These 3 Things You Feed to Ducks are Big NO NO

Anytime I heard the words duck, my mind would always portrait the Disney huge iconic figure Donal Duck. Maybe it’s just me, but maybe is not. Yes, duck was classified as poultry species which mostly breed as a stock animal. Ducks are raise for meats and egg production – both of it was amazing. But, some people do raise ducks as pet in their property. It could be understood by the way, who would not melt and touch by duck’s cure appearance? Every one does!

But, as the same as other animals, raising animal is not an easy issue. You need to monitor every single thing that has the connection with your animal. From the cage (the place for sleep), foods and water, medication, and other things. It is a big responsibility for everyone who decided to raise animals, included ducks. As the majority of people raise duck as livestock, the treatment you should give to your ducks must be monitor, especially everything that enter the body.

Make sure you finding the right feeds, and the nutritional values is complete, are the things that should be stuck in your head. The bad quality of foods would only cause many problems, mostly healthy issues. However, if you are a farmer, you should – at least – understood these 7 common illness of ducks and how to handle it. There are healthy and good list of foods which would be a perfect diet menu for animals, and some extra nutrition supplement to boost the body needed.

But, there are also some dangerous food you cannot give to the animal no matter what happen, because those foods would only bring suffer for the animals, so do the ducks. There are some good and healthy diet menus and there are some foods, you cannot – no matter what – give to your ducks. Perhaps – considering your lack of information which is very normal – you did give these foods to your ducks that is now turned out as dangerous meal and could harm your duck. After read this article, I do hope all of you won’t ever give any foods in the lists to your duck anymore.

Considering that if your ducks eat unhealthy diet menus, it also effects the duck’s production. Became a big snowball which keep rolling, in the end this mistake could cost humankind also (because we eat those delicious products). That is why, today we are going to learn about these 3 things you feed to ducks are big NO NO!

1. Bread

Taken the number one of this list of these 3 things you feed to ducks are big NO NO is bread. You could see many people feed the birds and their ducks with the bread, spread around the bread flakes and all those birds come around like bees to its nest. You think your actions is right because the numbers of those birds and ducks which come to you. Yes, they like the taste, but it is safe for their digestion?

Up to three forbidden foods you couldn’t give to the duck, bread is the most terrible idea; the most fatal reason is because so many people who blindly give it to ducks without any consideration or take a time to look out do this food is fit with duck’s digestion systems, just because the “soft” and “harmless” out look of bread. Furthermore, Here’s the reason why bread turn out as a dangerous meal for the ducks.

Unpleasant for the Gut

Duck has diversity of natural diet menus that mostly was lives species. One of the example is Mallards duck’s species often eat insects and plants, crustaceans, worms, and snails as the mixture of their diet menus. From those living creatures duck supply of nutrition and calories is filled. But, apparently bread only offer the number of calories with no balance of nutrient compare to other living substances.

A study from U.K told that the bread – particularly the white – contained zero nutrient value. The good taste of bread might be ensnare ducks or birds choose it rather than another types of foods which contained many of benefits substances on it. Why is dangerous? Apparently, body’s malnutrition would appear and effect bodies of the animals (birds and ducks), caused the malfunction of wings (especially on birds).

The Leftovers

Remember that there must be amount of moldy leftover on the land. If, your duck accidentally eat those leftover, and those leftover already molded, potentially in would be fatal. Molded leftover of bread could trigger specific disease in ducks, such of the example of lung diseases. These would not only cause malnutrition problems, but also bring death upon your ducks.

2. Iceberg Lettuce

Do not ever try give iceberg lettuce to your duck. Not just lack of nutrient, apparently this food would cause diarrhea to your ducks. However, the ducks are already loose stools by the amount of water they drink at the beginning. So, giving ice lettuce would only upset their gut. Just give your ducks natural fresh greens such as cabbage, kale, and collards, which would fulfill the need of nutrition. But, if you still want to give your duck iceberg lettuce, give them a little bit amount of it. Their body could still tolerate a little amount which enter the body.

3. Citrus Fruit

Apply the things that ordinarily would be eaten by people to animals was a big mistake. Even though they might like it, doesn’t mean their digestion would tolerate it. One of the example is the idea to give citrus fruit to your duck. Let your duck it citrus fruit would affect duck’s body, also the egg of your duck. Citrus had substances which could interrupt the ability of absorbing calcium in duck’s body and the result is created the thin shelled eggs.

I absolutely sure this is not what you want it, especially if you are a farmer; this would decrease the quality of duck’s eggs production, and you might loss some costumers. Uppss… That would be a very unpleasant thing to experience.