4 Spesific Kind of Desert Animal you must know

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Now, today what we are going to talk about are desert animals. Desert is arid and dry place, mostly sandy dunes with little amount of plantation and water. Desert is harsh environment and in fact one of the hardest biomes to survive with. The lack of water in desert create the lack of plantation in the desert, leading to lack of foods and water sources for its creature. Surviving in desert is tough, as there are many factors including minimum amount of resources, extreme temperature differences in day and night, predators and not to mention about storm and weather. However, in this harsh environment, you can find there are many life forms, including animals. These are animals that have adapted to harsh environment of desert, and they are by products of evolutionary lines that enable them to survive in this harsh biomes. Desert animals are pretty unique in its physiology and in fact it is very interesting to learn about. There are many kinds of desert animals from small critters like insect, to big mammals. It is fun to learn all of them, and learn how they could adapt in such environment. Today, we are going to learn about desert animals and 4 Spesific Kind of Desert Animal you must know. Let us learn more about it shall we, as learning can be fun too.

Let us learn more about desert animals shall we?

Desert animals are hardy animals that have adapted to cruel and harsh environment of desert. There are many kinds of desert animals, each with their own uniqueness, and traits. All of desert animals have certain and unique ways to survive in arid desert. Learning desert animals are always fun as they are fairly unique. Here are specific kind of desert animals you will love to learn.

  • Desert Fox

Desert foxes are cute little creature that adapted to harsh environment of desert. Comes from canidae family which are family and relatives of foxes, wolf and dogs, this desert dweller are carnivorous animals that hunt smaller critters of desert. Desert fox or fennec foxes are one of the rare animals in the world, and they can be found in Sahara desert, Arava desert, and Sinai peninsula. This foxes are natives to Middle East Asian desert. One of its coolest and most distinguish feature is its big ears. These big ears aren’t just for show. Their ears are used to regulate body temperature, and keeping them cool even in hot desert. They are also scavenger but sometimes can be quite adept hunter. Their diets consisted mostly on smaller mammals, critters and rats.

  • Desert Scorpion

Moving up from cool desert foxes, now we have dangerous insect of the desert, a scorpion. Scorpion are insect that inhabits large area around the world, but commonly found in hot and temperate area of deserts and savannah. One of the most dangerous desert scorpions is the deathstalker scorpion or Leiurus quinquestriatus. This dangerous scorpion is notorious for its deathly venom that can cause paralyzing, and agonizing pain that could lead to death of whomever unfortunate enough to be struck with it tail. It have special Neurotoxins venom that attack nervous and brain system, leading to seizures, paralyzing muscle and eventually death. The venom is deathstalker scorpion is roughly as powerful as Cobra snake.

  • Antelope

Antelope is one of native herbivore of desert. This herbivore inhabits dry area, desert of Africa, certain parts of Egypt, Middle East Asia, and Savannah. This mammal has wide range of habitat and they can also travel a long way in search of water and grass. Desert has very few amount of water and plantation, so herbivore like Antelope need to constantly look out for grass patch and water source. Antelope could travel long way to search for grass patch and water source and they are also adapted to desert heat by minimizing water loss in their body, and regulating their body heat.

  • Camels

When we are talking about desert, of course we couldn’t miss about camels. This big mammals are native to desert environment, and they can be found in many desert like sub-Sahara desert, Gobi desert in Mongolia, Sinai peninsula, and Middle East Asia. Camels most striking feature is its wide and thick eyelashes, and their huge humpback. These special features are their survival kit in order to survive in harsh desert. Their thick eyelashes is to prevent sand hit their eyes and avoid irritation in their eyes. Their back contains lot of fats and water, so they can survive in harsh desert for a very long time without any foods and water. They could also regulate their temperature greatly making them one of the hardiest mammals that could survive for a very long time in desert. They are also very strong, making them suitable for travel companion, as well as for riding animals in desert. They are the hardiest desert animals you could find.

Well that’s it on our list of 4 Spesific Kind of Desert Animal you must know. One thing we could learn from these desert animals are, that they are constantly fighting against harsh environment. Their body have adapted to live in such inhospitable area. They are hardiest animals you could find. Some of them are cute and fluffy, some of them are strong companion, and some of them are dangerous animals. Desert is harsh environment that strongly suited in phrase “Kill or be killed