How To Make Your Dog Stay In The Yard

Dogs love to be in spacious space to run, to play and to roam around. The good provided space for this needs is to let him out in the yard where he can be free to wander and to run to his heart content. However, you need to ensure that your dog is safe out there in your yard.

To do so, we would like to share a little bit information with you on how to make your dog stay in the yard. You will need patience, persistence and love in teaching your dog in order to keep him safe.

A trained dog doesn’t always mean that he will be safe without your supervision. You still need to check once in a while when he is in the yard. He might have reasons why he breaks the rule you set up. That’s why obedience training is needed extensively. Do that with love and patience and your hard work will be paid off. We will share with you some different methods and trick to teach your dog. The most basic is to teach your dog without a leash. When he has mastered this training, you can notice his changed behavior to be calmer. He will be less likely to jump on people or to run away whenever he sees an opened door.

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Here are some tips how to make your dog stay in the yard

1. Teaching the dog to stay in the yard

a. Fencing the yard

The first important thing to teach your dog without using a leash is to have a fence around your yard installed. If your yard is too big to be fenced, you might want to fence certain part of your yard. Or you may consider to build a quite big dog shelter where the dog can freely roam inside. The explanation about dog shelter can be read in later part.

The fence will keep your dog safe from the outside risks. If you have aggressive dog, the fence will also keep the people safe from your dog. Not to mention the fence can keep your dog out of danger from the cars on the street, it can also keep your dog intact from the thief.

You can consider what kind of fence you will build around your yard. There are many options to choose. A traditional fence and an electrical fence are among the choices for you. Before choosing it, you have to consider the advantages and disadvantages of using that kind of fence.

For many dog owners, a traditional is a much better choice to build around your yard. This kind of type installed with visible boundaries and if there is a possibility that your dog run away from home, this type of fence won’t scare your dog to be back home. It’s different with an electrical fence, where it shocks your dog is he escapes and there is a high chance your dog is afraid to go home with the risk of being electrocuted again. Bear in mind to install the fence accordingly to your dog’s size. If you have a small size dog, build the fence lower than tall dog as he might escape from under your fence.

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b. Fun yard

Make you yard as fun as you could to entertain your dog. If he has many entertaining things do in your yard, he won’t think of escaping from your yard. Give him toys to keep him busy playing. It’s better to give him the toys that can stimulate his skills. Don’t forget to rotate the toys to prevent your dog from the boredom of playing the same toys.

c. Dog shelter

Dog shelter is a good option you can consider to place your dog. This is safer than to let your dog roam free in your yard. However, this place limits your dog’s space to wander. Your dog can be protected from the sun and the same time he can also have sun ray. If you are not sure what kind of dog shelter to build, you can browse what type you want to build or you can buy the knock down type of shelter

d. Outdoor exercise

This is a must to do activity. Don’t think that letting your dog free in your yard will keep him exercise. Being in the yard is just like letting your dog playing freely. You still need to take your dog out for a walk. Exercising is the way to tire your dog so he won’t be tempted to escape and roam around whenever he is without a leash.

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e. Playing together

Play with your dog will bond your relationship with him. This is needed to prevent your dog from running away and this kind of activity will keep the boredom away. Choose type of game that your dog likes, maybe playing hide and seek, or throwing balls. Not only it’s fun to do, it also will help your dog to exercise

f. Obedience Training (Sit and Lie Down)

Starting this kind training, you need a quiet place. This is to prevent from any distraction during the training session. To train a dog, you will need dog treats as the reward. To start the sit training, lure your dog with a treat above their head while saying ”sit”. That way he will look up and automatically their back will sit down to see the treat above. When his bottom hit the floor, say good boy or good girl and give him the treat. Repeat this method 10 times. Then you can move on to next step where you raise your hand without any treat in your hand while saying “sit”. If he does what you command, give him 3 treats. Continue train your dog with empty hand and using verbal command. Then use your hand less and only use your voice command.
Same thing to start lying down training. You raise your hand above with the treat, and when he sits, you lower your hand to the floor between his front paws. Keep his nose on the floor near the treat. If he stands up, repeat from the beginning. Do this repetition for 10 times.

2. Without Leash Training

That’s the dream of dog owners to walk side by side with their dogs without any leash. It needs a lot of practice. What you need is patience and love. Don’t worry, even the most stubborn dogs can be trained to be an obedient companion.

First thing to do before unleashing your dog is to secure a collar and connect it with a leash. It is needed for you to take control over your dog. You need to teach your dog to watch your face and eyes to focus on you. You call your dog’s name and hold a treat close to his nose. Then you say ‘watch me’ and bring the treats toward your eyes. If your dog obeys your command, give him the treat. Praise him to do so by saying ‘yes’ or ‘good boy’.

Now move on the next step. Command your dog with ‘sit’ command and reward him if he obeys your command. This obedience is needed in walking on or off leash. You are controlling your dog. Therefore, your dog needs to understand this command properly.

After he does properly, now walk forward a few steps. Encourage him to move with you. Then stop and ask him to sit again as you stop. Treats him for doing so. Repeat this action over and over until the dog sits quickly without a command when you stop.

Once you become an expert in train your dog, especially the obedience training, you will be easier in controlling your dog to stay in the yard. You can direct him with your verbal command. And it will be easier to leave your dog in the yard as he will keep staying within your yard. Don’t forget to spend time with your do and keep him entertained and busy. These activities will prevent your dog to roam outside your yard. Hopefully this article can give you insight knowledge on how to keep your dog stay in the yard.