17 Effective Strategies To Cheer Up Your Sad Dog – Simple Task

If your dog is happy, as an owner, you will also be happy. Just like humans who have the same routine for years can feel bored, dogs are like that. Doing the same routine all the time, sometimes it can make your dog feel bored and unhappy or not excited. So, your dog will need something new to maintain your dog happy. If you see your dog need something that can make him more enthusiastic, then you must know about some effective strategies to cheer up your sad dog.

Why do dogs need encouragement?

Dogs have signs of sadness or depression that are similar to humans. If you see your dog:

  • Sleep longer than usual.
  • Do not want to eat or eat less than usual.
  • Don’t have the desire to play.
  • Hiding from you.
  • Showing a strange attitude accompanied by anxiety.

You need to worry about your dog. You must know immediately whether your dog is sick or depressed and needs encouragement. Read more about Effective Methods to Treat Depression in Dog.

Some things that can make your dog sad are like:

  • Disease.
  • Lost a family member or friend.
  • There is a new family member.
  • Move to a new home.
  • Depression.

You need to know what things you can do to encourage your dog.

The effective strategies to cheer up your sad dog!

1. Change the toy

Give some kind of toys. You can also give your dog new toys to be happier. If he’s getting bored and forgets about his old toys, it’s time you start to take out his old toy again. You need to learn about Ways to Understand Your Dog’s Wishes.

2. Take your dog for a walk

You must know that taking your dog for a walk is not just for exercise. You can also make his mind refreshed after he lingers in the house. It’s not just healthy physically and mentally, by taking your dog out for a walk, you can also take him to see the new environment and meet new people.

3. Maintain an ideal body weight

Limiting your dog’s food intake does not mean not loving him. For that, you have to know what your dog’s ideal weight is so that he is not disturbed by the disease. Too much eating will make it uncomfortable and difficult to play. So, you must pay attention to your dog’s diet so that he is happier and healthier.

4. Grooming your dog

Dogs don’t need to always be bathed, but bathing your dog regularly will make your dog feel clean and comfortable. In addition to making it feel fresh, you can also keep it away from allergies and the cause of the disease. Please read about Ways To Make Your Dog Loves To Bathe Easily.

5. Give praise both physically and verbally

Praising your dog is important for building good relationships with him. It doesn’t have to be always when your dog is successfully trained, but giving your dog caresses and praise gives the meaning that you love him. With that, they will feel comfortable and safe around you.

6. Pay attention

Show attention to your dog by doing small things to him, such as pet the stomach, pet the head, or just hugging him. This will make pets feel safe and loved.

7. Take it on a long journey

Try bringing your dog on a long journey. Let your dog feel fresh air from behind the car window. We can also carry them using a motorcycle. Let him be exposed to the sun and enjoy the wind.

8. Take a swim

Indeed, not all dogs like water, but if our pet dogs do not refuse, this is a good opportunity to invite them to swim or just play water. One place that can be visited is the beach.

9. Let the dog be free

Do not hold or limit the movement space of our pet dogs. Let him free, play around the house or yard. This includes not attaching a rope to his neck.

10. New trick

When you take your dog for a walk, teach him a few tricks. If you have done that for some time, maybe it’s time for you to make a new trick. This will make your dog feel challenged and uplifted, giving your dog a happy feeling.

When your dog shows the reaction you want when doing tricks (for example by playing ball), don’t forget to give appreciation. In addition to appreciation, you can also provide their favorite snacks as a gift.

11. Music

Like humans who need to be entertained, music is very helpful. Although the truth is not yet confirmed, you can try using music to entertain your dog. Some videos that you can see on social media about dog owners who set music to their dogs, or dance with them show that there may be some dogs who like to listen to music, or it could be that your dog likes to listen when you sing or listen to music together.

12. Friend

We need friends as social beings. If because of your solid activity, you can’t always accompany your dog, it might be good if you give your dog a new friend. They can be good friends, and this can be one of the effective strategies to cheer up your sad dog. Read more about the Benefits of Getting A Puppy With An Older Dog.

Don’t Do…!

Take care of your dog is the same as building relationships. So, please pay attention to the list below about things you might do to your dog that can make them unhappy. They are living beings, have the right to be happy with humans. According to Katie Finlay, a professional and dog trainer, some of the following attitudes are often done by the owner to make their dog unhappy.

  • You did not take them for a walk

Not just go to the park or jog together, just walking around the house and playing together is very fun for dogs. This activity builds the owner and dog’s bond, so you are not advised to ask other people to take them for a walk, because what the dog wants is togetherness with the owner.

  • Take their food or toys

You can teach them not to be aggressive and respect the owner, but took the food bowl when they are eating or taking toys when they’re playing it, even making the dog becomes frustrated. In that moment, the owner must respect them, so they can learn to respect their owner.

  • Confining them as punishment

Unfortunately, the dog does not understand the language and purpose of the owner, so a punishment can be interpreted differently. Confining dogs does not make them reflect and realize mistakes, but feel imprisoned for their freedom. So, the cage is a scary place for them, and the best punishment for dogs is to train them repeatedly even though it takes a long time.

  • Shout at them

Dogs know if the owner is upset or angry with them, but they don’t understand the mistakes they are making. So that screaming or shouting only makes them fear and stress without knowing what mistakes they actually made. Training them to understand the rules of living in a social environment makes them understand boundaries, and they will obey with pleasure.

  • Leaving them alone for too long

Thinking the dog is the guardian of the house, the owner feels natural leaving them for a long time. Though dogs are social animals, they like being together and leaving them alone will only make them lonely and the worse it can lead them to depression. If you really have to go long, leave them to someone or pet shop so they will still be happy waiting for their owner to return. You need to know about How To Make Your Dog Happy At Home When You’re Out To Work.

Those are some ways that you can make your dog happy, and remember, don’t do the things above that can make your dog lose his happiness.

Do your best!