11 Tips to Take Dog Travel Safely

Some dog loves to drive in a car, and taking them with you anywhere will have a lot of fun. But this might not working for every dog. This article might share a few safe tips that you can consider before traveling in car with your lovely pet, whether they like it or not.

Here are 11 Tips to Take Dog Travel Safely

Imagine your way on how to handle the dog in the car

It might note safe to let your dog explore the car without any control. Consider to put them in a cage when you are going to long distances driving or if your dog is a worrier. This way is the most effective way to reassure your dog while you are driving

By putting it in a cage will help you to stay focus on driving and not to your dog. This is important because a distracted driver could easily get into an accident. Putting it in a cage also keeping your dog stay save when you make sudden break or get into an accident

When using a cage, introduce your dog to the cage and put positive vibes to the cage

Let your dog sniff the car first before it enters the car. As soon as the cage is in, immediately put your dig in it. You have to stay positive about that cage then step back from your dog for a few minutes.

Do some exercise before get into the car

You have to make it exhausted before taking it to the cage. When a dog get exhausted it might be feel uneasy, but a dog which still has a lot more energy could be even worse.

Avoid giving meal right before the trip

Give your dog a meal at least a few hours before driving. This will help to avoid your dog to get motion sickness.

Bring every equipment that your dog might need

Create a comfortable place for your dog by putting a bed or blanket in the car’s floorboard as a coat. Also give some water, a yummy meal, leashes, some of its favorite chew toys ( Toy that’s made to be chewed, such as dummy bone, etc) and also a plastic bag for the poo. Here are What You Need To Prepare For Your Dog;s First Camping Trip

Put some chew toys near your dog to make it stay busy

It is better to not give your dog a bone or a meal because when they feel sick they will throw it out.

Take it to the vet if shows any symptoms of sickness

Never treat your dog sickness with Dramamine (A medicine to reduce motion sickness, suck as nausea, vomiting, etc.) or any other medication without a vet prescription. Your vet might suggest other medicine in return. Here are 5 Warning Signs That You Must Take Your Dog To The Vet

Solve the dog hyperactive problem first before the trip

If your dog has hyperactive problem, contact your vet before traveling. Consider if there any sedative medication available that is mild and safe enough for your dog, especially when you are going to do long distance driving. Follow the medication instructions carefully. Here Are 10 Dog Behavior Problems You Should Know

Let your puppies or your new pet to get used to travel in car

Start by letting your dog explores the car with an off engine. Then start to have a short trip with your dog until they get used to travel in car

Make sure the first few trip go to a fun place for your dog

Don’t immediately do a long distance trip, just go to a place where your dog familiar with. Take your dog to a park or a field so your dog will associate car trip with something fun more than a trip to have vet visit.

Make sure that the necklace always attach on it wherever you go

Never mind how good your dog behave, there is always a chance that your dog might jump out of the car and run away. Make sure you can identify your dog in case they are running away.

Let your dog running around your car until they get exhausted. It is better for you to give it a little treat or drink while it has some rest. Make sure you stop for every 4 hours or more, and take a small walking around, whether on a grass field near a restaurant or at a roadside.

At that time your dog might want to have a pee or pooping so, you also need to give it a drink. Here are 7 Ways to Train Your Dog to Pee and Poop On The Right Spot. Taking your dog a small walk is really important for it to do some stretch and get rid of stress due to bored feeling

Immediately take your dog for a walk as you arrive at your destination. Give it some meal, make them sure, and give them a big affection because they manage to pass through the trip it.

  • If your dog has a favorite towel or blanket, make sure to bring it so they’ll feel more comfortable

  • Try to take your puppies traveling (without toy) for the first time in an empty stomach by not giving it a meal for 2 to 4 hours before driving. A few times traveling without motion sickness will really help to stop motion sickness develop on your puppies.

  • If you are going to travel for more than 24 hours, it is better to find a hotel which pet friendly as you and your dog a place to have a rest.

  • Make sure you bring a bag full of dog food on your trip so you can handle your puppies better

  • Treat your dog patiently, sweetly and full of love. So as you, they’ll feel that traveling is an intense thing to do.

  • Don’t let your dog stick out their head outside the car window. Dust can get into their eye or if you get into an accident your dog might fly out the window.

  • Some dog could be really sick (vomit). Avoid to look at it and block up the back seat with a blanket or newspaper if you want to stay at safe.

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