3 Ways to Indicate the Abnormal Cases of Newborn Baby Duck

Newborn baby, of course, need to get more attention. You also need to give extra attention if the new baby duck is born not with his mother. Maintaining something will surely require you to take care of them. Feeding, ensuring it is healthy, and providing anything that supports its growth and development will be your obligation if you have decided to keep an animal.

Caring for a newborn baby duck is not an easy thing. This is clearly difficult especially for beginner both beginner in caring for duck and beginner in breeding duck for the poultry industry. The newborn duck can intelligently find the figure of his mother. The figure of the mother here might be maybe not the real mother, but the figure she considered to be mother. After finding the figure then the baby duck will follow wherever the ‘mother’ goes.

In addition, the condition of a newborn baby duck is also susceptible to disease. The immune system that is still not perfect in the duck’s body will make it easier for some diseases to attack them. Through this fact, it can be seen that vaccination in ducks is important. All types of ducks get the same health insurance.

Talking about disease, even though it hatches from the eggs of a newborn baby duck also has the chance not to grow as it should. Poor incubation period or wrong incubation method may be the trigger why until a newborn baby duck can grow imperfectly.

We might be able to detect the size of their egg that is different from the size of the other egg. However, the size of different eggs doesn’t always indicate poor growth. The growth of a newborn baby duck may be inevitable from the start, but we can treat it as soon as they hatch to suppress more ‘damage’. Some indications will occur if ‘damage’ or ‘something abnormal’ occurs.

Here is a way to identify things that are abnormal in a newborn baby duck.

  • Observing

Observing is the easiest way to identify abnormalities in the newborn baby duck. Apart from not needing a lot of equipment, this technique is claimed to be faster and easier to find problem with the newborn baby duck. Only by using vision, it will be very easy to find what is not supposed to be in the newborn baby duck. Usually, this method uses a comparison that will be the normal standard for the other. The Observer will usually watch the newborn baby duck and compare it to another baby duck newborn. If deviation is found, then surely the baby duck has abnormality. This method might be the easiest, most practical, and perhaps the most efficient. But the downside of this method is that will only detect something on the surface. In other words, this method only sees abnormalities that appear on the surface of the newborn baby’s body. This method doesn’t guarantee something in below the surface. If you are a farmer, maybe this method will save your time, but it is not effective enough to ensure the search for points of trouble that may exist below the surface.

  • Touching

Touching is a higher way than just observing. Touching means you are also combing newborn baby duck body part using your sense of touch. The more point when you use this method is that you can find abnormal things that your vision doesn’t catch. You can feel all the part of the newborn baby duck to make sure there are no irregularities in their body. The result of touching can usually find bump, hollow, or even fracture in the newborn baby duck. These palpable things are usually related to their bones, skin or fur. The negative thing caused by this method is the highly spread of two-way germs from human to duck or from duck to human. Using latex glove will help you suppres the spread of germs that may occur during the touching process.

  • Medical check-up

This is the highest level of effectiveness to identify abnormality of newborn baby duck. Medical check-up in addition to using medical device that can detect the slightest abnormality in a newborn baby’s body, this method can also simultaneously eliminate the abnormality. Abnormalities that can still be eliminated or can be improved should be completed as soon as possible. Although there are abnormalities that cannot be eliminated or repaired, medical check-ups should be able to suppress the possibility of the abnormality becoming more widespread. Using this method, the thing you need to do is of course to find affordable and quality vet and consult to help you deal with abnormalities in your newborn baby duck.

Being born abnormal is not the individual’s fault. Being born abnormal is also something that can’t be predicted or prevented before. If they can choose, no one individual wants to have an abnormality in him. All individuals certainly want to be born normal just like the others. The thing we need to do is take care of them wholeheartedly properly and correctly.

We need to be patient in ensuring everything. Observing to find a thing takes time until it can prove the existence of abnormalities in the baby newborn duck. Rather than looking for mistakes, it would be better if something abnormal was overcome by the existing method.

Human are not God that can cure all diseases. If house handling isn’t able to solve your problem, it is better for the newborn baby duck to be immediately taken to the veterinary clinic to be treated properly. Not all veterinary clinics can deal with your baby duck’s abnormalities, but at least they don’t add to the greater risk.