Easy Tips For Handling Previously Aggressive Abused Dogs


We’ve known that dog could be traumatized just like us. Trauma was caused by abusement that can be done by some particular event, animals even person. After become traumatized, She will feel stressed and feel excruciating pain because of the trauma. The trauma could destroy the dog’s body, emotion, even psychologically. Which is why some of dogs who have been traumatized could become so much aggressive thus become a feral dog even though she was a cute lovely dog before. How scary what can trauma do to dogs, turning them from cute caring animal into a vicious feral crazy animal.

If your dog has been abused thus traumatized then you must be careful, your dog might be suffered from it and become so aggressive towards anyone even you, her friend and owner. She might bite your hand off and bark aggressively for you. No matter how happy she was to you and how caring you were to her.

If such thing occurs then you must act quickly. Don’t let your dog lost herself. Don’t let her become feral. Help her to regain her old self back. Help her to become the lovely cute dog you used to know. This would be a difficult task but so worthy to do.

What Makes Your Dog Become so Aggresive?

A dog who suddenly become aggressive and attack anyone on sight has surely been abused before, obviously by a person. This person surely has done something awful to your dog. She/he might been hit your dog, harass her, or even do something worse. Your dog knew that who have been abused her is a person, thus she generalize everyone as something scary even you her own friend and owner.

She afraid that you might do something just like the person who abused her. Which is why she suddenly become so aggresive towards you. She even might bite you and bark aggressive to you. It is surely painful and disheartening to watch your cute lovely dog turns into something so vicious. Hence, we want to tell you the easy simple tips for handling previously aggressive abused dog.

What should I do then?

  • Have you try to tend her wounds?

A dog who has been traumatized oftenly has scars or injuries around her body. This injuries causes pain and stress towards the dog. This pain and stress could attract aggression in your dog. As she channels out her pain and suffering towards anger. She wants to cure the scars but she is just a dog who always needs your help. So the first thing you must do in order to compress your dog aggression is to identify her wounds and treat it as soon as possible try to treat it by your ownself or bring her to your favorite vet. If you are lucky enough, your dog would immediately lose her temper because the pain is gone and she could be happy with you again.

  • Bring Her to Your Favorite Vet

If you already treated her wounds and it’s been healed but your dog still suffers from aggression then it is the time you must consultate with your favorite vet. Bringing your dog to the vet is the best solution for your dog to receive the best medicine and treatment avalaible for her. Your vet might recommend your dog to consume particular medicine to calm her down or even take her to some kind therapy session.

Don’t forget to obey your vet, make sure your dog takes her medicine regularly, and take her to theraphy session frequently. This is surely the best solution to cure your dog. However be wary though, your dog might not always been cured by bringin her to the vet.

  • Make Her Trust You Again

If bringing her to vet fail to cure her aggression then it is all up to you to restore her own self back like it was before.  Restoring her trust it is quite difficult and a long run thing to do.

First thing you must know, tell her that your dog can trust you. Try to give your dog’s favorite food directly. Approach her slowly tell her “Bud you don’t need to be afraid of me, i am your friend, i am not like the others, here your favorite food.” (remember dog actually can understand us).  Do this slowly until she approach you. It might take sometime as she oftenly waiting for you to go away then approaches the food, however simply just be patient until she approaches the food while you waiting around her.

Secondly, if she already brave enough to eat her favorite food in front of you then it is the right time to pat her out. Remember do not pat her while she is not eating, pat her while she is eating in order to avoid the chance she might bite your hands off. Repeat this until she become comfortable around you again.

Finally, if she regain your trust again, remember to always comfort her around and everyday. She will surely become comfortable around you again. Just make sure you don’t do thing that would make her become traumatized again such as hit her, or yell at her, if you do this then every effort you have done would be total failure and you must start from the beginning again. Please note this dog is a very fragile emotional creature.

  • Bring Her Smile Back

If you are successfully bring her back then she would become the happiest dog in your world and will treat you not only as her friend but also as her savior. She will become happy everytime she sees you. Bark and wagging her tail happily you. Even she will always ask you to play with her everyday. In the end she will love you more than you love yourself as we know dog is an animal who has been proven by history to love her owner as best as she can. So don’t give up to bring her smile back!.

*Barks away