How to Prevent Liver Damage In Dogs


If you have a dog then surely you want her to be healthy always and be happy right?. Dog owner surely treats dog as a friend and otherwise dog treats owner as a friend too. You guys like a very close friend. But what if your friend suddenly has change of habit and suddenly showing symptoms that could make you worry that your best friend has fell ill especially fell ill to liver disease. Yes, liver disease, not only human could fell to such ill but our dog also does which is why we must be aware and vigilance. If such tragedy occurred then you must bring your friend to a vet. However we recommend you to prevent your dog to have such disease, as prevention is better than treatment right?.  This is How to Prevent Liver Damage in Dogs.

Identifying The Symptoms

On How to Prevent Liver Damage in Dogs, well firstly we must tell you what are the symptoms of liver damage that could sickening our dog. It is important to make sure we become more vigilance than before and to make sure our dog does not have such disease.  There are many symptoms that we must be aware of and might lead to symptoms that related to liver disease, such as diarrhea, lethargy, vomiting, lost appetite, and even the yellowing. These symptoms however are easy to spot so you better check your dog now.

  • Firstly, a diarrhea, diarrhea is a disease where your dog’s feces turned into a liquid form. If your dog have such symptoms then you must be aware it could be just a diarhea or even worse a liver damage.
  • Secondly, a lethargy, lethargy is a symptoms where your dog loses energy and enthusiasm. You should be aware if your dog suddenly too lazy to play with you, as we know dog is an active animal who love to play with her owner not like cat. So you must be find out why your dog having a lethargy sympstoms?. Is it just because she is hungry? Not in the mood? Or even liver damage?.
  • Thirdly, vomiting, if you see your dog vomiting it could be a lot of factors. It could be your dog just swallowed something then she needs to vomit. Also she might be got poisoned. Even worse, a liver damage. However if your dog vomiting then firstly the action we must take is you must remember what food did you give to your dog?.
  • Fourthly, lost appetite, a liver damage could cause lost appetite not only this occurred on human but also on dog. If you find out your dog suddenly lost her appetite then she might have a live damage.
  • Lastly, The Yellowing. The Yellowing is a symptoms that always happened in a liver damage along with other symptoms. This is the final sentence if your dog has a liver damage. If you find out yellowing we are sorry that we must said this “Your dog has a liver damage”.  As Yellowing turns dog’s eye, tongue, and abdomen into yellow. The worse is your dog might have a seizure.  This is the last symptoms that you must know and understand that your dog has a liver damage. Quickly grab your dog and bring her to a vet!.

How to Prevent Liver Damage in Dogs

Well after you read our explanation on the symptoms of liver damage in dogs, then you surely don’t want your dog to have such terrible disease right?. She is your friend and it will breaking our heart to see our dog have such disease and oh your poor dog. The best treatment for your dog is prevention. You must prevent liver damage happening in your dog. As we know prevention is better than treatment right?. It’s easy surely to prevent a liver damage in dogs. We just simply give her the best foods avalaible to support your dog’s liver and give her an exercise. Quite easy and better than bringing your dog to a vet right?.

Food to Support Your Dog’s Liver

  • Sprout

A sprout such as clover, radish, and alfalfa are surely one of the best foods that you can give to your dog in order to prevent a liver damage. However, your dog might reluctantly eat it as some of dogs prefer to be a carnivore right?. Well you could easily “trick” your dog into eating it by powdering the sprout  into your regular dog’s food.

  • Lemon and Apple Cider Vinegar

Well this one just like a strout, a little bit hard to be given to your dog. However you still could “trick” your dog on drinking it. Just simply drop a few drops into your dog’s drinking bowl.

  • Vegetables

Spinach, broccoli rabe, celery or asparagus are vegetables that could help you to prevent a liver damage in your dog. However you still need to trick your dog into eating it. You could use a butter and mashed the vegetables into your regular dog’s food.

  • Liver

Well it’s quite funny is it not?. In order to prevent liver damage in your dog you could also feed your dog with chicken or beef liver. Liver for a liver seems a fair trade right?

  • Dairy Food

Yogurt, sour cream, butter and cream are foods that you could give to your dog.  It easy to give such foods to your dog because your dog love licking them very much. However, please remember just give enough food to your dog. Don’t be excessive or even lacking. Just a balanced portion for your dog.

  • Exercise

Well in order to prevent liver damage in your dog, you could also excercising your dog. As we know dog is a very active animal or even hyperactive animal. Just simply walk your dog around the neighbourhood by enjoying the evening. Walking your dog it’s an easy exercise and you know dog love to walk with her owner so not only you make her healthy but also you make her happy. Just remember walk your dog into safety and fresh environment, don’t walk your dog into a heavily polluted area which could cause another trouble for your dog’s health such as lungs damage. Just simply walk your dog around the neighbourhood.

A Healthy Dog = A Happy Dog

Well you know how to prevent your dog from liver damage. Remember prevention it’s better than treatment. As our dog would be healthy always and happy. A healthy dog is a happy dog which is a happy friend. As a dog owner we want to our friend be healthy always right?. It would be painful to see our dog got a liver damage. So why letting your dog fell ill when you can prevent it?. Prevention is better than treatment guys!.

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