Home Remedies to Treat Cat Wounds


A long way back before writer has Memeng, writer has another kitten back then, in truth it was Memeng’s brother. A cute adorable kitten that has yellowish, blackish, pattern on his body. Even though she’s domestic, writer guarantee you that no one could resist her cuteness. She was so adorable, writer hug her everyday and everytime writer got home writer always played with her. It is indeed a very adoring moment. Especially when writer saw Memeng joyfully playing with her brother.

But, it was a brief moment. Until a unknown disease took her from writer. It was really unbearable back then. Writer did not understand why?. What caused her to be suffered like this?. She just hid inside a pot everyday lying in there, waiting to something writer did not understand but might be it’s simply because writer was afraid of something. She hid in the pot for almost 3 days. Doing nothing inside the pot. Writer forced her to get out, forced to feed her, but she just does not have any energy to even eat something. She become so lethargic and hiding inside the pot the whole day.

One day, what writer feared the most came. Death has came to take it’s toll. Writer did want to acknowledge that Memeng’s brother’s sick, writer simply ignored it and pretend she just not in the mood. Alas, death come to Memeng’s brother. Took her life and not only that, Memeng feel sad about it. You know, Memeng love to play with her brother everyday and now she is just gone. Memeng knew she lost her best friend and brother. The thing writer regret is writer did know what caused the death earlier. However writer find it, it was a hidden tiny scar in her body. Writer thought it’s just a simple lump but it was more and writer regret it ever since.

Since that, writer read many articles about treating wounds and home remedies for cat. All of that studies is to serve one purpose, to assure such tragedy will never happen again. Not only to writer but also to you, a fellow cat lovers. Which is why on this article animallova would like to give you a tips on Home Remedies to Treat Cat Wounds

There are many wounds, disease, problems that could be solved with home remedies, rather than bring it to a vet, home remedies is better because it help you to bond more with your cat. However, if serious wounds occurred we just simply recommend you to give first aid help and bring her to the vet to prevent further infection.


Have you ever saw that your cat scratching her body parts every second?. Friend of writer occured such things in her cat. Her cat could not stop scratching and scratching. It even make her lethargic and lost appetites because she spend the rest of the day scratching herself.

Itchiness in cat could be cause by many factors such as fleas or irritation. However taking care of it, it’s quite easy but remember you need to put dedication on it as you need to do this regularly. If you are having a special breed cat such as Anggora or Persian then you are lucky this solution would be quite easy to you because most of those cats are easier to bathe. Just simply buy a cat shampoo that contains aloe vera in it and use it to bathe your cat.

However the problem would be if your cat especially domestic cat, is afraid of water. Memeng for example, when writer hug her nearby the bathroom, she already know that i take her into bathroom. She starts her whining and using all of her power to get out from my arms. She is so afraid of taking a bath. If this problem occurred, don’t worry you still able to take care of the fleas. You just need to buy an aloe vera , break it into piece, and drop it juice into itchy area. Simple right?.

Cuts, Scrapes, Abrations

Well if you are having a hyper-active cat who love to jump and run in your house especially when hunting her prey. There are greater chance of her getting a wound such as cuts, scrapes, and abrations. This wound happened might be because your cat runs into something sharpy or just sharp. However treating this wound would be easy you just need to prepare :

  • A pint of water
  • 1/2 teaspoon of salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon of calendula tincture

Then mix them together and rub it into the wounds everyday. We recommend you to give it twice a day.

Bites and Scratches

REMEMBER, if the bites and scratches are very serious and caused unstoppable bleeding then it is a must for you to bring your cat to a vet. If not, your cat might suffer from further infections that could harm her life!.

Home remedies for bites and scratches is recommended for a small wound only.

First, you need to prepare the ingredients of the medicine :

  • A pint of water
  • 1/2 teaspoon of salt
  • 1 teaspoon of echinecia/goldenseal tincture
  • Hydrogen peroxide

Then put a gloves in your hands to proceed the remedies. After that clean up her wound using hydrogen peroxide, but don’t use it to much as it could damage her tissue. Then after clean it up, mix up water, salt, and echinecia/goldenseal ticnture, soak them to the wounds. Do this regularly and make sure to keep the wound clean.

The last thing you must do in home remedies is to make sure that you have given the right nutritions and vitamins for your cat in order to speed up the healing proccess. The best food you can give to your cat is a homemade food that contain enough vitamins such as B Complex and Vitamin K. These vitamins could be contained from a salmon fish and brocolli. Try to mashed them up and give it to your cat until the wound is fully healed.

Ah healing our lovely cat surely bring her joy and happiness back and bring smile to our heart. Don’t let her suffer as you might regret it later on. Good luck!.

*Meow away