matter where you live. Some people – although they really want to keep an animal as pet inside their house – can’t have pets such as dogs because the size issue. Dogs are big, and needed much space to grow; and of course, you can’t keep them in a small apartment or small house.

But, sugar glider is different. They were small and could be keep even in a small apartment or studio; because of the small body size, sugar glider was included to the class of pocket animals a long side with other mammalian small rodents, such as hamsters and guinea pig. So, don’t be afraid to take this animal traveling because they would not taken much space!

3. Live Longer than Other Pocket Animals

As I mentioned above, sugar glider was considered as pet animals based on the small size. Compare to others, surprisingly, sugar glider have longer life span that the majority of pocket animals. They could live as long as other popular mammal pets, the dogs and cats. If hamsters could live around 3 to 5 years, and the brown rat live around 2 to 3 years; sugar glider able to live  a dozen years!

So, people, this marsupial pet would stay and accompany you for a long period of time! Treat them with all your heart, and they would love you the way you loved them!