11 Common Duck Diseases That Every Farmer Should Know

In duck farming, the prevention for the disease is important, and can not be avoided if you want to be a breeder. The duck can give the good benefit for us if we choose to breed it. Many ways to prevent the disease has done on the good duck breed. The duck’s health and the environment cleanliness is a preventive way for fighting any kinds of disease.  4 Common but Deadly Diseases of Broiler Chickens is similar to the duck disease.

According to a research by Kingston and Dharsono at 1977; Kingston and Slamet at 1981, known that the in Indonesia is as much as the other livestocks’s disease. But until now,  it is not clear what kind of disease attacks the duck.

The duck’s disease divided into two, which are :

  1. Non contagious
  2. Contagious
  3. The non contagious disease on duck

The non contagious disease on duck is a disease caused by the bad treatment system on duck, such as poisoned, the bad cage hygiene, and the lack of vitamin and mineral.

10 Common Causes of Cattle Losing Appetite might contain the information about the disease.

1. These are some non contagious disease that attack the duck :

  • Stress

Stress caused by many disturbing factors, that is directly affect the body of duck. The example is in the crowded place, and they are not free to play on the place near water. The medicine for overcoming the stress is not available at the moment. The way to solve this is to avoid any kind of disturbance that can cause the stress, by take a good care, and keep the environment clean.

  • The lack of Vitamin A

The lack of vitamin A can disturb the duck’s growth. The duck that has not enough vitamin A will get sleepy, the weak feet condition, easy to get infected, skinny and weak. The lack of Vitamin A on duck is also cause the decrease of egg production and the skinny body.

  • Antibiotics Dermatitis

This disease used to attack the duck, because of the usage of medicine that content too much antibiotics. It caused a dry skin, hair loss and anxiety on duck. The prevention is to use the antibiotic not too much.

  • Ricket Duck

Ricket duck is a disease on the duck’s bone that can cause the paralyze. This disease is caused by the complication of lack calcium, phosphor, and vitamin D3. The prevention that we can do are give the foods that contain mineral, calcium, phosphor, and vitamin D.

  • Salt poisoned

This disease commonly happen when the water for duck or water in the pond contain too much salt or other raw material  that has too much salt. The salt poisoned  happen in many farm location that near the beach or any other places that contaminated with the salt.

2. The contagious disease on duck

The contagious disease is a disease caused by the virus, bacteria, or germ that caused by the direct contact or by the air. These are some of the contagious disease on duck :

  • Cholera

The cholera caused by the Pasteurella Avicia bacteria. The wet cage can fasten the spread of this disease. Cholera attacks the baby ducks around 4 weeks old, and cause the death until 50%, meanwhile the old duck cause the death less than 50%.

The symptoms are a heavy breath, the weak body, and the loud noise. This disease can cause the blood infection. The prevention that can be done are give the Fowl Cholera vaccination, the blood serum injection for the animal that makes them stronger to fight against the cholera. Here is the further topic 11 Signs of Fowl Cholera in Your Poultry is an important guide to know more about the cholera that might attack the duck.

  • White eye

This disease often attacks the duck in any ages. The cause is a virus, and the spreading is also very quick. A duck with a lack of vitamin A can get this disease easily. The wet cage is one of the factor that cause the duck to get this disease easily. The symptom of this disease is the liquid from the eyes and beak, the yellowish feces, heavy breathe, weak and paralyze. The prevention that can be done is to give the antibiotic that can be mixed in the duck’s food and drink.

  • Duck Coccidiosis

Coccidiosis is a bleeding feces that attacks the duck. the symptoms are the lack of appetite, the weight loss and paralyze. The spreading from the duck’s feces is relatively fast to attack the baby ducks. The prevention is by giving the medicine like coccidiostat by mixing it in the duck’s food or drink.

  • Duck Coryza

The coryza disease is also known as the contagious flu. This disease happen at the beginning of the weather change. The symptom is a dirt that comes out of the eye, and the other symptom is alike the white eye symptom. The death caused by this disease is high. The prevention that we can do is by giving the antibiotics that we can mix in the food and drink.

  • Salmonellosis

This disease attacks the duck in any ages, and can cause the death rate of 50%. The symptoms are the dirt from the eyes and nose, with the diarrhea. The prevention that can be done is to keep the cleanliness and health. It is also recommended to clean the cage regularly to prevent the spread of the salmonella virus.

  • Sinusitis

This disease attack the old aged duck, so that it will make the big economy loss. This disease is caused by the bad treatment, the lack of mineral in the food and the unavailability of the water pond for playing. The symptoms are the sinus swell, and the liquid that comes from the nostril. The prevention is by give the good treatment for the ducks.  7 Ways to Raising Broiler Chickens Commercially might help you to take a good care of the duck.

That is all for the article about the common duck disease that every farmer should know. We need to do the preventive ways, so that the ducks won’t get the disease easily. We also need to give the best treatment for the ducks, by cleaning the cage regularly, give the vaccine, and give the antibiotic. 3 Important Things Every Owner Should Know About Antibiotics can help you to know about the good way to raise the ducks better.