How to Make a Homemade Cat Food


Back in the day, when writer still a beginner and has zero experience of cat. Writer does not care how to feed cat properly. What he think that cat should be just fed her, make her not hungry anymore. It was like, writer just simply does not care about nutritions kind of thing and just care about feeding the cat so the cat would have a full stomach before sleeping.

Writer was wrong all along. Writer should have focused on giving a proper food for the cat. One day Memeng (Writer’s Cat) had a terrible diarrhea. Memeng drop every bit of liquid feces everywhere. When I hug her, she drop it, pat her she drop it, and even when she sleep she still drop it. Not only that, she becomes lethargic and does not have any desire to catch her prey anymore. She just lying there, sleeping and does not care about anything around her. The diarrhea really took her happiness and energy out of her body and soul. What a pity.

Writer was the culprit behind the diarrhea, as back then writer did not care anything about the food that writer given to Memeng. Writer just buy local cob fish in nearby market and what make it even worse that writer mix the fish with rice. Rice is awful for cat digestive system especially when you mix it with such unhygienic fish. The rice is hard to digest and the fish might be contaminated with awful bacterias. Hence with that “perfect” combination, Memeng suffered from diarrhea. writer thought, giving her food to fill her stomach is enough, but once again, writer was wrong. The rice and fish bring nothing but disease.

When writer finally realized then it is the time to change the food. Writer tried to buy some quality food such as Whiskas. Well it worked perfectly and Memeng love it very much and eat it with happiness. The food really give him the nutritions and vitamins he needs, thus making her become more resistant towards diseases. However this does not last so much because you know, writer is a little bit of strict in money so buying Whiskas every months surely is not a  good idea for writer’s financial condition.

One day, writer wandering around the neighborhood and found a poultry store and surprisingly the store sell a cat food.which is a bulk cat food. It was so cheap around 30k rups per kilos and Memeng also like it. However writer doubt the cheap food would not without a cost. Sometimes Memeng does not want to touch the food and left much leftover. I wonder why?. Does this food make her sick?.

Because of that, writer decided to make a homemade cat food that is hygiene, healthy, cat love it, and cheap. Surely this would not only save writer’s wallet but also will fill up the cat stomach along with the nutritions and vitamins. The ingredients would be easy as cake to obtain but the how we made it would be quite difficult especially when you don’t have enough cooking skill. However, animallova would provide you the easy step on how to make homemade cat food.

The Ingredients

To choose which ingredients that you need to make a homemade food is you must make sure the ingredients contain protein, amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins, and mineral. Please note that, you might also create a cuisine such as lasagna for your cat or any other cuisine that cat love and will fulfill her nutritions and vitamins. You could google how to create a lasagna or you could just simply use animallowa way based on one of their writers. The cuisine would be cheap but healthy.

For protein, you need to see what kind of protein source that your cat likes. If your cat love eating fish then try to have fish as the main protein source or if you cat like egg or any other protein resources then make it as the main protein resource. For this instance, writer would like to make a boiled egg as the main protein source, also egg contains amino acids and fatty acids needed for your cat. I recommend you to serve 1 egg a day for your cat. Slice them into pieces and feed them with the right portion. Example, 1/3 of egg per lunch time.

For vitamins, it is better to serve vegetables such as carrot and spinach.The tricky thing is that your cat might will not eat it if you don’t serve it properly. However, you could trick your cat by fooling their smelling senses. Just simply mix the vegetables with the eggs and make sure all of them mixed properly so the vegetables would smell like eggs or simply you could stir the vegetables with raw egg.

For minerals, you could buy milk or don’t worry spinach already contains mineral that is needed for your cat. So it is easy to prepare mineral for cat as you don’t need to put a lot of effort for it.

Preparing the Food

Remember we want it to be hygiene and healthy so choose the eggs and spinach from a reliable source. M ake sure it does not spoiled and does not contains a hazardous preserving agents such as formalin.

Also make sure you wash them properly to make sure there will be not bacterias left on your food. After that it is the time for you to boiled the egg and prepared the vegetables. Remember don’t give so much egg for your cat as one egg for a cat is equals to 8 eggs for a person, in other words, it would make your cat obese.  While boiling the egg it is the time for you to mix the vegetables  with egg’s scent or you could rub it with butter.

After the egg is boiled then place it on your cat’s bowl and make sure the vegetables are ready. Mash them up and the food is ready to serve. Easy, cheap, and healthy is it not?. Remember you could always make another cuisine just be creative, be passionate, and love your cat always. Good luck!.

*Meow away