Pouch for Sugar Glider: Why you need One

Having pet animal companion is the best feeling you could ever felt. Having a new puppy, or keeping dog as pet, or play with your beloved cat. Feel the love pour out of them to you, it’s one of the most pleasant experience of life. Furthermore, these days, there are many variant species of animals could be keep as pet, not only ordinary species of domesticated, but also undomesticated animals, such as wild animals.

Of course, the idea of keeping “wild animals” are bizarre interest even in people at large. But, hey, it doesn’t stop people for keeping exotic animals from the wildlife. I mean, as long as the animals wouldn’t eat you, I think it safe to keep them. Let take examples such as iguanas, chameleons, and turtles. Well, those animals are the most famous reptiles as pet, and quite mainstream. However, what if you keep another pet, that unusual but also would attract you with their cutie faces?

What animal did I talk about? Well, I suggested a sugar glider which is already pulled people’s attention this time. A lot of people fell in love and decided to raise this marsupial species as pet. Their unique characteristic likely become the main reason why this animal is very famous. One of the characteristic among other was the ability to fly. Wait, what? Marsupial that could fly? Yes, perhaps, sugar glider was the only marsupial that could fly.

I mean not literally fly (like birds), it is more likely similar to skydiving. Under their foots, sugar glider has a gather that connected the front and the back legs – shaped like a parachute. I believed, you ever watched it on YouTube or TV shows – and yes, it’s pretty cool. So, it must be fun experience to keep this cool animal as pet. If you decided to take care of this animal, there is a lot of preparation you should provide: food, new habitat, and also a pouch.

If you ask, what is the pouch function and why you needed one for your new pet sugar glider, the answer would be answer in this article: pouch for sugar glider: why you need one.

Pouches for Sugar Gliders

Pouch is the same thing as cat or dog little cage: a bag or container you used when you are about to bring your pet animals traveling. A place to sleep and rest while you bring your beloved animal with you, safety. Well, if most of cat’s bag was shaped as backpack, sugar glider’s pouch is different. Actually, there are two types of pouches you found: the first one is the bag which is the place for carry the sugar glider with you around, and the second one is the sleeping pouch which is the bed for sugar glider.

If you ask, which one you must have, I would totally recommend you to have one for each type of pouches. Just like I mentioned before, each pouch has different function and different purpose. But, however, I would give you some point of views, why you need both of pouches for the sake of your lovely sugar glider.

Sleeping Pouches

Okay, let’s discuss about sleeping pouches first. You need to know that sugar glider is different from other animal – they were nocturnal animals. In the wild nature, sugar gliders created a nest and sleep up on the trees. So, if you commit yourself to be this animal’s owner, you should replicate the natural environment for them, so they could feel the new cage and habitat as their home. If you have no idea what sleeping pouch look like, it’s exactly similar with people’s hammock.

Well, there is some pouch that more similar to pocket, but mostly is shaped as the hammock. Many people like to design and make the sleeping pouch by themselves, but some people chose the easiest way and purchase it on pet stores or via online. However, if you part of people who prefer to make it by yourself, then let me remind you that the nest (the pouch) should be made from non-toxic materials.

The best material for the bed is a hundred percent cotton or fleece. As alternative, you could use untreated eucalyptus for bird house, applewood, and manzanita. All you need to remember the nest must be soft and tender, to make sure that your sugar glider could rest peacefully and safely.

Bag Pouches

The bag pouches was designed just like normal bag, and carry it around with you. However, my advice, you should have at least one of this bag pouch. It’s very helpful if you want to take you pet animal on traveling or vacation with you. All you need to do is put the little creature inside the bag, and hang the bag on your shoulder, that’s it. You would never worry about the safety of your beloved one anymore.

Moreover, not only for the safety place on vacation, bag pouched surprisingly could be the medium for both, sugar glider and you to bond your relationship. How is that so? To make an healthy connection between the two of you, you have to make your animal familiarize with you. For young gilder, you need to handle them about thirty minutes a day – for several times. If you adopted an adult, you must multiply the frequency.

Just like majority of animals, sugar glider would familiarize things by their sights, sounds, and smells, so are you. When your present near them frequently, every single day, your sugar glider soon or later would remember your smell, your shape, and sound; at the end, they would “mark” you as a friend. The pouch was represented of warm, comfort, and peace emotions.

So, the more you carry your beloved pet inside the bag pouch – close to your senses – he or her would recognize you as the safe place; and of course there would be progress in the relationship itself. Basically, this is why you need both of the pouches, without exception. However, this is the end of our article pouch for sugar glider: why you need one, I hope you enjoy it!