4 Vitamins to Make Cat Hair Grow Faster and Healthier


After the englightenment day where writer finally find the truth about cat and deeper knowledge about cat. Having a cat is not about feeding, clearing litter box, and petting, but it is more than that. It requires passion and dedication to take care and love a cat. Imagine a cat as your lover and that is how to assure a cat happy and healthy. Because writer only has a domestic cat named Memeng no wonder writer has lack of information about cat. Now everything is different, writer know everything about cat especially special breed cat such as Angora and persian. These kind of cat must have special treatments and high quality food to assure that they will be happy and has a very beautiful coat.

Sometimes there are couple of writer’s friend who is also fellow cat lover asked about “are there any reasons why we should take care of cat like that?. ” or “are there any trick to assure the fur does not shed and it could grow a thick soft fur?.” Well this questions actually already being answered by the fact this special cat requires a special treatments and high quality foods compared to domestic cat. So don’t use the same treatment for your domestic cat to special breed cat. It would be all wrong.

Cat skin or cat coat is a key to know that whether your cat is healthy or not. As a happy and healthy cat surely would have shiny, soft, smooth, and thick fur. Oh you can imagine the sensation of petting the soft fur, incredible!. Getting a soft, shiny, beauty, fur is not a piece of cake. It requires dedication and passion. Also some cat might have trouble growing back their hair as hair growth is also affected by gene. So this time animallova would like to give you information especially for your cat who has a slow hair growth proccess, The 4 Vitamins to Make Cat Hair Grow Faster and Healthier. Check it out!.

Why Vitamins?

“Any of a group of organic compounds which are essential for normal growth and nutrition and are required in small quantities in the diet because they cannot be synthesized by the body.” -Oxford Dictionaries- Vitamins are very important for your cat growth and health as it would help to protect your cat from any diseases and even it could regenerate your cat’s tissue including her hair growth. These vitamins could not be produced solely by your cat’s body system which is why giving a suitable amount of vitamins is mandatory for you a cat lovers. If you want her to stay healthy and to make her hair grow faster then surely you must give them the proper vitamins.

Which Vitamins?

There are 4 vitamins that is needed for your cat in order to keep her healthy and able to grow her hair quickly. These vitamins mostly could be found on her food especially if you give them ready-to-eat food such as Whaskis or even in a home made food or edible food for humans. The vitamins are :

  • B Complex Vitamin

If you ever had watched Deadpool, surely you know that Deadpool is able to regenerate his lost body parts and able to heal himself from any harm such as physical damage and any diseases. This ability however, is avalaible for human and other living creatures such as cat, although the ability is not powerful such as Deadpool but the regeneration provided is enough to heal us from a reasonable physical injury such as broken bones.

The B Complex Vitamin is vitamin that provide regeneration on cat’s tissue and will repair any damaged tissue of your cat. The B Complex Vitamin not only provide a healing regeneration towards your cat but also would able to fasten up hair’s growth. So if you want to fasten up your cat’s hair growth. Make sure that your cat has a proper portion of B Complex Vitamin. Also you could give this vitamin through many sources such as cat food, salmon fish, sardine, or even supplement.

  • Vitamin A

The Vitamin A would provide a better vision of your cat and help up any biological process in your cat including fasten up the hair growth. The better vision of your cat surely would make her more happy as she will able to see things more clearly, also if she love to hunt then it would make an easy hunt for her as she will able to identify her prey faster. Not only that, the Vitamin A would provide a faster hair growth and make them shiny thus a beautiful fur to pet to. You could give Vitamin A through cat food and edible food for human such as sardine and salmon fish.

  • Vitamin E

This is the key vitamins to assure your cat would have a pretty and healthy fur whereas other vitamins fasten up the growth but Vitamin E would protect the fur later on, make them last longer, make them shiny, make them soft always, and keep them from shedding. In other words, Vitamin E is the Guardian of Your Cat’s Fur. However, to recruit this guardian is no an easy task as most of foods that contain Vitamin E are vegetables such as spinach which cat mostly does not want to eat it, but don’t worry you still could trick your cat into eating it by mashing the vegetables with other food such as a homemade cat food or you could buy chicken or beef’s heart for your cat.

  • Vitamin C

The Vitamin C also act as guardian and not only that, it also acts as growing agent for your cat’s fur. The different with Vitamin E is the Vitamin C act like a maintanance man, as Vitamin C will fix any problems your cat’s fur has such as fur shedding and make sure such problems will never occurs again. Not only that, the vitamin would help your cat to grow her fur faster and thicker. Well giving vitamin C is quite tricky just like vitamin E but still you could trick your cat into eating it by making a mashed homemade cat food.

However if you want to put a little effort to give them vitamins, then it is recommended for you to give a high quality food for your cat as most of the foods already contains a required vitamins for your cat.

In the end, helping your cat to grow her hair faster and make them healthy is not an easy task. It requires learning, dedication, and passion. But it is for our cat’s good, then why not?. We are cat lover!. Good luck!.

*Meow away