7 Guide to Bond With Your Pet Rabbit

Rabbit is one of the best pet including cat and dog. Here is 10 reason why rabbit is a great choice to be pet. But unfortunately bonding with your pet rabbit require great care, attention, and budget as the rabbit is not a low maintenance pet and naturally frightful animal. Especially because rabbit is easy to be frighten creature, they usually hard to its trust and quite mistrustful if has been treated poorly by their previous malicious owner.

1. Be Patient

Rabbit is naturally prey animal and constantly life in wary for its environment, especially the new one. But rabbit also naturally a curious animal, so with care, they can recognize you as not a threat and can become its friend. First of all, you have o be patient with your pet rabbit. Let them out of the cage after your secure its enclosure (Rabbit-proof the room if you let your rabbit out in an indoor environment.)

When your rabbit is starting to exploring, you can sit down on the floor and let your rabbit come to you in some way of its exploration. You might be tempted to pet your rabbit, which is ok (but see its reaction, don’t do it if your rabbit back away). Always be patient and wait for your rabbit come to you first. Don’t move away as your rabbit is starting to trust you if its start to nudge or sniff you with its nose.

2. Know The Way to Held Your Rabbit in a Right Manner

An important thing to know if you want to be bonded with your rabbit properly, yet quite easy to be overlooked. Poorly held rabbit may lead them to squirm and struggle violently to get away from it. By doing that, your rabbit will hurt itself, especially its neck and its spine.

The way to hold your rabbit is being gentle but firm. Do not squeeze your rabbit when being in held because it made them uncomfortable but be firm so your rabbit won’t fall out from your arms. Support the rabbit back and its hindquarter to make them comfortable. this last pointer is really important must not be overlooked.

3. Let The Rabbit Approach You First

Your pet rabbit that still not trust you will feel uncomfortable when being handled by you. Obviously will not enjoy being grabbed or pulled out from its safe place, like its cage. Instead forcefully remove it from its home, you should let your rabbit come to you by leaving the cage door open and wait come toward you… after possibly roam around the room.

4. Create The”Alone Time” For Both of You

Quite important and useful should you just adopted your rabbit pretty recently. The newly adopted rabbit will need time to adjust and grow comfortable in its new environment. Your rabbit will try to adapt to its owner, other household and the very place that will become its new home.

Try to find a quiet and closed off room. make sure there is no animal and no other thing that might distract your rabbit. Your rabbit will wander around for a moment, but will eventually come to check on you.

You can try to offer rabbits treat when your rabbit approach you. By offering treats, it will help to relieve its anxiousness of your rabbit and will good for your rabbit too. Make sure you give them with a healthy treat like small diced carrot, apple, banana or a spoonful of oats. You firstly try to let your rabbit eat a piece (or spoonful of) treat on the floor, then try feeding your rabbit with your hands. Do this daily until your rabbit gets comfortable enough being around with you. Make it a routine will eventually make your rabbit familiar and trust you.

5. Never Rush Your Rabbit

Do not rush or force your rabbit. Being forceful will only make your rabbit traumatized and make your rabbit fearful toward you in the future. A forceful and rushing your rabbit might also lead them to be forever not being accustomed toward you. But fact stated that some rabbit might never become accustomed because of their nature as the wild animal.

Instead, try to use a soothing voice to calm your rabbit. Speak to them often and let your rabbit get used to the sound of your voice. As a social creature, your rabbit might get bored and just sitting down all day. By speak and talking to your rabbit pet, they might lay down and gently grind its teeth to sign their approval and contentment.

Don’t ever yell at your rabbit. Rabbit can’t be disciplined or be trained like other pet. Rabbit won’t able to understand why you’re yelling and only scaring your rabbit with your loud yelling. Your rabbit might become depressed if you keep yelling at them, watch your rabbit so they won’t develop any sign of depression.

You can also help your rabbit to recognize you by your smell. You can offer your hand and let your rabbit sniff it. It will help your rabbit to accustomed to you. By knowing your looks, your sound, and your smell, it will help your rabbit to be comfortable toward you and may let you handle your rabbit.

Lastly, don’t surprise your rabbit by doing a sudden movement around your rabbit. This action could frighten your rabbit and make them run in panic toward its cage.

6. Mimic Your Rabbit

While sound and silly. Some rabbit specialist recommends to mimic the way of your rabbit wash its face and its ear can relief its anxiousness and its fear. This act will help your new rabbit to get comfortable in his new home. Just try to not do it in front of people because it will look silly.

7. Know and Adjust to Your Rabbit Schedule

The expert said that rabbit is most active around sunrise and sunset for every day. Rabbit will spend its afternoon time resting itself which make them least active. Make a note and spend your time accordingly toward rabbit schedule to spend your time with your rabbit as rabbit are more willing to accept your invitation to play with you during that time. By doing this, you can easily make your rabbit feel comfortable and be bonded.
Here is all 7 Guide to Bond With Your Pet Rabbit. I hope you find this guide helpful in your effort to be bonded with your rabbit. You can also try to massage your rabbit as they way to be bond with your pet rabbit. While it needs quite an experience and effort, the result will prove helpful for your rabbit health and a good way to be bonded with your rabbit.