6 Important Tips to Take Care and Keep Clean your Siberian Husky Coat

Taking care and keeping clean your Siberian husky’s coat is essential to for their health and happiness. Owning a Siberian husky mean there is no way you didn’t not have husky’s fur all over your place, and one thing that challenge you as the new Siberian husky owner is how to take care and keep  clean your Siberian husky coat. Siberian husky have double coats, as usually all double-coated dog are hard to maintain, but maintaining a Siberian husky’s coats are the easiest among other double coated dogs. Here are 6 important tips to take care and keep clean your Siberian husky coat, especially for you new owner. For new owner of Siberian Husky, recommended to read Things to Know about Siberian Husky Before you Decide to Own It and  Effective Guide to Train your New Siberian Husky

1. Brush your Husky at Least Once a Week

Since Siberian husky have a lot of coat, brushing your husky might prevent their coat to tangle one another. Brushing their coat vigorously could help the hair grow in a nice way. The best way to brush your husky to do a small sections of the coat one at a time. A wide toothed comb are the most recommended comb for husky, it could break up mats easily, while you start brushing with wide-toothed comb next step follow by brushing with a paddle brush. The purpose of the paddle brush is to smooth and loosen their stray hairs. Brushing your husky regularly could help them remove the dead hair under their top coat, and also decreasing the number of the fur that will lay around your place.

2. Take your Husky to Bath

Although Siberian husky is known as a clean dog and can clean up their own fur like cat, still you should bath your Husky at least once a year. Siberian husky did not produce an excess of oil, that is why they don’t need to be bath often. Husky owner usually take their husky to bath when they start to smell and their hair begin to mat. When you bath your husky, make sure to rinse his coat thoroughly each layer to prevent leftover shampoo. Most husky’s owner also suggest doing a waterless bath if you want to bath them more often, this method could be done if your dog is not that dirty when their bath time come, if your husky is covered in mud and dirt, a full complete bath is a must. Siberian husky’s skin produce some protective oil to help them maintain their body, those oil easily be removed by shampoo and constant rinse when they bathed, therefore its healthier if you did not wash them up with water all the time.

3. Fur Removal/Shedding

Siberian husky didn’t need to have their fur remove by a professional groomers, they naturally will shed and re-grow their coats based on the temperature they live, it usually once a year when the weather grow warmer. Some people tend to want to speed up the process by shaving their fur, but it is highly un-recommended. When you shave their coat, they will not able to regulate their body temperatures and when you shave your husky’s coat, it will just grow thicker and more coarse, and it will also get knotty and tangled. As mention before, by regularly brush their hair you can control the shedding.

During their shedding season which usually happen once or twice a year during warmer season, you should brush your husky more often than before, it will help them to remove their dead hair to make the new and strong new hair grow. Unlike any other breed, when husky start to shed the quantity of the fur they shed could make a full grown up scarf and hat. And remember don’t shave or cut your husky’s coat, the best thing you could do just brush their fur more often, therefore the shedding will go more quicker and tidier.

4. Keeping Your Dog Area Clean

It doesn’t matter how well trained your husky is, they still can’t differentiated where the is the clean space and where is the dirty space. As Siberian husky owner, it is your job to keep your dog area clean. When the temperature is getting warmer, husky really like to play with water to keep them cool, but it could also be their own pee since its liquid and they did not know the different. It is your responsibility to prevent something like that to happen. Having a clean area for your dog help to keep clean your Siberian husky coat, it also prevent them from bacteria or virus infected. Their crate is the most crucial area for their cleanlines, especially if you often put them there. Husky’s coat are sensitive with any dust or other dirt, so if your husky coat aren’t clean there are bigger chance for them to be infected.

5. Give them Good Food and Vitamin E

Siberian husky’s coat is easily shed, and that is why they need an extra maintenance to keep the beauty of their coat. Usually the un-usual shading of husky coat come from their genetic or they’re un-healthy condition. To prevent your Siberian husky’s coat from shedding, give them Vitamin E routinely. Vitamin E is an essential vitamin that will help to keep your Siberian husky coat grow nice and thick and more alive. Most good quality pet foods have some amount of vitamin E on their ingredients. Some veterinarians recommending to give vitamin E orally for your husky, but if your husky have some skin problem and localised, vitamin E oil should be applied directly to the skin problem. All dog food should also contain the at least the minimum amount of vitamin E that a healthy dog need. But again giving your husky vitamin E supplements without consulting to your vet is un-recommended, it will be a good if you having a great benefit from the direct supplements  but it will a disaster if you having the opposite result. Feeding Siberian husky quality food usually will fulfil their vitamin E needs.

6. Consult to Your Vet

As dog owner, having a regular good veterinarian is a must. No matter if your are a beginner or an experience husky’s owner, expert opinion is still needed. From the way we should brush, shedding problem of your Siberian husky and lastly you can consult the appropriate dosing and frequency when you decide to give your husky vitamin E. Siberian husky’s all have different kind of need, its the best if you ask your vet the best way to take care and keep  clean your Siberian husky coat. You can also seeks some advice for your husky’s problem, and way to take care and keep clean your Siberian husky’s coat.