6 Best Cage Type For Laying Duck Breeds

Every life creature needs to be had a house. There are some of life creature which living and take their home everywhere, and also some of them even don’t have a house time by the time. There is some many synonym of house, like cage or maybe their own body part.

For poultry industry cage is the main thing that you have to really choose at the first. Cage choices should suit with the main goal you rise the duck. As we know that duck usually rise for cattle, peking, and eggs. Beside these three main goals, before you choose one of them. But here we only talk about duck laying which is already obvious that we will talk about main goal egg.

Duck eggs is the one of main product of duck poultry which really familiar in our society. Duck egg also has middle fat and cholesterol which is makes anyone can eat it without any worry. And also, there is so much duck eggs dish and processed which really creative and innovative. To earn duck eggs is started with good cage management. Some cage is dedicated to one specification goal so information below will need by people who wants to rise duck to earn duck eggs and surely modern so it is make sure more innovative and attractive, never find these things before. Check this out! battery-cage-types

  • Battery cage duck

Battery cage duck is a cage that designed to duck momma which already pregnant and just waiting for laying the egg. This cage designed as triangle that added some space which is the space will fill the duck momma on each side. The middle of the cage is blank which is used for install bridge to connect each other. So, when the egg is laying down, the egg will run into the container directly. It is really made the farmer feels easier because the egg is automatically run on the container, not taking by themselves. This is really help for farmer which rise a hundred of female duck even it means that he has to make high triangle cage. The cage also easier to monitor because one space for one duck so if there is any problem of duck, it is really easy to appeared and seen by us. It also related with cleanliness and healthy control because the quantity of the duck can be arranged and spread into single space. Unfortunately, this cage can’t be use for one and forever cage. This cage formulated only for pregnant female duck which is mean that the cage is used during laying out period. For duck seed and breeding cage you must prepare another cage. Well, even you must to invest more budget, the system that offered by this cage is also worth it, isn’t it? That’s fair.

  • DOD starter cage

This cage is formulated for baby duck which 1-30 days old. Basically, this cage is box which has wire or bamboo floor so the poop of the baby duck can fall directly. Need to remind as mentioned before that designed of the cage should suit with duck needed, including the age. So, for baby duck which is still in grow process and doesn’t need to married yet, this cage is comfy enough for them.

  • Stage cage

Both for reach cattle, peking, or egg, stage cage can be used for any kind of duck. That’s because the base isn’t directly touched the ground so there is space in the bottom of the cage so it will bring the air to gets in. It makes some disease that caused by wet or moisture temperature can be reduced well because of the good air circulation.

  • Colony postal cage

Well this is the type of traditional cage which really mainstream used by farmer since past. This cage is like ground which has bulkhead for some spaces. A space can be filling for 20-25 ducks which actually the sex can be mixed. After the cage filling, they are usually start to breeding if the heat come. Usually, they would place their egg in the corner of the cage so you need to put the base to protect the egg isn’t break. By this cage, the duck momma would laying her egg in the morning so you can lift the egg in the afternoon. Don’t take the egg directly because the temperature is still high. You better let the ground absorb the heat so it is safe when you lift them up.

  • Ren or ranch cage

This cage is pretty similar with colony postal cage but the main differences is colony postal cage has roof to protect the duck of rain and sunny. But ranch cage has spot which is free from any blockage so the duck can feel the sunlight and the wind freely and there is main cage in the middle so the duck can protect themselves from rain and hot summer in that area. Also, the main cage will used for laying egg by duck momma because it is the one and only covered area in their cage so she thinks it would be safer to put her child there. Or maybe she tries to avoid you to steal her eggs? We don’t know.

  • Dry system egg duck cage

This cage is usually used for cage that located in the side of city or too close with the settle. Dry system here means that this cage designed to be waterless cage which means the cage is minus pond. Also the designed is similar with stage cage which has space under the base of the cage so it makes the wind can blow of any directions.

That’s all some of the cage that really suitable for laying duck. Laying duck is the moment that you waiting for so long, by choose the best cage for your duck make this experience become unforgettable and very memorable. Also, use this chance to evaluate and choose which one the cage that suitable with the characteristic of your raised duck to reach the egg. Make sure that the cage can also protect the egg so when the egg is laying, it wouldn’t break.

The conclusion of these type of cage for laying duck egg is battery cage is pretty recommended moreover for the farm who raise duck in thousand and feels so hard to manage the egg. Even that cage offered some privilege things that another cage not sure to giving, using battery cage would be make more losing. If you really looking for eggs management, battery cage is very recommended but if you are farmer who rise duck in dozen or maybe just hundred, colony postal cage would give you more advantage because the budget of making that cage is pretty cheaper than another, because you don’t need to make it high or insert some space or ornament in the middle cage like ranch type.

By the cage choice, make sure that the cage is affordable for you without decrease the worth things for the duck. Also, make it suitable with your necessary moreover by cage management.