5 Must Know Symptoms That Your Rabbit is Depressed

Rabbit is an energetic and sociable creature. Happy rabbit may do the happy trick do binky trick to show how happy they are, or just lay down in a relaxed stance. To keep your rabbit keep happy is by keeping them company and play with them.

Rabbit also feel lonely and might try to gain your attention by doing destructive behavior should you neglect it. While lonely and neglected rabbit might do the destructive behavior, another possibility might lead advance to become withdrawal behavior which one of the symptoms of a depressed rabbit.

Depressed rabbit usually produces a substance called Catecholamine. Should the rabbit produce catecholamine for a long time period around more than 24 hours, the rabbit will suffer a decline in its health. This will make the rabbit have lack of appetite and also lead to sudden death. Don’t let your rabbit feel lonely to keep them from being depressed.

Can Rabbit suffer depression? Is depression really dangerous for rabbit? Is depression mean rabbit in critical condition? Like others mammals, Rabbit can get depressed. It said that rabbit depression is a form of psychiatric disorder. A rabbit that afflicted with depression is said to be lost interest in anything and blame itself for everything that happens.

Symptoms of Depressed Rabbit

1. Seclude at Themselves and Refuse Any Call

A quite evident behavior of depressed rabbit is secluding himself at the corner or beneath a chair unenergetically. They show a refusal to come out in their seclusion. Even if you force him to get out, the rabbit might try to come back or find another place to become the place for their rabbit seclusion.

2. Have Lack of Appetite

While the depressed rabbit shows no symptom of sickness. The depressed rabbit shows a considerable low of appetite. Depressed rabbit will ignore to eat its meal or just nibble a few meals then ignore the rest.

3. Not Motivated and Seems Sleepy

The depressed rabbit will appear dejected, not motivated and unmoving while always seem sleepy because their eyes seem nearly closed.

4. Insomnia

While the rabbit seems sleepy as their eyes most of the time, Depressed rabbit suffer insomnia which detrimental for its health because they will be constantly fatigued because of lack of rest

5. Not Affected by Any Sound Stimulant

Rabbit supposed be jumpy toward any sound stimulant and be curious about it. Depressed rabbit will show ignorant behavior as they don’t even care toward any sound stimulant.

The Cause of  Rabbit get Depression?

1. Seasonal Depression

Every Animal, including rabbit, are affected by the change of seasons. Fortunately, the rabbit that afflicted in seasonal depression is not suffering any grave condition. The cause of this seasonal depression for rabbit is because of the lack of like. Rabbit, as a mammal, need light to remain active and the lack of light on the season (Usually the winter season) makes them sleep all long during the season.

The expert said that rabbit as a mammal requires quite much of light, lack of light can cause lack of motivation. Expert state that the amount of light provided during the duration of the winter season is around 600 to 1000 lux while during duration Spring and Summer season provide around 5000 to 10000 lux.

The amount of light that we’re open to for the duration of the winter season is between 600 and 1000 lux, while this is between 5000 and 100000 lux for the duration of the Spring & Summer season. Our brain required more amount of light. This is the reason behind us getting when downpours last for over a couple of days. It’s the same with bunnies.

2. Shortage of Toys

Lack of toys can lead to boredom for rabbit lest they become depressed. Rabbit need companion to stave away the boredom or simply play with them and provide them with toys for them to play.

3. Locked in Small and Closed Enclosure

A Rabbit that put in the small and closed enclosure for quite of a long time, or gets neglected will be likely to be sad, dejected and become depressed.

A change of cage, shelter or encloser can cause an enormous fright and trauma for the pet. Any interesting toy will not be quite effective to relief the fright and trauma of the rabbit that finds itself in a new and fresh environment.

4. Abuse Trauma

Avoid hitting your rabbit, avoid yelling at your rabbit, even should your rabbit bites you and you accidentally react to it. Those actions demonstrate that the rabbit is not feel loved by you and feel itself is unwanted in this situation.

Avoid hitting your pet, and avoid yelling at him always, even in the event of them biting everything about. This is able to demonstrate to them that they aren’t being loved, and they are able to feel unwanted in such state of affairs.

3. Being Sick

Depression also can become an indication that your rabbit is sick. A sick rabbit will retreat to his secure and safe space and stay around its space until its pain gone (which it’s likely not going to happen when the rabbit gets severely sick).

The rabbit will hardly make any noise of experiencing pain due to sickness. They will suck it up and avoid any contact with its owner and their other companion. Get more detail of rabbit sickness by reading this article

How to Avoid and Cure Depressed Rabbit

To avoid your rabbit become depressed, you must really take care and give lots of love to your rabbit. Find times to spend time with them, even if you have provided them with some companion. You can also try being bonded with your rabbit by massaging them as they very much love it. You can read more of the detail here 

Should your rabbit already become depressed, you must be patient when approaching your poor rabbit. Make sure rabbit is not afflicted with any sickness. Read this article should you need homemade remedies to cure your rabbit .

Your rabbit also might just get a seasonal depression due season, while its only temporary but always give care to your rabbit. You never know that it might lead to depression due neglection.

Keep love them and take care of them and keep trying to be bonded with him and regain their trust in you. Consult your veterinarian for more detail on how to cure depressed rabbit to get an expert advice.