How to Take Care of Siberian Husky in Such a Hot Weather

Many is wondering if  it’s okay to own a Siberian husky in such a hot weather. Siberian husky are known for a cold climate breed due their thick fur as their coats, but Siberian husky could do just fine in warmer climate, they are born to withstand extreme climate, they could survive in either hot and cold temperatures. Since they are breed that belong to cold climate, they will be much more happiest in the cool temperatures. The first you need to do if you ever want to adopt a Siberian husky in such a hot weather, you need to adopt the one who were born locally, not the one who imported from the colder climates because if they come from such a cold climates area it will be very hard for them to survive. Having a Siberian husky in such a hot weather could need an extra care for you, they could survive the hot weather but it doesn’t mean you don’t need to give them an extra care to make them happy and comfortable.

If you own a Siberian husky in hot weather, these are the things you should prepare:

1. Air Conditioner

Having an Air Conditioner inside your place is a must! Your Siberian husky love a cool temperature, so if you have AC inside your place you will make your husky more comfortable and happy especially at night. Siberian husky usually like to stay in the play that have cooler temperature, so when your living room AC is on you will find you husky there for a really long time. Some people are willing to give their husky their own mini air conditioner in their dog house, so they would have their own space and be comfortable with it.

2. Shade and Shelter

When day time and you put your husky outside the house, having a shade like a big tree, dog house or a trap could help provide a shade to your dog. Shade structure should repeat heat, not absorb it to give your husky more comfort. A dog house will be the perfect shelter for your husky outside, and a shelter should be clean, dry and spacious. Putting some big umbrella or trap on your backyard will help them protect themselves from the heat that come directly from the sun, so does the big tree. Husky love to stand under any shadow.

3. Water

When the heat get extreme, your husky certainly need a lot of water the average of water they drink is 8-16 ounces a day. Husky’s puppy might drink less than 8 ounces a day, and active adult husky could drink more than 16 ounces a day. Husky’s water pan should never be empty especially when the weather is getting hotter, keep the water clean.

When the weather get  hot, its recommended to take them inside where you have an Air Conditioner on because Siberian husky could die of heat stroke when the climate is getting really hot. Just like a human, they usually don’t like to play and run around the outside when the weather is hot, all they do is play and run around the house in the Air Conditioner room to burn their energy. When you take your husky to walk, make sure they walk in grass or dirt not asphalt or concrete.

When the weather getting more warmer, these are things you should do for your husky to prevent them to keep them out the heat:

1. Water Hose

If the weather start getting hot during the day, you could hose them down especially when you want to take them for a walk. Husky or any other breed don’t sweat, by hosing them down can  be a good substitute.

2. Cool Zones

Your Siberian husky should have access to cold water all day long that is located around your homer, usually kids pool are the best cool zones for your Siberian husky in such a hot weather.

Since Siberian husky is a breed with tons of fur as their coats, but when you live in hot weather area you should never shave their fur in other to keep them more cool. Husky’s undercoat work like insulation in home, the fur protect husky from extreme heat and cold the fur could reflect the light and insulates against the heat. Removing their fur through shaving will lead to sunburn and possibly increase the risk of heat exhaustion.

Heat exhaustion usually paired with dehydration means they are losing more fluid than the fluid they taking in. Since Siberian husky can only sweat through the pads on their paws, this mean that they ability to cool-down is limited It is important for husky’s owner to familiarize themselves with the signs. Here are Heat Exhaustion & Dehydration Signs in Siberian Husky:

  • Heavy Painting and Difficult Breathing
  • Excessive Drooling
  • Pale Gums
  • Dry Nose and Sunk Eyes
  • Sudden Collapse

If you find these sign on your husky, you should bring them to your vet immediately to get them some treatment. Usually when your husky’s dehydrate hey skin win not return to it place when being pulled. You can check your dog hydrate level is by pulling up on the skin from his upper leg or the back of his neck.

Other things to keep in mind to taking care of your husky in such a hot weather:

1. Don’t leave your husky in the Car

A car temperature when they park can escalate to extreme levels in just sort of times. It could make them uncomfortable and the worst could kill them, even if you open a few inch your car windows, still the heat from the car could kill your husky.

2. Having a Local Breed

It’s the best if you could have your Husky from local breed that are born and raised in such a hot weather. They are used to the hot temperatures, and did not need any adaptation to the local temperatures.

3. Using Wooden Floor or Tile Floor.

Wooden floor or tile floor is cooler than concrete and brick floors because concrete and brick are absorbing a lot of heat and radiate it out for days, while wooden and tile materials could not retain so much heat and feels cooler than the air temperatures. These materials are good for your husky  because they could lay in wooden floor or tile floor.

Owning a Siberian husky in such a hot climate is not difficult, it just need some common sense. Shade and cool shelter during the day and lots of water to cool down. It might not be the best environment for Husky to be in hot climate, but they can survive if you take extra care for them. You should find more information before you want to own a Siberian husky in such a hot climate, since they will be much more happier in a cold climate but again, your husky happiness depends on your caring not how hot or cold the climate is.