7 Simple Home Remedies To Treat A Sick Hamster

The simple home remedies to treat a sick hamster are the best choice to treat a hamster. Below of these following are the 7 simple home remedies to treat a sick hamster that you can do in your home. It is a simple and easiest way for you who is a beginner hamster owner. Let’s check these out.

1. Common symptoms

As the good owner of your hamster you should check, what are the common symptoms that your hamster is sick. However,  if there is nothing serious, you can treat them with several home remedies to treat a sick hamster. This way is safer than consume antibiotic as always. Simple home remedies are from the natural ingredients that always easy to find in your home.  It is quite cheap and easy to make. Some home remedies that always use to treat a sick hamster are fresh vegetables,  fruit tree branches,  honey,  milk, vinegar, and others.

2. The best treatment for a sick hamster

Why are the home remedies are the best treatment for a sick hamster? Home remedies are natural things, at wildlife, it is very rare to find the hamster that sick. What is the reason? They eat various plants and small insects to survive. These natural things help them to fulfill the nutrition that their body needed. In the wildlife, hamsters always do bathing. Their do this bathing with rolling their body to sand. This habit is always hamsters do for the clean of their self-body. Sand is used to removing the dirt and oils which stick in their body. To know more about bathing the hamsters, you can read it on how to bath your hamster properly. These ways help you how to make your hamster body keep clean and healthy.

3. It is sneezing

Check your hamster’s nose. However, if your hamster has a nose runny, he always panting and sitting in bent position then it is sneezing. These common symptoms are the influenza disease of a hamster. So, what should do? Several home remedies can recovery your hamster from influenza, you can use such as honey, warm milk, then soft and tasty food. The first method, please mix one teaspoon of honey and mix it with a water. Give this honey water to your hamster. It will help your hamster to increase his appetite. The last method, you can use milk for pets that usually sell at the pet shop. Mix the milk powder with warm water and give it to your hamster. It will help your hamster to recover his health. Otherwise, you can feed them with tasty food, such as egg boiled. As his good owner, you should treat him as well as possible.

4. Your hamster has diarrhea

There are two factors hamster can have diarrhea, the first factor is stress and the second is the food that consumed by your hamster is not balanced. Usually, the symptoms of a hamster with diarrhea are seen with a wet tail. If your hamster has this common sign, immediately bring your hamster to the vet. Otherwise, if the diarrhea is not too serious, you can use isotonic fluid. Give this liquid to your hamster, it will restore the body fluids of your hamster. Second is honey, this is to increase the appetite of the hamster. Your hamster will eat more and more. Finally, give a balanced diet, such as healthy and fresh food so that your hamster can recover quickly. Hamster cages also need to be clean as well. The dirty hamster cage can also be the reason why your hamster has diarrhea.

5. Lots of mites

Mites are a parasite that can harm hamsters. This skin mite is very small and it is almost invisible. This mite can be transmitted to all hamster colonies. Common symptoms that seen are hamsters often scratching their body or ears. If the hamster often scratches the body and ears, the hamster will lose the fur. However, there are some simple steps to treat mites with simple home remedies. Please, prepare for each one tablespoon of Listerine and witch hazel. Mix the two in a small bowl and add two cups of boiled water, then leave it to cool. After it is cold, you can transfer directly to the spray bottle. How to treat; spray the liquid on your hands and rub it into the body and face of the hamster, avoiding the eyes of the hamster. Repeat this treatment for four days or until there are no signs of mites. Notice this, you should clean the cage, and other hamster equipment with this liquid so that no more mites.

6. Respiratory disorder

Why can a hamster have respiratory disorders? There are two answers. Your hamster has allergies, and it is because of the smell of ammonia from his hamster’s cage. To treat respiratory disorders against the smell of ammonia from a dirty cage. You only have to do clean your hamster’s cage properly. After the hamster cage is clean, if your hamster is not calm enough, you can burn aromatherapy scented like lavender to calming your hamster and make them relax. Otherwise, if your hamster is allergic. You should do this; Please change your hamster bedding with paper or tissue. Make this DIY hamster bedding with your self. If this allergic is still going on, bring him and immediately go to your vet.

7. Diabetes

The last of simple home remedies to treat a sick hamster. Hamsters can have several dangerous diseases such as diabetes, stroke, and tumors. Some cases of this type of disease, if the hamster is already in a critical condition, home remedies will not be able to fully treat it. They must be immediately handled by a veterinarian. However, if your hamster has diabetes and has just shown some common symptoms such as hair loss on the hands and belly, he will pee and sleep more than usual. For these initial symptoms, you can give your hamster a sugar-free diet. Add high protein foods like soybeans. Please to provide clean and fresh water as well. Don’t do this, it is prohibited to give him a variety of packaged foods from the factory because this contains high sugar. Otherwise, you can put some toys in your hamster cage. The workout of running wheel can reduce your hamster’s diabetes.

Hopefully, the above of 7 simple home remedies to treat a sick hamster it can be useful for you, beginner owner hamster. The home remedies are the best solution besides the medicines to treat a sick hamster in a home. This is the first aid that can reduce the disease of your hamster. So, treat your hamster well as like you treat yourself. Good luck, hamster lovers.