How to Indentify and Help an Abused Dog


A dog is an amazing majestic creature that always love you and even love you more than your own friend. A dog who already bonded with you will never leave you. She will always greet you and get excited everytime you come home. However as we know before, dog is a fragile creature too, just like us. Dog could be damaged emotionally and psychologically. Dog oftenly get abused by some heartless strew who even we don’t know why this kind of people even existed in the first place. They oftenly simply after abusing their dog, they just left the dog in the street and pretend the dog was nothing but a mere punching bag. What an awful person.

If you love dog so much and already have one. We challenge you to try to adopt a dog from the street, a feral or abandoned dog it’s up to you, they both must be had similiar experience related to abusement. However we recommend you to adopt an abandoned dog because you never know why the owner left her and probably the dog was abused awfully. This is how to identify and help an abandoned dog.

Identifying an Abandoned Dog

Well you must able to distinguish between a feral dog and an abandoned dog. They both have similiarities but here is the significant differences between them :

  • Poor Body Condition

If you see a breed dog on the street walking around with no clue where she want to go, with all the dirts on her fur, even if you notice an injury on her bodythen you have found yourself an abandoned dog. It is rare to find a breed dog walking alone in the street except she was abandoned. Not only that you could identify nobody taking care of the dog anymore as her body is so awfully dirty. Also you might find scars or injuries around her body which was caused by abusement.

  • Starving

An abandoned dog surely find it’s hard to find her own food. Back then she probably just need to find her bowl but now?. No bowl and no free food on the street. She become starved as she wandering from there to there to just find her food. Even because she is starving she become so much aggressive towards anyone even you. So if you find such dog on the street try to give her food first, she her reaction, and then pat her.

  • Whimpering

A dog could express her emotions that easy to notice for us. If she is happy, she will bark happily and wagging her tail. If she’s sad then she will isolate herself and whimpering all day. If you find a dog who lie down across the street and find her whimpering a lot with all those signs mentioned above then she may been abandoned by her former owner, burdening the excruciating pain from abusement, and even haunted by hunger.

How to Adopt an Abandoned Dog

Adopting an abandoned dog will not be an easy task. She might have a trauma againts human therefore she might become aggressive towards you. So you better be careful and don’t get too close to her before you know that she feels confidence and safe having you around her.

  • Try to Feed Her

An abandoned surely starving as she might lost the senses of hunting because she just simply approach her bowl to eat but now?. So the first thing you must do to help an abandoned dog is try to provide a food especially fresh food such as piece of meat. Because it surely picked out the dog’s interest if you bring him a fresh meat. Also don’t forget to bring her a drink such as milk for dog.

  • Try to Comfort Her

As she approach you and eat your food. Then try to see her reaction, is she become calm and does not shown any kind of aggression? If no then wait, if yes then it is the time to pat her in the head and said “Don’t worry bud i will save you. I will help you. I am here and i am not like your former owner. I am her for you.” (Dog in truth understand what we said according to researchers at Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest, Hungary.) She her reaction after that if she become comfortable then try to feed her again and offer her a drink and pat her again until you make sure she is safe with you and feel comfortable around you.

  • Time to Bring Her Home

After she feel safe and comfortable around you it is time to give her a warm towel and bring her home. After you arrived, then provide her with a warm comfortable bed for her to sleep, let her rest for a day. Then you better clean her up using a wet tissue, don’t take her to bath she may refused to take a bath and bite you off. After that you could feed her and take her for a walk. If she does not want to be taken out for a walk then simply she is not ready yet and all you need to do is to pat her once again and comforting her frequently until she is ready. She may still suffered the pain and bad memories of abusement which caused her a trauma that damaged her psychology and emotion. Remember be patient to bring her joyful self back.


Adopting an abandoned dog once again is not an easy task. This is not like buying a dog from a pet store, you need to be careful and be patient to do it. As the dog might have been abused and suffered from trauma. So if you decided to adopt an abandoned dog remember be patient and don’t give up!. After she become comfortable with you she will become the happiest dog in the entire world because of you!.

*Barks away