3 Ways to Help Your Dog Regain Confidence After Trauma


In recent post we’ve discussed on how to help a emotionally traumatized dog, how to help them, what caused the trauma, and even the prevention. However dog is an emotional animal just like us the owner and her friend. Dog could lose confidence especially after trauma. When dog lose confidence she will lose all of her happiness, mostly she became lethargic and even does not want to play with you or does not want to move anywhere because she is afraid of something that could cause her to be traumatized again. Also remember, healing trauma is quite difficult especially in how to regain our dog’s confidence. It needs passion, patient, and repetition to help our dog to become confidence again after being traumatized. We are going to give you the 3 Ways to Help Your Dog Regain Confidence After Trauma. We could still restore her smile again!

If, Your Dog has been Healed from Trauma

If you ever heal your emotionally traumatized dog or help them to ease the suffering because of trauma. Then you must be able to regain her happiness back and maybe even her confidence. However there is no guarantee that even after your efforts, your dog would be 100 percent free of trauma.

Your dog maybe become confident again and running happily but what if she meet something or even someone who make her traumatized thus scaring her off and make her hide under the bed and even does not want to move from there? This means your dog is just physically healed but her emotion and psychological condition still a little bit damage because she still could be triggered by some particular event or person.

If you remembered what make her become traumatized then you maybe want to try whether she still scared of them or not. For example, one of our friends has a dog which was traumatized by another dog, thus our friend decided to help her and heal her pain by following our methods. However when our friend decide to meet up her dog with another dog, then the dog become aggrresive and scared hence does not want to socialize with another dog. The other dog triggers her trauma, even if she already happy and running but when she met another dog she become traumatized once again. So even though you already helped your dog fight against her trauma but she still does not regain her confidence back, because she still scared and triggered by something or someone who traumatized her.

If, Your Dog has Not Yet been Healed from Trauma

Well if your dog surely still traumatized from anyone or anything who traumatized her then of course, she will lose all of her confidence. She will become afraid of doing something, even to eat or just to get ouf of her bed. She just lying in there taking all of the excruciating pain while remembering everything that traumatized her. What a poor dog.

Before you gain your dog’s confidence back, you must able to treat her injuries physically or psychologically. If she got any scars from the trauma then try to tend it first, it would help her to ease her excruciating pain. Then try to comfort her by patting her head, hugging her, and say this to her “Everything’s gonna be okay bud.” Repeat them frequently and we guarantee you, your dog would been healed from the trauma. However your might be still not regained her confidence back.

To check your dog has regained her confidence back you must simply try to meet her up with something or someone who traumatized her. If she does not afraid again or become aggressive to anything or anyone who traumatized her then your dog has successfully regained her confidence back. Otherwise, your dog still not yet regained her confidence back.

3 Ways to Help Your Dog Regain Confidence After Trauma

  • Try Talk to Your Dog

According to a new study by researchers at Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest, Hungary, your dog actually understand you. If you love to praise her everyday she will get excited and become more comfortable with you. So why not use your passionate caring full of love words to help her regain confidence after trauma?.

Try saying something comforting like “Come on bud, it’s okay, he/she is good.” or “Don’t worry about it bud, i am here okay? There is nothing to be afraid of.” And any other phrases to comfort your dog and help her to regain her confidence.

  • Train Your Dog to Face It

“The more skills your dog learns, the more positive things your dog will have to focus on distracting her from dwelling on the things she previously feared. Start by teaching “Sit”, “Stay” and “Down” very useful commands that will also help the dog gain a sense of accomplishment and have something to do to earn your praise. – Help for the Shy & Fearful Dog,” – Paw Rescue

If you really want to make sure your dog regain her confidence back then you must train her to face her fear. As dog would become adapted to face it. A trauma happened because your dog never experienced such horrible things before thus distressing her hence make her traumatized. By training her it would make her prepared to face her fear. However remember to restore your dog’s confidence need time and patien. So cheer up and do your best!

  • Create a Safe Place for Your Dog

Well if your dog still unconfident to face her trauma yet it’s still difficult to train her. Then try to create a safe place for her. A safe place where no harms could happen to her. Try creating small room with her favorite bed, favorite bowl, favorite littering box, and her favorite toys. Also don’t forget you must monitored the safe place frequently to make sure your dog will not be harmed by anything that could traumatized them. Imagine your dog traumatized because of another dog, then another dog entered the safe place, what would happen? It would be a disaster for your dog of course.

  • Remember, Be Patient

Restoring your dog’s confidence it’s not a piece of cake. You need to be patient as it would take time for it. Don’t give up and believe to your faithful friend that she will become the most confidence dog in the entire world. Cheer up and good luck!.

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