3 Ways of How to Keep and Care A Duck As A Pet

Keep a duck as a pet can be an impressive experience for you. Usually, duck is a bit harder to keep as a pet compared to other animals, such as dog or cat, because we have to supervise the living environment strictly Before that, you can make this how to keep and care a duck as a pet article as the reference. Duck is also a friendly animal, and better to keep them with the other ducks. You can keep many types of duck as your pet, because they actually need the same daily need. You only need to give them a good and nutritious food, protect them from any wild animals and from the bad weather, also keep the environment clean. 7 Important Facts of Rabbits Before You Decide to Pet Them will be a good reference for you, to keep and care a duck as a pet. Here are some things to consider before keeping a duck as a pet.

  1. Ducks are not an indoor animal. They don’t suit the indoor style. Even though you are happy to keep the duck inside the house, it doesn’t mean they enjoy to live inside the house. It is because their habitat are in the outside of the house. Please don’t keep your duck inside the house for too long. Let the duck play outside. 8 Reasons A Rabbit Run Away From Home can be a good reference for you to know the reasons of the stressed animal.
  2. One important thing from duck is that they are social animals. They love to socialize with each other, and even interact with human. That means, they need a duck partner in house. If you only pet one duck in leave it too long in the coop, they can get stressed easily. They need a partner in their live, the same as human that cannot live alone. 6 Warning Signs That Your Dog is Depressed will help you to know about the importance of take care more than one duck.
  3. Don’t get a duck, or any other unusual animal for that matter, just to be different. Think about the animal’s needs, and how to give it the life it needs and deserves; not the life you want it to have.

After you know the things to consider, here are 3 ways to keep and care a duck as a pet.

1. Prepare the coop

Keep the newborn duck in a coop with a heater for 4-6 weeks. The duckling is not able to control its body temperature, so it is important for you to keep them in a warm coop.

  • For the first week after it hatched, the duckling must live in a 30°C temperature. After one week, you can set the temperature into 27°C.
  • After 4-6 weeks, the duck can control its body temperature, so you don’t need to put them in a coop with heater anymore.
  • Keep the optimal temperature for the adult duck.  The optimal temperature for the adult duck is 13°C. If the ducks are gathering and stand close to each other, that means they are cold.
  • If the weather is hot, try to prepare the pond with a cold water, so that the duck can swim.
  • The important thing from the coop is that coop is strong enough to protect the duck from any wild animal, such as racoon, forest cat, etc.
  • Make sure the coop ventilation is clean. This will help them to get a fresh air.
  • Let the duck mother lay its eggs. In some weather, the female duck will produce its egg, so you need to provide a quiet environment, food, and water. If you don’t want to keep too many ducklings, you can take the eggs after the mother deliver it. The duck mother loves to hide the eggs, so it is possible for you to find it in a strange places.

2. Feed the duck

You can buy the duck food from any pet store. Some of the branded foods for duck are Purina, Mazuri, or Gunter. After the duckling reach 20 weeks years old, you can substitute the food with the chicken food.

  • Feed the duck with the food that contains the 18-20% protein for the ducklings. This is because the duckling grows fast, and they need the kind of food with a high protein and calorie rate. Check out 6 Effective Ways to Make Broiler Chicken Grow Faster to help you know how to make your duck grow faster.
  • Feed the duck with the food contain 14% protein when they reach 3 weeks old. The female and male duck need the same protein intake.
  • Feed the duck with the food contain 16-17% protein and 3-4% calcium for the laying duck. The calcium will help the laying duck to produce the best eggs.
  • You can give the snacks, such as corn, carrot, and the vegetables such as cucumber and broccoli. Slice the snacks to a small pieces, so that it is easy for the ducks to eat.
  • Always prepare the food. Make sure the duck can eat their food anytime they want. Make sure you throw away the leftovers at the night time, so that it won’t invite any ant or rat.
  • Prepare the clean water with the 10-21°C temperature. You can prepare the water for the duck in the pond, or in a small bucket. Make sure the drink container is big enough for the duck, because they have a beak. You better add a fresh water every single day.

3. Interact with the duck

  • Talk to your duck. the same human, duck can hear and response the sounds. Try to talk to them, so that they can be closer to you. You can also give your duck a name.
  • Play carefully with your duck. You can buy some toys for the ducks in a pet shop. Duck also can play with yarn, or even try to dig a hole.
  • Bring the duck to the veterinarian if it is sick. When you feed them, notice if there is any health problem. If they look weak, loss its feather, or lose the appetite, you got to bring it to the vet. Check out 6 Simple Ways to Make Your Rabbit Love You to have a good interaction with your duck.


  • Duck is a prey. Because of that, make sure you give a good protection for your ducks from any other animals, like racoon or forest cat.
  • Do not give the kids a pet that they cannot take care of. Remember that duck needs many attention and treatment.

That is all for the how to keep and care a duck as a pet. Remember to spend your time to play with the duck, so they will be more tame. You also need to know how to take a good care to your ducks. I hope after you read this article, you can get the knowledge to keep and care a duck as a pet.