How To Train Your Dog Using Shock Collar

Professional trainers will not easily decide to choose electronic or shock collar to train his dogs. They will choose positive reinforcement training at the beginning. However, if their goal to train the dog is hard to achieve due to some situations, they might consider using this type of tool to help them training the dogs with certain behavior.

Here we would like to give you some insight on how to train your dog using shock collar. As this type of training is not always used to all dogs, you will find this information quite useful, especially if you are a beginner.

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Before choosing to train your dog using this shock collar, you have to understand what the advantage or disadvantage that will bring to your dog. If you don’t know how to train your dog using this shock collar, the emotional damage you cause to your dog may or may not be repairable. Hence, you should think very carefully.

If you are following the guidelines using the collar, training your dog will be relatively easy. It is advised to purchase the collar with longer range as it will be helpful for you in training your dog. Don’t forget to always charge the collar for battery. It is also better if you buy the type of collar with many levels of correction provided. You can choose the level based on training level.

For initial usage, you must put the collar on your dog for few days without using the functions. The purpose of it is to make your dog get used to the collar. If you start the functions right from the start, they will understand that collar means they are shocked to be corrected. Dogs are smart animals and they can relate that using collar they have to behave. You don’t want your dog to behave only when they wear collar, right.

Once you start using the collar for training, do not let your dog know that you are holding the remote. Because if they find it out, they might be scared of you. They will think that you are dangerous. Don’t let them know. They must think that you are their ‘safe place’ so they will come to you for comfort.

Use this collar as last resort to correct certain dog behaviors. However, some people disagree to train dogs with shock collar. As it is considered as negative stimuli where positive stimulation will be the best solution. For aggressive dogs, shock collar can encourage them to become more aggressive. But it’s not applied to all aggressive dogs. Before you decide to use shock collar, better consult with an expert.

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However, if you are firm with your decision to use shock collar, let’s find out how to use this method properly so you can achieve your goal in training the dog.

1. Show what you want from your dog, before using the shock collar.

Before shocking your dog with your new method, it’s better to give them example of what you want him to do. Don’t just use the shock collar just because he doesn’t do what you want to do. You should teach them to do what you are instructing him to do. For example, if you want him to take his toy, you can point out the toy and mention the name of the toy. Keep doing it repeatedly so the dog understands and can relate the word to the toy. If you want him to bring his toy, after mentioning the toy’s name, place the toy in his mouth so he would carry it. When he does the right thing, reward him with treats or with some loving caress on his neck.

This method is better comparing if you use the collar when he doesn’t do what you want them to do. They will be confused about what he has done wrong that he got shocked. This can make them run away from the painful stings. Once they understand what you want him to do, the collar will become a tool keep your dog on track.

2. Other methods used alongside with a shock collar

Shock collar is only a tool to help you correcting a dog’s behavior. And using positive reinforcement training altogether with a shock collar will speed up the understanding for your dog that being with you is the most comfortable and the safest place he could get.

When you are training your dog to some commands, it is advisable to reward his obedience by showing your appreciations. However, if he is in his worst behavior, you can consider to use a shock collar to teach him obeying your command. This kind of method will make your dog understand that if he is doing bad, it will discomfort him.

For example, you don’t like your dog to flip over the trash can or chasing a squirrel in the park. When they do that, simply say no and take them away from the source of their bad behavior. You should keep repeating it. And if you use shock collar to emphasize your command, you can simply turn on the vibration in low mode every time your dog coming near to a trash can or starting to chase squirrel. He will understand that being near the trash can or chasing a squirrel can give them discomfort.

Always ask your dog to come to you after being shocked and never turn on the collar when he is beside you. He will think that you are his safe place and he will always feel comfortable around you.

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3. Higher shock level doesn’t mean more learning

When you start using the shock collar, start at the lowest level of stimulation. Observe your dog’s reaction when you activate it. You will know if he is feeling the vibration with their body language. Either he is moving his head, twitching his ears or any other signal.

If your dog doesn’t respond at the lowest stimulation you can adjust it to higher level slowly. Don’t adjust it to the highest level all of a sudden as it might traumatize your dog. The higher the level you stimulate your dog doesn’t mean it will make your dog to become very smart in learning many tricks. Instead, you are torturing him.

You should set the stimulation to the lowest level your dog is responding. You are training your dog, not hurting him. And whenever he is responding to you, always reward him with a praise, a hug, or a pat and saying ‘good dog’ and it will become more special with your treats. Always reward them when they show good behavior and obedience to your command.

Remember that your purpose in using shock collar to your dog is to train them. Not to hurt them. So when your goals are achieved, it is better to take off the collar. This is only needed to correct their behavior. And after reading this article, hopefully you understand better on how to train your dog using shock collar and decide which is best for your dog’s needs.

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