5 Popular Tips to Keep Your Cat Happy Playing Indoors

“It’s cold outside, kitty. Don’t go outside”  For cats, the great outdoor is everything for them, but it is a myth that going outside is crucial requirement for cats happiness. Living in a big, crowded city or country, letting your cat goes outside is similar to ask your cat facing many risks. They may expose to many fatal contagious diseases. Moreover, traffic weighed heavily on cats that were free to roam. Further hazards include toxins, foot-holding traps, pet theft, and inhumane treatment by cruel people. OH MY GOD, it is a nightmare. Therefore, keep them your kittens in home is the best decision. Just spending time and playing regularly with your kitten. Provide it entertaining kitten toys, and exercises for its health and happiness. Here are 5 popular tips to keep your cat happy playing indoors:

1. Exhausted cat = happy cat

To most cats living indoors is monotonous and boring, so you should keep them busy as much as possible. Cats are natural hunters who can get bored easily. They should do many things to kill their boringness. Moreover, cats are natural athlete, and it’s all does not make any sense for an indoor cat to play around if it cannot work out that excess energy. You do not to be worry and panic, as the good news is there are dozens of kitten toys that will make your cat moving. If you provide your cat many awesome toys even it can sing “Shake my body, shake my body… ddu ddu ddu”.

For kitten, it is such a heaven having many toys around. You can find awesome kitten toys in a pet store, or surfing online. You can buy your kittens many types of toys feather toys, wand toys, catnip toys, puzzle, battery-powered toys with flashing light and sound, mice, and so on. Buy your kitten different type of toys which can keep it stalking, pouncing, kicking, and chasing. Each cat has different characteristics and needs.

2. Go for hunting

Once again, cats or kittens are natural hunters. Cats eat several meals a day, so it is better to teach them how to find the meal. Instead of putting all the meals in one bowl, it is better to make your cat work to find it. The one of way you can do is creating puzzle feeder or buying your cat feeder balls. Another idea is conceal small food in some spots in your house. Through this way, your cat will hunt their foods, and they can exercise physically and mentally in the same time.

3. Scratching

Cats have natural behavior to scratch. Scratching allows them not only to sharpen their claws, but also to mark their territory and relieve stress. Scratching is normal and need  for kittens. You cannot teach your cat to avoid this behavior as this is his natural behavior. If you as the owner do not provide them with a scratching post, may be they will scratch your curtains, sofas, and furniture in general. The right scratching post located in one of main areas of the house, so your cat can reach easily. Moreover, the scratching post should meet with your cat preference not yours. You can place the scratching post be high enough, so your cat fully scratch.

4. Enriching indoors environment

Environmental enrichment consists of different factors that will provide your cat a quality life. If you have decided keeping your kitten indoors, you should fulfill its needs as well. As your kitten move to the great indoors, you can transform your half house into cat’s land – cat’s paradise. The more you give to your kitten, the more it will happy live indoors.

Providing double space for your kitten means creating double happiness to your kitten. If your floor is limited and impossible to provide double space, you can expand it by giving climbing trees. Make it taller model, and has many perches. Your kittens will be so happy with it. They will be excited to climb as they interest in height.

Creating many windows. You kittens love sun and enjoy looking outside. Therefore, creating many windows will help them to enjoy what it likes. Make sure the windows are safe for them. Beware, your cat neighbor may disturb your car through the windows.

5. Love your cat

This is so simple one. Just love your kitten, realizing or not this is the best tool to make your cat happy living indoors. You just need to spend time with them, pay attention to them, provide everything they need, and pet your kitten. In the end, you will be surprised at how far a little attention and love from its human (owner) can go successfully in creating your indoor cat’s wellbeing. Whoever you are beginner or senior in taking care of cat, you should love your cat.

Benefits of keeping your kittens indoors

You can get many benefits of keeping your kittens indoors. If you keep your kittens indoors, it means you protect them many treats and danger. Outside living is so harmful for your kittens. There are many viruses, diseases, and predator expose your kitten. In addition, an outdoor cat is only able until 2-3 years, on the other hand an indoor cat is able to live up to 20-30 years old. As the owner who has decided to keep our cat inside means we guarantee their live. We prepare everything our cat needs. Indoors kittens or cats usually are healthy and nice as they are saves from contagious diseases, parasites, predators, and never fight with other animals. If we have provided what our cat or kitten needs and loves such as fresh air, exercise, and sunshine, they do not need to go outside. The owner can make design to satisfy her kittens. The more you give to your kittens, the more result you get. If you give proper treatment to your kittens, they will grow up well and have well-adjusted adult.

Those are 5 popular tips to keep your cat happy playing indoors. The one you should remember is although you have done your best efforts, some kittens still need a time for adapting in its new environment (indoors life). Just be calm and patient, taking care of your kitten indoors. Think over many things before you decide keeping your kittens indoors. Exactly, you want to give the best for your kittens in the future.