How to Make Your Own Duck Feed

Do you like to feed wild birds at local parks or pounds? That must be a fun activity to do, right? Then, how about feeding a duck?

Well actually, there is some debate about feeding ducks or other waterfowls. Some people say that we should not feeding the birds because it may stop their migration. On the other hand, some people say this is a myth because many waterfowls are naturally year-round residents in city parks or similar habitats, no matter if you are feeding them or not. After all, waterfowl animals can feed themselves and do not really need our help to survive. But still, we can give them additional nutritious treats to supplement their diet. 

The most common food items that we fed to waterfowl, especially ducks are mostly the least nutritious one, for example, junk food scraps, bread, chips, crackers, popcorn, or any other similar products. These type of food has no benefit to the ducks and may charm their growth, pollute their habitats, and attract other pests. 

So, what is safer and healthier food that we can offer to the duck? The answer is, the homemade one! Making our own duck feed may consume our time more, but because we know exactly what is going on behind the process and let us maintain the ingredients that we put in, homemade duck feed may be healthier than those food scraps. Here is some guidance that you can follow to make your won duck feed. Not only for those who just simply love animal and like to feed the wild duck but also to those who have it as a pet or as livestock!

How to Make Your Own Duck Feed

Ducks are omnivorous birds. They eat many different types of food. So first, we should know what exactly the type of food that is good for ducks. The best foods for them are those that have enough nutrients, minerals, and vitamins that the ducks required for them to grow, such as wheat or similar grains, oats, rice, bird seeds, cracked corn, chopped apples and grapes, nut, frozen peas or corn, vegetables like lettuce or grated carrots, and also earthworms or mealworms.

Besides those wholesome foods, you can also feed them with duck feed pellets as an easier option. You can find them at the store, or even sometimes at vending machines in city parks to help the visitors feed the ducks with a healthier treat.

Knowing what type of food that we cannot feed to the ducks is also important. Again, those bread crumbs, crackers, or any other junk food scraps are not good for the ducks’ health. Bread, for examples, can make the ducks sick because it has no nutritional ingredients that the ducks need, which lead to abnormalities to their growth development and even a shorter life spans. 

Now, let’s step up our game by:

Making our own duck feed! 

Yes, the fun is not only for your household pet like dogs or cats. You can also give some special dish for the ducks. So put on your apron, Chef! We are going to make some delicious food for your ducks and they will love it!

One of the recipes that you can try is to make this brown rice with veggies for ducks. All you need is a cup of brown rice, broccoli, carrots, two hard-boiled eggs which are still with the shells, and two tablespoons of wholemeal flour. 

To cook it, the first thing you can do is to preheat the oven to 180 degrees. Then, cook the brown rice, and while you wait for it to cook, chop the broccoli and grate the carrot. Then, smash the eggs until they are crushed well and the eggshells are chopped into very small pieces. Now, after your brown rice ready, put all the ingredients in a bowl, stir them well. Then roll the mixture into a small marble-sized, and cook them in the oven for 10 until 13 minutes. Let it cook, and then your crumbly and soft duck treats are ready!

How about you as a duck farmer? 

We know that ducks, not only cute as a pet or keep domestically, but also are one of a great option for livestock because they provide egg and meat source. And as a good owner, we should always provide and serve them with good meals to maintain their health, especially the new-born ones because they tend to be weak and sensitive. But it does mean the older duck don’t need any of your intentions. Ducks need enough nutrition so they can grow properly and do not suffer from malnutrition that may lead to serious illnesses or even impact how long their lifespan. 

The easiest homemade food that you can give to your ducks and way healthier than the commercial one is to give them with fresh greens, such as chopped vegetables, chopped hard-boiled eggs, cracked corn, and earth or mealworms. 

Those ingredients are easy to find right? Especially if you grow them by yourself in your back yard, and for plus point, you have all your ingredients in fresh condition. Making your own duck feed can be way cheaper too! You can also maintain the portion depending on your ducks’ condition and ages. 

Important notes for you, do not give too much food to your ducks because it is not healthy. Remember that quality is over quantity, after all. In general, birds, including ducks, that are feed too often can also become aggressive and may hurt you or themselves. Besides, the waste of the food, or the leftover that are not eaten may pollute their habitats or cage. The leftover may create unpleasant odors, and attract uninvited ‘friends’ like pests. Or worse, it might be the source and spread diseases to your ducks!

That is all about making your own duck feed. May it helps, and good luck!