3 Irresistible Yummy Recipe of Homemade Cat Food


As a cat owners, it is indeed mandatory for us to keep our cat healthy and happy right?. So they will able to run and jump and doing funny things in your home. Even a healthy and happy cat could make a very great companion to you. Even though cat is not like dog, cat surely become a cute companion to cheer up your day. Have a sad day?. Pet your cat and try to talk to her.

Memeng, writer’s cat, also is a cat who will help writer to cheer up his day, after hard day on campus, trouble with gf, or even a disastrous trouble that ever happened to writer. Memeng is always there in home waiting for writer to feed him and pet him. It likes the cat know that by petting her, it would make your feelings better. There are many research that could clarify about this.

However, if you can’t keep your cat healthy and happy there will be no way that your cat will be there for you. As a sick cat would prefer to hide herself. For example, you know Memeng has a brothers back then, one ran away and one died. The one, who is died, writer does not know what caused her to suffer from such death. She just simply hide herself in a plant pot. Hiding 24 hours and does not even meow, she just there with empty stare. Thus a couple of next day she died and writer with a broken heart must burry her. After that writer wanted to know what caused her to die?. Then writer found out, it was the food problem, she lacked of food because she must compete with her brothers and mother to eat the food. Not only that, the food is surely unhealthy and unhygienic because the food was made by a dirty cob fish which writer did not clean up first and mixed with rice which is not healthy for cat digestive system. No wonder she died in the age of just 2 weeks. What a pity.

After that tragedy, writer decided to give writer’s cat a proper food such as Whaskis etc. It’s good for them as they contains many nutritions and vitamins that is needed for the cat, not only that it’s easier to prepare. But sometimes writer wants to give the cat a homemade food that was made by writer. Writer wants to give them special recipe for them. As a homemade food was not only made by food but also with writer’s love. So not only you give them food but also you give them your love inside the food and they can’t even resist the smell and the test.

Which is why on this article animallova would like to give you 3 irresistible yummy recipe of homemade cat food. But before that make sure you have blender on your house and make sure you don’t overfeed your cat as they will get obesity thus making your cat unhealthy. The food will be easy to prepare, cheap, and healthy.

1. Mackerel Recipe

This is an easy starter for you if you have 0 experience in serving homemade cat food. Don’t worry all of the process would be easy (along with the rest of the food) and all of the ingredients is easy to obtain, cheap, and healthy. So let’s check it out.


  • 1 cup canned mackerel
  • 1 tablespoon sunflower seed oil
  • 1/2 tablespoon organic, brown rice (don’t put it too much as cat does not really need carbs and rice is hard to digest, the rice her is only served as filler) , cooked
  • 1 to 2 tablespoon of chicken or beef broth or water


  1. Mashed up all ingredients in one bowl of food processor
  2. Put it into blender and pulse it up until all of it is blended
  3. As soon as the food is ready then served it immediately
  4. Put the leftover in refrigerator as you can serve it  in another lunch time up to 3 days

2. Sardine Recipe

Sardine smell would surely picked out cat interest as they loved it so much and even they will love the taste very much. So it is very good options for you to make a homemade cat food with sardine as the main protein source.


  • 1 can of sardine
  • 2 tablespoon cooked carrot, mashed
  • 1/3 cooked oatmeal (once again cat does not need such carbs but again the oatmeal here is simply serve as a filler of the food)


  1. Mix all of the ingredients in one bowl
  2. Mash the ingredients manually or just simply put it into blender and blend it up until it is blended.
  3. Serve it immediately to your cat and don’t forget to put the leftover in refrigerator
  4. The food would last for at least 3 days so put a ration on it

3. Salmon Recipe

If you want to give your cat a gift or some exclusive food then it is the time for you to serve her a salmon. Yes salmon, as the price show it’s quality. Salmon is an incredible fish which contains many nutritions and vitamins for your cat. In other words, salmon is a perfect food for your good and adorable cat.


  • 1 can of salmon
  • 1 tablespoon of cooked brokoli, mashed
  • 1/4 cup whole wheat bread crumbs (and again the wheat here just serve as filler)
  • 1 teaspoon brewer’s yeast (optional)


  1. Mix all of the ingredients in one bowl
  2. Put all of them in a blender and blend it up until it’s blended
  3. Serve immediately and don’t forget to put the leftover in refrigerator
  4. The food would last for 3 days so ration it wisely

That’s it cat lover. It’s incredibly easy to make a homemade cat food right?. You don’t need any cooking skill just simply mix them up and blend them in a blender. Just don’t forget to clean the food ingredients first and to cook it properly. Also don’t forget to ration the food as you don’t want to overfeed your cat right?. Remember keep your cat healthy and happy always. Good luck!.

*Meow away