7 Things that Make Dog to Bark at Night

Dog is one of the animal that we met the most, especially someone who have it. Sometimes dog levers neighborhood will let them strolling around, which means that it is a good dog and not a wild dog. Based on the types, there are lot kinds of dogs. Dog lover will assume that every kind of dog is beautiful and have the urge to have it. But how about the one who is afraid of dog? It is a normal thing if there are someone who get afraid of dog. Sometime its cleverness makes them bark to any stranger

But what if your dog always barks every night, what caused it and what signs is it? There are only few people who know the reason behind a constantly barking dog at night. But it definitely happen for a reason, as an owner you have to know it all.

There are a lot of presumption and you probably assumed that a dog bark because they are hungry or thirsty. It could also their ways to adapt, which you can read on : 10 Types of Adaptation on Dogs. But the fact? It isn’t mostly right, there have to be something else happen that makes it bark constantly. Here are some cause and signs that you might know when dog bark at night

Dog Bark at Night

  • Hungry

Yes, one of the most common reasons that most people will think is that the dog is hungry. It could be right that when the dog is hungry, the owner is falling asleep and can’t hear it so the dog’s voice getting louder.

Another possibility, it could be when the dog is hungry, the owner isn’t at home, or on purpose not feeding it. There are a lot of factor that make a dog starve.   

  • Express Their Feeling

Not only human, dog could also act like human such as angry, pissed off, disappointed, cry, sad or as if their protest. The same thing happen when dog bark at night, it probably because they are pissed off with their owner, or angry so they sound louder

But it seems that they bark not to show that they are happy, because that expression or behavior rarely happen at night. It means that they need their owner to understand what they want. Here are 4 Basic Knowledge About Animal Psychology  that you might want to read

  • Looking at Strangers

Dog bark at night might because they see some stranger, it doesn’t mean that a burglar or bud guy. It could be guests that on purpose coming at night when the owner is in the middle of sleep, and dog that see them start to bark and make the owner awake. It is a sign that the dog want the owner to wake up and look at who are coming. When your dog always bark every time there is stranger, here are Effective methods to train your dog bark at strangers

  • Seeing burglar

Besides stranger, dog also bark at night when they see burglar that break into the house or strolling around near the house or when around its sight. So, if dog keep barking at night it means that they want to wake up the owner and neighbors to warn that there is someone trying to break into the house

  • Sick

A dog that is having a fever, diarrhea, or any non-physical symptoms will tend to be more silent and doesn’t want to eat. But it is different compare to a dog who sick physically, such as scars or wounds.  Dog will feel in pain and will bark as sign that they need medication and attention. Dog will need treatment due to its pain, and hope that there is someone that will reduce their pain. So, you should know 10 Dog Behavior Problems You Should Know

  • Seeing ghost

Because an animal can see what human can’t see, such as ghost. The reason why dog bark at night might be because of a ghost and the bark as a sign to repel or as if they are trying to talk. When they bark all the time, you can teach them 10 Essentials Commands You Must Teach Your Dog

  • Looking at Weird Things

If that thing is something illegal you can report it as soon as possible. But it could be something normal inside that plastic bag. It is because dog is an animal with high alertness, so there are a lot of people that used it as a security.

Understanding dogs bark might be not easy for most people, but every dog owner might also have difficulty. With this article, hopefully it could help you to understand that when dog is barking it is not only means something but also it has different purpose, such as the 7 points that we’ve discuss earlier. So, try to be more sensitive to your dog’s bark. This animal is pretty smart, so it will be so much better of the owner could understand them well. That is all that we can say. Hopefully will be useful!