Live In Australia? Spare Some Of Your Time To Help Koala From Fully Extinct

We all love koalas! Who cannot resist their cuteness? We know that Koala is a native to Australia and become its national symbol. They are a nocturnal herbivorous marsupial, who like to spend their time chilling out in the nooks in tree and chewing a lot of eucalyptus leaves every day! Koalas have tailles body […]

How to Take Care Your First Cockatiel Healthy

The cockatiel is a lovable, intelligent bird which you must want to add into your family member. However, before deciding to pet this happy, social small-crested members of the parrot family, you should know the guides on how to take care your first cockatiel healthy. Here are some guides to help you learn what your […]

How To Properly Take Care Of Newborn Baby Hamster

Congratulations, your newborn baby hamster has already born. However, how to properly take care of newborn baby hamster? Do not being a worry, below these are several tips on how to properly take care of newborn baby hamster at home. You should check this one. 1. Set everything they needed How to properly take care […]

How to take care of a sick chicken

When you have a flock of chicken it will lead you to learn more about it deeper. You will figure out how they giving a birth, how they grow, how they act, even their characteristic every single day. Things that you never imagine before. As you know, every living creature has a limitation. It will […]

How To Take Care A Stray Adult Rabbit At Home

Imagine this, one time you’re doing your routines outside and suddenly you find a stray rabbit with no house or food. Bet the first idea that flash in your mind is taking it to your home and take care of it. But then you might think to yourself, how you can take care a stray […]

How to Take Care of Newborn Chicken

Sometimes people think that pets which have emotional bound with the owner is only limited to kind of dog or cat, but less will find that this  little cute cuddle chick is not only a breeder later on moreover this one is type which has love to share and what a spoiled animals they are. […]

How To Take Care of Chicken in The Winter

Winter is coming… Everyone ready to pack anything on the house. Lots of meat, fresh vegetables supplies, wine and water bottles, jackets, sweaters, mitten, socks and etc. Do you forget something? Yup…your pets….you have one right?  Your living little creatures that peck. The flock of chicken that live on your backyard need to be more […]

How to Take Care of Chicken For Beginners

As a human sometimes we need to socialize with others while on the other time we need time to be on our own.  When we are set all alone we need other creatures to company us to express our love, our caring, which never judge us no matter how silly we are, that is what […]

7 Safe Tips for Caring The Sick Cat At Home for Beginners

If you are a new cat owner or are currently pet sitting your neighbor’s cat, there may be an uneasy feeling occurring to you whenever you think there is a possibility of the cat you are caring right now become suddenly sick. Yet, you bearing little knowledge of cat treatment may likely end up in […]

4 Guide to Take Care of Beef Cattle

Owning and raising beef cattle could have been a good business idea. But you need to have good management system and good way to take care of beef cattle to make it successful. Owning a beef cattle require to do feeding, maintaining facilities, monitoring sign of illness from cattle, assisting with calving and performing artificial […]